Phoenix Mustangs

The Phoenix Mustangs were a professional minor league ice hockey team in the West Coast Hockey League (WCHL). The Mustangs played at the Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum on the grounds of the Arizona State Fair, from the 1997–98 season through the 2000–01 season. The Mustangs came into existence after the demise of the International Hockey League's Phoenix Roadrunners who lost funding from a local Indian community and ceased operations after the 1996–97 season. Their arrival rekindled a decades long rivalry between Phoenix and San Diego based teams in several minor leagues.

Phoenix Mustangs
CityPhoenix, Arizona
Home arenaArizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum
ColorsRed, yellow, blue
Franchise history
1997–2001Phoenix Mustangs
Regular season titles0
Division Championships0
Taylor Cups1 (1999–00)

The Mustangs were quite successful on the ice their first three seasons, including winning the WCHL's Taylor Cup Championship in 2000 with a four-game sweep of the Tacoma Sabercats, with an exciting sudden-death overtime victory at the Coliseum in game four. The Mustangs were not so blessed the following season, finishing last in their final season in 2000–01. The Mustangs were unable to secure a new lease with the Coliseum for the 2001–02 season and were forced to cease operations.

Season-by-season record

Note: GP = Games played, W = Wins, L = Losses, OTL = Overtime losses, SOL = Shootout losses, Pts = Points, GF = Goals for, GA = Goals against, PIM = Penalties in minutes
Final records.[1]

1997–9864362537526723516562nd, SouthBrad McCaugheyLost in round 2, 0-4 (San Diego)
1998–9971323367026028419323rd, SouthBrad McCaugheyLost in round 1, 1-2 (Fresno)
1999–0072313566826428420853rd, SouthMarty RaymondWon Taylor Cup, 4-0 (Tacoma)
2000–0172214834521333321745th, SouthMarty RaymondMissed playoffs

All-Time Roster

#PlayerPosHeightWeight (lbs.)BirthdateBirthplace
16Tobias AbladD5'11"207February 4, 1971Stockholm, Sweden
32Steve AdamsD6'1"225April 11, 1975Edmonton, Alberta
12Alex AlepinD5'11"200September 18, 1975Montreal, Quebec
91Jamie AllanRW6'0"190March 18, 1970Ottawa, Ontario
Darcy AndersonRW6'0"194July 23, 1974North Bay, Ontario
8John BaddukeRW6'2"212June 21, 1972Calgary, Alberta
Darren BanksLW6'2"228March 19, 1966Toronto, Ontario
16/17Ralph BarahonaC5'10"185November 16, 1965Lakewood, California
11Hugo BelangerLW6'0"190May 28, 1970Saint-Hubert, Quebec
Éric BelleroseLW6'1"200February 7, 1972Montreal, Quebec
Jonas BergdahlD6'0"218February 5, 1976Sweden
David BilikD6'0"200December 13, 1979Tabor, Czechoslovakia
35Gene BonoG6'2"196October 15, 1974Sandwich, Massachusetts
28E.J. BradleyC5'11"185January 1, 1975New Hyde Park, New York
55Kevin BrownRW6'1"212May 11, 1974Birmingham, England
30Mike BuzakG6'3"210February 10, 1973Edson, Alberta
Steve CaleyC5'9"175August 13, 1978Toronto, Ontario
Denis ChalifouxC5'8"165February 21, 1971Laval, Quebec
10Clint CollinsRW6'0"192August 2, 1974Vancouver, British Columbia
2Mark CosteaD5'10"200January 26, 1974Welland, Ontario
39Patrick CoutureG5'11"180May 28, 1978Quebec City, Quebec
15/16Michel CouvretteC5'10193November 11, 1965Verdun, France
7Mike DeAngelisD5'11"190January 27, 1966Kamloops, British Columbia
Frank DeFrenzaRW6'3"198September 26, 1974Burnaby, British Columbia
24Dave DoucetD5'10"200May 29, 1973Quebec City, Quebec
10Jon DunmarD6'1"220April 24, 1973Buenos Aires, Argentina
Miroslav DvorakD5'10"195April 4, 1975Ceske Budejovice, Czechoslovakia
22Kevin EppD6'0"189August 27, 1974Cranbrook, British Columbia
28Kristoffer ErikssonD5'11"194June 4, 1975Stockholm, Sweden
10Robert FailD6'0"190September 16, 1978Martin, Czechoslovakia
Sam FieldsD6'3"215August 31, 1976Chicago, Illinois
Dereck GosselinD6'1"175February 20, 1975Asbestos, Quebec
30David GoverdeG6'1"200April 9, 1970Toronto, Ontario
3Jessy GrenierLW6'2"215July 21, 1976Chandler, Quebec
Jason GudmundsonRW5'9"170April 9, 1974Arborg, Manitoba
Ben GustavsonLW5'11"190April 23, 1978Provo, Utah
10Len HachbornC5'10"180September 4, 1961Brantford, Ontario
12David HaynesRW6'1"210August 20, 1975Kitchener, Ontario
55Steve HernimanD6'4"215June 9, 1968Windsor, Ontario
Rod HinksC5'11"185April 11, 1973Toronto, Ontario
17Juri HolikLW6'0"179September 13, 1976Jihlava, Czechoslovakia
18Tony IobLW5'11"202January 2, 1971Renfrew, Ontario
28Denis IvanovRW6'4"208April 21, 1978Elektrostal, USSR
Jason JohnsonD5'11"196September 4, 1975Unionville, Ontario
20Kevin KerrRW6'0"190September 18, 1967North Bay, Ontario
15John KosobudLW6'0"205August 26, 1972Fargo, North Dakota
24Arturs KupaksD6'0"190July 14, 1973Riga, Latvia
Brian LachanceD6'1"169December 31, 1979Vanier, Quebec
25Martin LacroixRW5'11"180January 4, 1970Montreal, Quebec
22/32Corey LaniukD6'2"220January 30, 1977Vancouver, British Columbia
Daniel LarinRW5'11"205November 20, 1967Laval, Quebec
7Don LesterD5'11"180April 29, 1970Forest, Ontario
Tim LozinikD6'1"200January 28, 1977St. Albert, Alberta
Patrick LundbackD6'2"205March 12, 1968Karlstad, Sweden
23Dave LylykLW6'2"190December 22, 1975Guelph, Ontario
Rick MacDonaldD5'11"200January 24, 1976Evergreen Park, Illinois
4Jason MacIntyreD5'10"190July 14, 1972Halifax, Nova Scotia
Kevin MackieD6'2"200February 9, 1979Victoria, British Columbia
17Craig MartinRW6'2"215January 21, 1971Amherst, Nova Scotia
19Michel MassieLW6'0"192July 2, 1977Montréal, Quebec
52Doug McCarthyC5'10"180November 4, 1962Edmonton, Alberta
Jim McGroartyC5'8"180April 24, 1972Toronto, Ontario
10Rusty McKieRW6'1"190October 5, 1974Toledo, Ohio
18Bobby McKillopRW5'11"185March 19, 1970Kitchener, Ontario
5Darren MeekD5'10"190September 25, 1971Williams Lake, British Columbia
21Tom MenicciD6'0"205July 23, 1971Westford, Massachusetts
22Curtis MenzulD6'4"220April 6, 1976Winnipeg, Manitoba
26Savo MitrovicC5'11"200February 4, 1969Belgrade, Yugoslavia
19Claude MorinC5'10"172September 29, 1971Sainte-Foy, Quebec
Zbynek NeckarD6'2"210September 22, 1978Pisek, Czechoslovakia
33Carlin NordstromLW6'2"213February 20, 1973Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
20Matt OliverLW6'1"210March 16, 1974Euclid, Ohio
6Darryl OlsenD6'0"180October 7, 1966Calgary, Alberta
35Eric PatryG6'3"185March 5, 1977Gatineau, Quebec
17Richard PeacockRW5'10"215June 15, 1978Salmon Arm, British Columbia
26Eric PerriconeLW5'11"186November 21, 1978St. Jean, Quebec
2Jean-Francois PicardD6'0"205April 12, 1979Montreal, Quebec
3David PiirtoD6'3"230August 26, 1971Richmond Hill, Ontario
Simon PoirerD6'1"215November 20, 1979Montreal, Quebec
Ryan PoultonD5'11"180January 4, 1976Toronto, Ontario
Gert ProhaskaG6'2"200March 31, 1976Klagenfurt, Austria
7Bobby RapozaD6'2"225September 29, 1974Fall River, Massachusetts
23Iannique RenaudRW6'3"215September 19, 1975Winnipeg, Manitoba
17Serge RobergeRW6'1"195March 31, 1965Quebec City, Quebec
18Patrice RobitailleRW6'0"190December 4, 1970Sainte-Catherine, Quebec
55Jacque RodrigueD6'0"190May 7, 1971Nashua, New Hampshire
8Jason RoseD6'0"180January 12, 1975Martensville, Saskatchewan
26Peter RozicRW6'0"202February 17, 1974Jesenice, Slovenia
44Ken RuddickD6'1"205August 15, 1972Hamilton, Ontario
Jason RushtonRW5'11"205December 12, 1974Victoria, British Columbia
27Thierry RyckmanLW6'0"190April 21, 1975Rimouski, Quebec
33Steve SaboD6'1"195January 7, 1973Thief River Falls, Minnesota
6Warren SachsC5'8"180February 18, 1977Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
23Rusty SagloLW6'1"190May 8, 1978Kiev, USSR
Francois SassevilleC5'11"195February 7, 1977Saint-Bruno, Quebec
Ryan SchmidtD6'2"205May 23, 1973Des Moines, Iowa
Daniel SchwarzD6'2"202February 27, 1978Augsburg, Germany
16/2/34Daniel ShankRW5'11"200May 12, 1967Montreal, Quebec
19Jeff ShevalierLW5'11"180March 14, 1974Erin, Ontario
55Jonathon ShockeyD6'2"190June 8, 1976Lethbridge, Alberta
Eric SilvermanRW6'3"190May 23, 1975West Nyack, New York
35Eddy SkazykG5'11"170September 4, 1974Lockport, Manitoba
16Mark SpenceLW6'1"190April 21, 1975Montreal, Quebec
16Kevin St. JacquesC5'11190February 25, 1971Edmonton, Alberta
32Mario TherrienLW6'3"225May 18, 1972Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines, Quebec
33Mike ThomasG5'10"200April 6, 1971Thompson, Manitoba
77Mike TobinD5'11"217April 25, 1971Jarvis, Ontario
20Lorne ToewsLW6'0"200June 17, 1973Winnipeg, Manitoba
Janis TomansRW6'1"200February 5, 1975Riga, Latvia
Eric TuottRW5'7"165July 22, 1975Anchorage, Alaska
5Darren VeitchD6'0"200April 24, 1960Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Joe WassilynC5'11"203January 20, 1974Toronto, Ontario
9Sean WhyteD6'0"198May 4, 1970Sudbury, Ontario
7Steve WoodburnD6'1"194October 24, 1963Montreal, Quebec
23Jeremy YablonskiRW5'11"239March 21, 1980Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan
19C.J. YoderC6'2"190July 17, 1975Hershey, Pennsylvania


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