Phiriye Dao

Phiriye Dao is a Bengali action drama film directed by Chiranjeet Chakraborty.[1] This film was released in 1994 in the banner of Tirupati films.[2] Music of the film was composed by Bappi Lahiri.[3]


Three dacoits attack a police van and loot bank money. A photographer snaps all their faces. While dacoits chase him, the photographer hide it in Mr. Choudhury's house. Those daciots kill Mr. Choudhury and his invalid daughter mercilessly in front of Mrs.Chowdhuri. Their little son Arjun saves himself hiding in the garden. Due to this incident his mother gets a paralytic attack. Child Arjun take shelter in the hut of a compassionate Chinese shopkeeper. He trains marshal art from him and decide to take revenge to the killers.



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