Philippe Mory

Philippe Mory was a Gabonese actor and director, born in 1935 and died on 7 June 2016 in Libreville, Gabon.[1] He is known for acting in the film The Cage (1963 film), One Does Not Bury Sunday (1960)[2] and directing Les tam-tams se sont tus (1972).[3]

Philippe Mory
Died7 June 2016
  • Actor
  • Director
Notable work
The Cage (1963 film)
Les tam-tams se sont tus (1972)


Philippe Mory began his film career in the mid-1950s with his role in the short film Afrique-sur-Seine directed by Paulin Soumanou Vieyra. He is the principal interpreter[4] of Michel Drach's feature film Do not Bury Sunday, which won the Louis-Delluc Prize in 1959.[1]

He returned to Gabon, where he was the scriptwriter and one of the actors of The Cage (1963 film) directed by Robert Darène. The film was produced and shot in Gabon and was selected for the Cannes Film Festival in 1963.[5]

He was incarcerated for three years from 1964 to 1967 because of his participation in the coup against the Leon Mba, Gabon's first President.[6][1]

After his release, he participated in the creation of the Pan African Federation of Filmmakers (FEPACI) in 1970. He was also involved in the founding of the National Center of Gabonese Cinema (CENACI).[1]

He won the Golden Unicorn for Career Achievement at Amiens International Film Festival in the year 2011.[7]


As an actor

  • La rue des bouches peintes - 1955
  • One Does Not Bury Sunday - 1960
  • The Fruit Is Ripe - 1961
  • The Cage - 1963 (Credited for writing in the film)[1]
  • Les tam-tams se sont tus - 1972
  • Djogo - 2002
  • The Forest - 2003
  • Inspecteur Sori: Le mamba (TV series) - 2005
  • L'ombre de Liberty - 2006
  • Le mystère Joséphine (TV series) - 2009
  • Héritage perdu - 2010
  • Le collier du Makoko - 2013

As Director

  • Les tam-tams se sont tus - 1972[8]


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