Philip S. Abrams

Philip S. Abrams is a computer science researcher who co-authored the first implementation of the programming language APL.[1]

Philip S. Abrams

CitizenshipUnited States
  • Ph.D. computer science,
    Stanford University 1970
  • M.S. computer science,
    Stanford University 1966
  • A.B. mathematics,
    Princeton University 1964
Known forProgramming language APL
AwardsKenneth E. Iverson Award for Outstanding Contribution to APL
Scientific career
  • Talisman Ltd.
  • BuildTopia, Inc.
  • KeepMore, Inc.
  • Kanisa Inc.
  • Netword LLC
  • Qualitas, Inc.
  • CMS/Data Corporation
  • Health Innovations, Inc.
  • Information Builders, Inc.
  • Princeton Venture Research, Inc.
  • Cogito Data Systems, Inc.
  • STSC, Inc.
  • Sligos, S.A.
  • IBM Research
InfluencesKenneth E. Iverson


In 1962, Kenneth E. Iverson published his book A Programming Language, describing a mathematical notation for describing array operations in mathematics. In 1965, Abrams and Lawrence M. Breed produced a compiler that translated expressions in Iverson's APL notation into IBM 7090 machine code.[1] In the 1970s, he was vice president of development for Scientific Time Sharing Corporation (STSC), Inc.[2]

Selected works


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