Philip Keung

Philip Keung Ho-man (Chinese: 姜皓文; born 26 October 1966) is a Hong Kong actor and film producer. Keung began his acting career as a television actor in 1985 for Asia Television (ATV), and also began appearing in films from 1988. He eventually left ATV in 2010 and became a full-time film actor while occasionally acting in television series from time to time. In 2017, Keung was nominated for the Hong Kong Film Award for Best Supporting Actor for his performance in the 2016 film, Trivisa, and in the following year, Keung won the award for his performance in the 2017 film, Shock Wave.

Philip Keung
Born (1966-10-26) 26 October 1966
ResidenceHong Kong
NationalityHong Kong
OccupationActor, film producer
Years active1985-present
AgentOne Cool Artist Management
Anna Kam (m. 1999)
AwardsProfima International Film Fest & Awards
Best Supporting Actor
2017 Shock Wave
Hong Kong Film AwardsBest Supporting Actor
2018 Shock Wave

Chinese name
Traditional Chinese姜皓文
Simplified Chinese姜皓文

Early life

Keung is the oldest son in his family, being the elder brother of two younger sisters and a younger brother. His father was already separated from his mother before he was born and thus, he has never met his father. Keung's mother was later remarried to a Chung (鍾) surnamed decorator contractor. Because his mother suffered from illness and his adopted father was busy with work at the same time, his younger siblings were sent to a children's home. When Keung was 14 years old, his mother died from her illness and he was sent to the Holland Hostel operated by the Hong Kong Student Aid Society in Kwun Tong. Keung had previously attended many primary schools, ranging from North Point to Kwun Tong. Later, he was enrolled in the Delia Memorial School (Yuet Wah).[1]


While attending secondary school, Keung starting working in a number of odd jobs such as a dim sum waiter at the China Restaurant, a decorator and an acrobat performer. He later became an extra actor since his girlfriend at that time worked in an extra actors' agency. In 1986, Keung signed up for Asia Television's (ATV) first Mr. Television Competition (電視先生選舉), where he won second place as well as the title of "Mr. Talent" (才華先生) and subsequently became a contracted artiste for ATV.[2]

Keung received praises for his satirical portrayal of LegCo member Leung Kwok-hung in ATV's political parody program, Hong Kong Gossip. However, since the audience viewership for ATV has been low, most local audiences only began noticing him after he left ATV in 2010 and began appearing in high-profile films such as Beast Stalker (2008), The Stool Pigeon (2010) and Life Without Principle (2011), for which he was nominated for the Chinese Film Media Awards for Best Supporting Actor.

In recent years, Keung has become one of Hong Kong's most prolific film actors, appearing in over 40 films between 2013 and 2018, playing major supporting roles in many high-profile films such as Firestorm, Unbeatable, Little Big Master, Two Thumbs Up and Trivisa, for which he was nominated for the Hong Kong Film Award for Best Supporting Actor and Hong Kong Film Critics Society Award for Best Actor.

In 2017, Keung won the Best Supporting Actor Award at the 1st Profima International Film Fest & Awards in Malaysia for his performance in the action film Shock Wave, winning his first acting award in his career.[3] At the 37th Hong Kong Film Awards, Keung was once again awarded Best Supporting Actor for his role in Shock Wave, while being nominated in the same category for his performance in the film, Concerto of the Bully.

Keung landed the leading role in two of his upcoming films, Tracey and Remember What I Forgot, which were promoted at the 2018 Hong Kong International Film & TV Market (FILMART), which ran from 19 to 22 March 2018. In the former, Keung plays a 51-year-old married man and father whose craving for feminization increases, while playing a Hong Kong film fanatic who suffers from brain degeneration in the latter.[4]

Personal life

In 1999, Keung married former ATV actress, Anna Kam (殷寧).[5]

His wife is known as Kappy King. She competed in the Miss ATV Pageant and was voted as Miss Congeniality.



Year Title Chinese title Role Notes
1988The Good, the Bad & the Beauty鬼馬保鏢賊美人"Doctor"
1990Sunshine Friends笑星撞地球Actor
1991The Plot佈局Actor
Pretty Woman卿本佳人"Hwang Shun-chin"
1992Angel Terminators轟天皇家將Actor
Inspector Wears Skirts IV'92霸王花與霸王花"Judy's husband"
1993Two of a Kind情人知己"Darkie"
Flirting Scholar唐伯虎點秋香"One of 4 Pervert Heroes"
The Formula黃鶯大戰阿拉丁Actor
The Heroic Trio東方三俠"Baby Killer"
Malevolent Male人肉天婦羅"Detective Blackie"
My Pale Lover情難自制"Kam Sing"
China Girls中港儷人Actor
Even Mountains Meet情天霹靂之下集大結局Actor
1994Best of Best摩登龍爭虎鬥"Pub waiter"
1995The Day that Doesn't Exist二月三十"Mr. Chan"
Once in a Life-Time終身大事"Stentor"
1996Muto Bontie摩登菩呢提"Killer with smiling face"
The King of Robbery悍匪"Ke"
1998Best of Friend難姐難妹Actor
Second Honeymoon第二次蜜月旅行Actor
A Hero Never Dies真心英雄Actor
Beauty of the Haunted House凶宅胭脂"Mr. Taro"
1999Made About You千禧金瓶梅之我為嫂狂"Dude Ying"
Garden of Lust千禧金瓶梅之片片淫花開"Dude Ying"
Double Exposure千禧金瓶梅之天地淫絕豔雙娃"Dude Ying"
Dick's Dicks Dicks千禧金瓶梅之迷姦武二郎"Dude Ying"
A Touch of Desire千禧金瓶梅之淫奴李瓶兒"Dude Ying"
Knock Out, Simon千禧金瓶梅之西門慶慾火焚身"Dude Ying"
Mythical Peach Blossoms香帥傳奇之桃花傳奇Actor
Sexual Harmony香帥傳奇之美艷殺手一點紅Actor
Lunge Party香帥傳奇之我和疆屍有個約會Actor
Honey Moon蜜月殺機Actor
Devil Flesh千禧金瓶梅之風騷孽后趙春梅"Dude Ying"
Mayflower Sweetheart千禧金瓶梅之性娃伍月娘"Dude Ying"
Rookie Baby千禧金瓶梅之情逗李師師"Dude Ying"
Filthy, Filthy Bandits千禧金瓶梅之淫聲浪語蕩梁山"Dude Ying"
Tsimshatsui Floating Corpse驚幻奇案:尖東浮屍Actor
Hyu Seng Fung Wong驚幻奇案之血腥鳳凰Actor
Afraid of Nothing, the Jobless King失業皇帝"Darkie"
Battle of Love玉蒲團四之雲雨山莊Actor
Empress Wu唐朝禁宮秘史"Monk Huaiyi (Feng Xiaobao)"
Son of Flirtation玉蒲團之淫行無道"Holy Spirit"
The Karma of Sex玉蒲團之極樂寶鑑"Holy Spirit"
Secret Dalliance玉蒲團之淫行天下"Holy Spirit"
Jade Stalk玉蒲團之陽物性教"Holy Spirit"
2000Tale of Two Dragons轟天雙龍會Actor
Guys and a Cop賤男特警"Balls"
The Blood Rules行規"Fat Chiu"
An Eye of an Eye以眼還眼"Carmen's ex-husband"
The Temptation of Office LadiesOL誘惑之各自各精彩"Michael Wong"
It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Kung Fu World!!!大踢爆Himself
Those Were the Days...友情歲月之山雞故事"Fook"
2001Jyut Kei絕機Actor
Crime of a Beast終極強姦獸性誘惑"Mandy"
Crazy for Pig-Bone in Pot情迷豬骨煲"Mr. Ma"
City of Desire慾望之城"Brother Kong"
A Gambler's Story一個爛賭的傳說"Brother Face"
2002Fatal Comic一本未完的漫畫"Ying Chi-kin"
Hot & Spicy麻辣神探"Mochito"
Conman 2002賭俠2002"Brother 9"
Fox Ghost聊齋誌異之孽慾孤鬼"Falun the Monk"
Snake Charmer焚獸之都"Di"
The Peeping偷窺無罪Actor
Devil Face, Angel Heart變臉迷情"Dragon"
A Wicked Ghost III: The Possession山村老屍III惡靈纏身"Wong Chou-shui"
2003The Undercover Madams人間鍊獄之淫間道Actor
Tortured Sex Goddess of Ming Dynasty極樂酷刑Actor
Mansion Murder甘田一豪宅謀殺案Actor
Sexual Exchange向左搞向右搞Actor
Enjokosai Angel 援交天使Actor
My Secret Private Virgin私家秘密處女Actor
To Seduce an Enemy誘人犯罪"Private Detective Wu"
The Professional全職妓女"Man"
The Invincible拳王"Wong Siu-fu"
Raped by an Angel 5強姦5之廣告誘惑Actor
2004Dragon in Fury霍元甲之精武真英雄Actor
Five Tigers新東成西就"Ouyang Feng"
Fairy Legend仙魔遊蹤之百懂仙Actor
The Kingdom of Darkness仙魔遊蹤Actor
Sex and the Beauties性感都市"Wing" / "Vincent Savage"
2005Flame of Desire禁室軀殼Actor
Kung Fu Mahjong 2雀聖2自摸天后"Demon"
The Impotent King新傾國傾城"Wah On-an"
2006My Wife Can Fight絕世好妻Actor
2008Beast Stalker証人"Cheung Yat-tung"
2009Kung Fu Chefs功夫廚神"M.C."
2010Fire of Conscience火龍"Captain Chung"
The Stool Pigeon綫人"Tai Ping"
The Haunting Lover等著你回來Dr. Tony Lam
2011Life Without Principle奪命金"Law Siu-lung" / "Pop-Eyed Dragon"Nominated: Chinese Film Media Awards for Best Supporting Actor
Mysterious Island孤島驚魂"Jordan Chen"
2012The Viral Factor逆戰"Russell"
Natural Born Lovers天生愛情狂"Robber"
2013Firestorm風暴"Tong Keung"
Blind Detective盲探"Chan Kwong"
Drug War毒戰"Darkie"
The Twins' Code孿生密碼Actor
SDU: Sex Duties Unit飛虎出征"A-Team leader Joe"
2014From Vegas to Macau賭城風雲Ma Sheung-fat
Delete My LoveDelete愛人"Blackie"
Z StormZ風暴"Ho Tak-wing"
That Demon Within魔警"Station sergeant"
Gangster Payday大茶飯"Bill"
Golden Brother男人唔可以窮"Thief"
The Seventh Lie第7謊言"Officer Lau"
Sifu Vs. Vampire天師鬥殭屍"Keung Senior"
Fight for Glory榮譽至上Actor
Just Another Margin大話天仙"Chef"
2015S for Sex, S for Secret小姐誘心"Ben"
From Vegas to Macau II賭城風雲II"Ma Tai-fat"
12 Golden Ducks12金鴨"Hak"
Little Big Master五個小孩的校長"Lo Keung"
Two Thumbs Up衝鋒車"Chief of robbers"
Full Strike全力扣殺"Brother Crazy Dog"
Wild City謎城"Kuen"
Imprisoned: Survival Guide for Rich and Prodigal壹獄壹世界:高登闊少踎監日記"Wolfy"
Keeper of Darkness陀地驅魔人"Kwan"
SPL II: A Time for Consequences殺破狼II"Fan King-hung"
Helios赤道"Wong Kin-chung"
2016Trivisa樹大招風"Fai"Nominated: Hong Kong Film Award for Best Supporting Actor
Nominated: Hong Kong Film Critics Society Award for Best Actor
Call of Heroes危城"Lee Tit-ngau"
The Mobfathers選老坐"Luke"
From Vegas to Macau III賭城風雲III"Ma Tai-fat"
S StormS風暴"Bill Tang"
Time Raiders盜墓筆記"Tai-fui"
Heartfall Arises驚心破"Cheuk Na-lung"
Sky on Fire沖天火"Wai-wai"
2017Shock Wave拆彈專家"Kong Yiu-wai"Won: Profima International Film Fest & Awards for Best Supporting Actor
Won: Hong Kong Film Award for Best Supporting Actor
Chasing the Dragon追龍"Wil"
2018A Beautiful Moment我的情敵女婿"Lau Hak-keung"
Concerto of the Bully大樂師:為愛配樂"Triad"Nominated: Hong Kong Film Award for Best Supporting Actor
Shun Pong O順風魚Actor
Master Z: Ip Man Legacy張天志Officer Fai
Tracey翠絲"Travis Tung" / "Tracey"Nominated: Hong Kong Film Award for Best Actor
TBDRemember What I Forgot電影痴漢"Film Fanatic"
Warriors of Future明日戰記Actor
Dynasty Warriors真·三國無雙"Zhang Jue"
A Witness Out of the Blue犯罪現場Actor
Shock Wave 2拆彈專家2Actor

Television series

Year Title Chinese title Role Notes
1985Ji Gong濟公Actor
The S.I.B. Files大班密令Actor
1986The Boy Fighter from Heaven哪吒"Horse Face"
1987Genghis Khan成吉思汗"Bo'orchu"
The Rise and Fall of Qing Dynasty滿清十三皇朝"Kam Fung-chi"
1988Tai Wan Kwun大宦官Actor
Li Qingzhao李清照Actor
Hung Ling凶靈Actor
Hak Yeh黑夜"Lam Yat-ming"
1989The Legend of Fu Hung-suet傅紅雪傳奇Actor
Ye Lau Lei夜琉璃Actor
City Swordsman城市劍客"Cho Sing"
Police Archives皇家檔案"Kwok Wai-hing"
Police Archives III皇家檔案III"Danny"
Happy Together代代平安Actor
1990The Real Pals難兄難弟Lee Lin-kit
Heaven's Retribution還看今朝Actor
I Am Tuna Fi我係Tuna Fi"Ho Koon-chau"
1991Central Sandwichman中環英雄Actor
1992Hoi Sam Kwai Fuk Sing開心鬼福星Actor
1993Police Story皇家警察實錄Actor
1994Heroic Legend of the Yang's Family碧血青天楊家將"Mang Ting-kwok"
The Great General碧血青天珍珠旗"Mang Ting-kwok"
1995Fist of Fury精武門"Chung"
Vampire Expert殭屍道長"Lee Sei-wai"
Secret Battle of the Majesty王奪位"Yuntang"
Justice Pao包青天"Luen Tung" / "Tsu Heung-tung" / "Tit Ngau"
1996King of Gambler千王之王重出江湖"Chan Sing-hak"
Who Is the Killer誰是兇手"Lam Wing-fai"
Vampire Expert II殭屍道長II"Chow Sam-yuen"
The Truth真相"Yuen Kwok-wai"
The Folk Tales坊間傳奇Actor
1997Fated Love天長地久"Fu Sau-ying"
The Years of Chameleon97變色龍"Brother Tse"
The Pride of Chaozhou我來自潮州Actor
My Brother, My Mum屋企有個肥大佬"Chu Man-on"
1998My Date with a Vampire我和殭屍有個約會"Ko Po"
1999Ten Tigers of Guangdong英雄之廣東十虎"Tam Chai-kwan"
2000My Date with a Vampire II我和殭屍有個約會II"Chu Wing-fuk"
Showbiz Tycoon影城大亨"Master Lau"
A Dream Named Desire美麗傳說"Lo Yam-chung"
2001The Poet Su Dong Po騷東坡"Sap Fong"
To Where He Belongs縱橫天下"Boss Hung"
2005Danger Counter危險人物"Mad B"
The Great Adventure大冒險家"Cheung Hung"
Happy Family喜有此理Actor
2006Hong Kong Criminal Files香港奇案實錄"Man Nang"
Relentless Justice義無反顧Actor
Tales of Walled Village大城小故事"Seung Po"
2007Hong Kong Ghostbusters靈舍不同"Blackie"
Ma Jong Gathering十六不搭喜趣來"Chan Fat-yeung"
2008Flaming Butterfly火蝴蝶"Seung Yeung"
2010Hong Kong Go Go Go香港GoGoGo"HO Hak-tan"
The Men of Justice法網群英"Ng Hing-lung"
2012Strangers 6六個陌生人"Yau Yan"
2014The Borderline警界線"Tse Tai-hak"
2015Beyond the Rainbow歲月樓情"Luk Ho-cheung"
Doom+5末日+5"Law Tai-wai"
Hidden Faces三面形醫" Ma Sai-kwong"
Nigh Shift夜班"Ho Sai-ming"
2016Infernal Affairs無間道"Prince"
2019The Protector守護神Actor
The Defected鐵探"Bingo"


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