Philip Boucher-Hayes

Philip Boucher-Hayes (born 1971) is a journalist at RTÉ. He is a news reporter, television and radio presenter. As a news reporter, RTÉ has sent Boucher-Hayes the 1999 war in Kosovo, the 2000 second Intifada in Israel, Iran, the 2003 U.S invasion of Iraq and the 9/11 attacks in New York City. He has reported on numerous domestic issues such as suspicious deaths and the quality of water and has also presented Investigation on One on RTÉ Radio 1. His television presenting roles on RTÉ One series include Buyer Beware! and "What Are You Eating", and documentaries "Future Shock: The Last Drop", "What's Ireland Eating?", "The Du Plantier Case", "What Are You Working For?" and "Head Shops" He is a massive fan of RTÉ 2FM and especially the “Chris & Ciara” radio show which broadcasts 11-1pm Saturday and Sunday.

This is an article about an Irish person of note. For the similar-sounding French Canadian ice-hockey player, see Philippe Boucher.
Philip Boucher-Hayes
EducationUniversity College Dublin (UCD)
Notable credit(s)
RTÉ News
RTÉ Radio 1
Spouse(s)Suzanne Campbell

Early life

Boucher-Hayes was born in County Kildare. He was educated in Newtown School, Waterford and began his journalism career as a freelance contributor to local newspapers before going on to study History and Politics in University College Dublin (UCD).


Early career

Boucher-Hayes joined RTÉ in 1993. He began his career by reporting on RTÉ Radio 1's Five Seven Live and RTÉ 2fm's The Gerry Ryan Show before producing The Gay Byrne Show. In 1997 he defected to Today FM precursor Radio Ireland for a midday presenting slot, but rejoined the 5-7 Live reporting team on RTÉ Radio 1 in 1998. He was reported in 2006 as being the new presenter of Five Seven Live.[1]

Reporting work

Boucher-Hayes has reported the 1999 war in Kosovo, Latin America, the Israel, occupied Palestinian territories and Iran. He has been RTÉ's reporter for numerous historic events, including stints in Southeast Asia (post Asian tsunami), New York City (for September 11 attacks) and Iraqi Kurdistan (during the American-led invasion which preceded the Iraq War in 2003). In 2006 he broke the Israeli blockade of Lebanon, becoming the first reporter to do so, and covered the duration of the July War from Beirut and Tyre. His coverage of the 14-year-old death of Brian Rossiter whilst in the custody of gardaí won him the Media Justice Award in 2005. In 2006's "Peak Oil" he was the man behind the series of features on Ireland's looming energy crisis.[2] He also covered the release from jail of Irish politician Liam Lawlor.[3] Other issues addressed include the Galway water contamination crisis.[4]

Radio work

Boucher-Hayes presents the investigative radio series, Investigation on One on RTÉ Radio 1 each Monday evening. The show is given its own segment on Today with Pat Kenny the morning before broadcast, with Boucher-Hayes presenting the evidence in a style that has been compared to a "scene where Hercule Poirot explains the whole thing to an assembly of slow-witted guests in the drawing room".[5] He covers such topics as the spraying of vegetables, particularly mushrooms, with carcinogenic chemicals.

Television work

Boucher-Hayes presents the consumer affairs programme Buyer Beware![6] and appeared on The Panel on 27 November 2008.[7]

Personal life

Boucher-Hayes lives in County Wicklow with his wife Suzanne Campbell. He is the nephew of fellow RTÉ radio broadcaster Myles Dungan.


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