Peurawot (also known as Porawet, Sikin Peurawot, Sikin Rawot) is a traditional whittling knife[1] of the Acehnese people from Aceh, Indonesia.[2]

An illustration of a Peurawot.
Place of originAceh (Pidie Regency), Indonesia
Service history
Used byAcehnese people
Length28–35 cm

Blade typeSingle edge
Hilt typeBuffalo horn, wood, akar bahar


The Peurawot has a single edge blade with a slight curvature. The width of the blade is about the same from the base to the tip of the blade. The blade does not have a central ridge and back of the blade is somewhat concave. The cutting edge of the blade is a little concave in shape. This knife is sometimes adorned with a golden or suasa sampa (decoration of the hilt near the blade) and tampo (knob of the hilt).[3]


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