Petaling Jaya (federal constituency)

Petaling Jaya is a federal constituency in Selangor, Malaysia, that was represented in the Dewan Rakyat from 1986 to 1995 and 2018 to present.

Petaling Jaya (P105)
Selangor constituency
Federal constituency
LegislatureDewan Rakyat
Maria Chin Abdullah
Constituency created1984
Constituency abolished1995
Constituency re-created2018
First contested1986
Last contested2018
Electors (2018)116,597

The federal constituency was created in the 1984 redistribution and is mandated to return a single member to the Dewan Rakyat under the first past the post voting system.


It was abolished in 1995 when it was redistributed but re-created in 2018 redelineation exercise.

2016-present:The constituency contains the polling districts of Seksyen 14 Utara, Seksyen 14 Selatan, Seksyen 51, Seksyen 4 Petaling Jaya, Kawasan Melayu, Seksyen 2 Petaling Jaya, PJS 1, Medan Pejasa, Taman Dato Harun 1, Taman Dato Harun 2, PJS 3, PJS 4, Baiduri, Petaling Utama, PJS 2, PJS 2 C / 12, PJS 2 D, Kampung Medan, PJS 2C, Seksyen 17 Utara, Seksyen 17 Barat, Seksyen 17 Tengah, Seksyen 17 Selatan, Seksyen 16, Jalan Bukit, Jalan Semangat, Seksyen 5 Utara, Taman Jaya, Kawasan Assunta Convent, Kawasan Bandar Baharu, Jalan Sungai Jernih, Seksyen Satu Petaling Jaya, Kawasan Bangunan K.K.P.L, Seksyen 5 Selatan, Taman Kanagapuram, Seksyen 18, PJS 5, Universiti Malaya

Representation history

Members of Parliament for Petaling Jaya
Constituency created, renamed from Petaling
7th1986–1990Eng Seng ChaiDAP
8th1990–1995Kua Kia Soong
Constituency abolished, split into Petaling Jaya Utara and Petaling Jaya Selatan
Constituency re-created, renamed from Petaling Jaya Selatan
14th2018–presentMaria Chin AbdullahPH (IND)

Election results

Malaysian general election, 2018
Party Candidate Votes%∆%
PHMaria Chin Abdullah78,98468.52+6.33
BNChew Hian Tat21,84718.95-18.86
PASNoraini Hussin14,44812.53+12.53
Total valid votes 115,279 100.00
Total rejected ballots 968
Unreturned ballots 350
Turnout 116,59782.74
Registered electors 116,597
Majority 57,13749.56
PH hold Swing

"His Majesty's Government Gazette - Notice of Contested Election, Parliament for the State of Selangor [P.U. (B) 239/2018]" (PDF). Attorney General's Chambers of Malaysia. 3 May 2018. Retrieved 2018-08-01.

"Federal Government Gazette - Results of Contested Election and Statements of the Poll after the Official Addition of Votes, Parliamentary Constituencies for the State of Selangor [P.U. (B) 313/2018]" (PDF). Attorney General's Chambers of Malaysia. 28 May 2018. Retrieved 2018-08-01.
Malaysian general election, 1990
Party Candidate Votes%∆%
DAPKua Kia Soong40,68562.19
BNSoh Chee Wen24,73537.81
Total valid votes 65,420 100.00
Total rejected ballots 1,161
Unreturned ballots
Turnout 66,58167.68
Registered electors
Majority 15,950
DAP hold Swing
Malaysian general election, 1986
Party Candidate Votes%∆%
DAPEng Seng Chai29,92955.88
BNLee Phon Yong21,17639.54
SDPWong Sai Hou2,4544.58
Total valid votes 53,559 100.00
Total rejected ballots 801
Unreturned ballots
Turnout 54,36067.61
Registered electors 80,403
Majority 8,753
This was a new constituency created.


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