Perth Playhouse

Perth Playhouse is an independent cinema in Perth, Scotland.

Perth Playhouse

General information
Architectural styleArt Deco
Address6 Murray Street
Town or cityPerth
OwnerG1 Group[1]


The Perth Playhouse was constructed in 1933 and designed by the architect Alexander Cattanach Jr. It is notable for its distinctive Art Deco style, typical of the period. In 1991, the cinema was categorised as a Grade B listed building.[2] Originally owned by Caledonian Associated Cinemas, it was bought by G1 Group in 2013. As of 2018, the building has seven screening rooms of differing sizes and capacity.


After being purchased by G1 Group, the cinema received extensive investment. In July 2014, the cinema became the first independent cinema in the UK and the fourth cinema in Scotland to house an IMAX screen.[3] The new screen replaced the existing one in screening room 1, with a size increase of 60%.


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