People's Party (Syria)

The People's Party (Arabic: حزب الشعب Ḥizb Al-Sha'ab; French: Parti du peuple) was a Syrian political party, that dominated Syrian politics during the 1950s and the early 1960s, for almost a decade. The party was founded in 1925 by Abd al-Rahman Shahbandar,[5] and alongside its rival, the National Party, was part of the National Bloc, a national coalition that played an important role in the Syrian struggle against the French mandate.[6]

People's Party

حزب الشعب
Founded1925 (1925)
Dissolved1963 (1963)
Political positionCentre-right
National affiliationNational Bloc (1928–47)

In recent years there have been discussions about reviving the party in some form, following the liberalization of requirements for membership in the National Progressive Front, but this has not materialized.[7]


Leader Tenure Position(s)
Abd al-Rahman Shahbandar 19251940 Minister of Foreign Affairs
Hashim al-Atassi 19401955 President of Syria
Nazim al-Kudsi 19551963 President of Syria


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