Pennon Foreign Language School, Beijing

Pennon Foreign Language School, Beijing, founded in 2008, is a full-time high school which is authorized in China by Edexcel, the UK's largest A-level examination organization.

Pennon Foreign Language School, Beijing

No.5 building, CUG, 29 Xue Yuan Road, Haidian District,


TypeBritish Curriculum
School code93869
ChairmanHong Guo
Age range13-18
Average class size12
Colour(s)Blue, Yellow

Pennon Foreign Language School, Beijing, currently offers IGCSE, A-Level and GAC courses. Pennon is currently the largest Edexcel British curriculum school in China. And the average scores of GCE-A Level ranks first in Edexcel’ peers in China.[1]


Over the past eight years, at Pennon Foreign Language School, Beijing, there were 56 students admitted to Oxford, Cambridge university, Caltech, Columbia University and the University of Pennsylvania. More than 300 students enrolled in the world's top ten universities, such as Imperial College and University College London. Besides, over 1,600 students were admitted to the world's top 100 universities. In 2014, there were 46 students received the interview invitation to Oxford and Cambridge University. The average GPA of GCE-A Level in Pennon Foreign Language School is 263 and the school's GPA is the top five in the same UK high schools.

In 2014, Pennon won the 2014 Pearson Edexcel Excellence Center Award. And the President Guo Hong was awarded “international education outstanding contribution award” in Asia by Edexcel Examination Authority for the first time in the past 10 years. In addition, the school has been awarded the title of "Most Influential Educational Brand"and "China's Most Comprehensive Strength Education Group" in successive years by and


Pennon Foreign Language School, Beijing, chooses the best teachers around the world. Three of the seven Outstanding Teacher Awards are from Pennon Foreign Language School (Beijing) in the Edexcel China Conference in 2016. The teachers are divided into "oversea returnee" teachers and foreign teachers. These teachers were graduated from the prestigious universities like National University of Singapore, Nottingham University, University of Melbourne, University of Texas and many other top universities. Their goals are simple. Academic standards and the quality and physical development of students are both to train sound persons rather than candidates

Students Activities

At Pennon Foreign Language School, Beijing, extracurricular activities are complementary to classroom teaching. Pennon's student community activities are in full swing. In order to cultivate responsible citizens in the future, the school has always encouraged students to organize themselves and evaluate themselves. The school hopes that when they grow up, they will have the ability to choose their own work and life with an independent value system and action force. And they will be inclusive and be the citizens who have the ability to bring well-being to themselves, their families and the whole society.

In addition, the school also organized students carrying out volunteer activities to Thailand, Cambodia, Tanzania, Vietnam, the Fiji Islands and other countries to help students become citizens with universal spirit. The school also achieved excellent results in a number of competitions. In 2016, the school ranked seventh in the world in the Euclid Competition of University of Waterloo and ranked 10th in the whole country in the ASDAN Math Tournament. The business competition club in the school also won the Outstanding Company Award in the DECA-Microbiz, the national high school students' business competition, ranking first in the category of technology innovation companies.

Students Clubs

  • Model United Nations Business and Economics Club Basketball JR/SR Girls
  • Math Club Basketball JR/SR Boys Volleyball JR/SR Boys
  • Volleyball JR/SR Girls Badminton Table Tennis
  • Track and Field Tennis Fashion & Design
  • Guitar UNICEF Amnastey International
  • Robotics Chess Debate Society
  • Religious Studies Photography Swimming
  • Chinese Drama English Drama J-pop
  • Calligraphy Eco-action Choir


Pennon Foreign Language School, Beijing, in strict accordance with the teaching requirements of British Edexcel Examination Authority, opens a variety of compulsory courses and electives. These courses cover humanities, mathematics, art, design and other categories. These courses match students' interests and learning potential to make them more active and focus on exploration. In addition, their temperament gets more active and their physical fitness conditions get well. From the professional distribution of Pennon graduates to the universities of the US, Britain, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, Hong Kong and other places, we can see that the effect of curriculum allocation is getting better and better.


English (IGCSE, GCE-A Level)

Chinese (IGCSE First/Second, GCE-A level)

Mathematics(IGCSE, GCE-A Level,Advanced Placement)

Further Mathematics (IGCSE, GCE-A Level)

Chemistry(IGCSE,GCE A-Level, Advanced Placement)

Physics (IGCSE,GCE A-Level, Advanced Placement)

Economics (IGCSE,GCE A-Level, Advanced Placement)

Business Studies (IGCSE, GCE A-Level)

Accounting (GCE A-Level)

Geography (IGCSE, GCE A-Level, Advanced Placement)

History (IGCSE, GCE A-Level, Advanced Placement)

Psychology (Advanced Placement)

Music (IGCSE, GCE A-Level)

Art (IGCSE, GCE A-Level)


Pennon Foreign Language School, Beijing, is the test center of IGCSE and GCE A-Level authorized by Edexcel. Its examination centre code is 93869.


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