Penelope Horner

Penelope Horner (born 20 June 1939 in London) is a British former film and television actress.

Life and career

Penelope Horner began her acting career in 1956 in the British film comedy A Touch of the Sun. Other small roles followed in films such as A King in New York and The Nun's Story. In 1961, she played the Anne Rider in the Edgar Wallace film The Daffodil Mystery as well as Julie Denver in Locker Sixty-Nine in 1962. During the 1960s and '70s she became a regular face in some of the popular spy adventure series of the day, including The Saint, The Avengers and The Persuaders!. She starred alongside Jack Palance in the 1973 television adaption of Dracula directed by Dan Curtis.

In the 1980s, she appeared as Sarah Hallam in the second and third season of the BBC soap opera Triangle. She retired in 1986.

Penelope married 3 times :

  • David Korda (1962 - ?) ( divorced before 1981)
  • Rex Berry (1981 - ?)
  • Bjørn Morisse (? - ?), Norwegian musician and illustrator who died in 2006

Partial filmography

Feature films


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