Peak School

Peak School (Chinese: 山頂小學; pinyin: Shāndǐng xiǎoxué; Jyutping: Saan1 Deng2 Daai6 Hok6) is an coeducational preparatory school , located on Plunkett's Road on Victoria Peak, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong. The school is one of around twenty institutions in Hong Kong operated by the English Schools Foundation (ESF).[1]

Peak School
Main gate of Peak School
20 Plunkett's Road

Coordinates22°16′2″N 114°9′10″E
PrincipalBill Garnett

The school opened in 1911, on the site of what is now the Victoria Peak Fire Station. In 1954, the school moved to its current premises located on Plunkett's Road.[2]

Peak School teaches students from Year One to Year Six, and offers the International Baccalaureate programme. The principal of Peak School is Bill Garnett.[3]

Accreditations and Authorizations

The Peak School is accredited, authorized, or a member of the following organizations:

Notable alumni


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