Pe Aici Nu Se Trece

Pe Aici Nu Se Trece (English:No Trespassing![1] or They Shall Not Pass) is a 1975 Romanian historical drama directed by Doru Năstase and written by Titus Popovici. It follows the events around the Battle of Păuliș, fought during World War II.

Pe aici nu se trece
Directed byDoru Năstase
Produced byDumitru Fernoagă
Lidia Popita
Written byTitus Popovici
StarringSilviu Stănculescu
Vlad Rădescu
Ana Széles
Music byTiberiu Olah
CinematographyAurel Kostrachievici
Edited byCristina Ionescu
Distributed byRomâniaFilm
Release date
  • 1975 (1975)
Running time
152 minutes
Budget8.096.000 lei

The film is known in English as No Trespassing, a mistranslation of the title, which actually refers to a popular phrase used in a staunch military defense.


The film opens just before the Romanian royal coup, at the Reserve Infantry NCOs School of Radna. Students are regularly harassed and abused by the German officers present, in particularly the SS officer Reinhardt (Motoi). When the coup occurs, the students turn against the Germans and arrest most of them, with Reinhardt fleeing in the night. As the nearby town of Păuliș celebrates, Axis planes bomb the village, prompting many of the villagers to plan to leave. The students receive word that the Hungarians, with German support (including Reinhardt, who alerts them about the weakness of the cadets), are launching an invasion force. The school is given the order to delay the approaching enemy, or die in the attempt. During these events, the film follows the stories of a handful of characters: Andrei (Radescu), who finds himself in conflict with his peers; Colonel Maxineanu (Stanculescu), the school commander; and Adrian (Mavrodineanu), a young villager who is inspired by the bravery of the cadets.

The Hungarians arrive and launch a series of attacks against the Romanians. The Axis are pushed back again and again, despite superior numbers and weaponry. At the end of the film, they launch one last attack, which seems to momentarily begin breaking through. Just at that moment, reinforcements from the Soviet and Romanian armies arrive, pushing the Hungarians back.


  • Silviu Stănculescu - Col. Maxineanu
  • Vlad Rădescu ca Andrei
  • Ana Széles ca Ada
  • Vladimir Găitan ca Petru
  • George Motoi ca Reinhardt
  • Mihai Mereuță ca Plutonierul Toma
  • Victor Mavrodineanu ca Adrian
  • Eugenia Bosînceanu ca Mama
  • Cornel Coman ca Lt. Ionescu
  • Sorin Lepa ca Medicul
  • Ștefan Velniciuc ca Nicolae
  • Ovidiu Moldovan ca Sică
  • Ilarion Ciobanu ca Ilarie
  • Dinu Ianculescu
  • Ferenc Fabian ca Jandarmul
  • Constantin Dinulescu ca Doctorul
  • Emil Liptac ca Avram
  • Jean Lorin Florescu
  • Dorin Varga
  • Aurora Șotropa
  • Mihai Cafrița
  • Mircea Cosma ca Ofițer German
  • Ladislau Miske ca General horthist
  • Karoly Sinka
  • Constantin Lungeanu
  • Papil Panduru
  • Nicolae Pomoje
  • Cornel Gîrbea
  • Constantin Branea


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