Pauma Band of Luiseno Mission Indians

The Pauma Band of Luiseño Mission Indians of the Pauma and Yuima Reservation is a federally recognized tribe of Luiseño Indians in San Diego County, California.[2] A total of five other federally recognized tribes of Luiseño are located in southern California.

Pauma Band of Luiseño Mission Indians of the Pauma and Yuima Reservation
Total population
enrolled tribal members,
186 reservation population (2011)[1]
Regions with significant populations
 United States ( California)
English, Luiseño
Related ethnic groups
other Luiseño people[2]


The Pauma Band is headquartered in Pauma Valley, California. The tribe is governed by a democratically elected four-person council. The current tribal administration is as follows.

  • Tribal Chairman: Temet A. Aguilar
  • Vice Chairman: Dale Brush
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Robert Quisquis
  • Member at Large: Linda Pachito.[3]


The Pauma and Yuima Reservation (33°21′48″N 116°57′18″W), also known as the Pauma Indian Reservation, is a federal Indian reservation located in the northeastern corner of San Diego County. The reservation is 5,877 acres (2,378 ha) in size. The Pauma and Yuima Reservation was established in 1872.[2]

The main Pauma reservation and tribal headquarters are located in the Pauma Valley below Palomar Mountain. Two small and unpopulated tracts of land make up the Yuima reservation, in the foothills of the Palomar Mountains east of the main reservation.[1]

The adjoining Pala Indian Reservation lies along the western border. The closest community is Valley Center, lying southwest of the reservations.

Economic development

The Pauma Band of Luiseño Mission Indians owns and operates Casino Pauma, Pauma Bay Café, Casino Pauma Deli, Red Parrot Pizza, and the Red Parrot Lounge, all located in Pauma Valley.[4] Revenues from gaming are used to support health, welfare and education of their people, as well as for infrastructure.

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