Paul R. Halmos – Lester R. Ford Award

The Paul R. Halmos – Lester R. Ford Award (formerly known as the Lester R. Ford Award) is a $1,000 prize given annually by the Mathematical Association of America for authors of articles of expository excellence published in The American Mathematical Monthly or Mathematics Magazine.[1] It is awarded to at most four authors each year.[1] The prize was established in 1964 as the Lester R. Ford Award to honor the contributions of mathematician and former MAA president Lester R. Ford.[1] In 2012 the award was renamed the Paul R. Halmos – Lester R. Ford Award to honor the contributions of former The American Mathematical Monthly editor Paul R. Halmos and the support of the Halmos family for the awards.[1] Halmos himself received the award in 1971 and 1977.


The recipients of the Paul R. Halmos – Lester R. Ford Award are:[1]

  • 2018: Paul E. Becker, Martin Derka, Sheridan Houghten and Jennifer Ulrich
  • 2018: Maria Deijfen, Alexander E. Holroyd and James B. Martin
  • 2018: Francis E. Su
  • 2018: Michael Barnsley and Andrew Vince
  • 2017: Deborah Kent and David Muraki
  • 2017: Adrien Kassel and David B. Wilson
  • 2017: Lawrence Zalcman
  • 2017: Harold P. Boas
  • 2016: Zhiqin Lu and Julie Rowlett
  • 2016: Manya Raman-Sundström
  • 2016: Kenneth S. Williams
  • 2016: Alex Chin, Gary Gordon, Kellie MacPhee, and Charles Vincent
  • 2015: Mario Ponce and Patricio Santibanez
  • 2015: Erwan Brugallé and Kristin Shaw
  • 2015: Daniel Velleman
  • 2015: Allison Henrich and Louis H Kauffman
  • 2014: Will Traves
  • 2014: Susan H. Marshall and Alexander R. Perlis
  • 2014: Jacques Lévy Véhel and Franklin Mendivil
  • 2014: Tadashi Tokieda
  • 2013: Robert T. Jantzen and Klaus Volpert
  • 2013: Lionel Levine and Katherine E. Stange
  • 2013: Dimitris Koukoulopoulos and Johann Thiel
  • 2013: Dan Kalman and Mark McKinzie

The recipients of the Lester R. Ford Award are:[1][2]


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