Paul Gray (English musician)

Paul Gray (born 1 August 1958, Rochford, Essex, England) is the bassist for the Southend-on-Sea rock band Eddie and the Hot Rods,[1] which had several hit singles and albums in the late 1970s, including "Do Anything You Wanna Do". In early 1980, he joined the punk rock band The Damned to replace Algy Ward (who moved on to form Tank) on bass.[2] Gray contributed to two studio albums, The Black Album and Strawberries, but left the band in February 1983. After a brief stint with Swedish metallers Heavy Load in 1986, he joined UFO and remained until their split in 1987.[3] He has also sessioned live and on records for artists including Johnny Thunders, Rob Tyner (MC5) and Andrew Ridgeley (formerly of Wham!).[4]

In 1989 Gray rejoined The Damned, ostensibly for a one-off reunion tour of the UK, US, and Japan. For the next eight years these became an annual event, with both Gray and Captain Sensible touring and recording with their own band in-between other commitments, with Gray also reforming Eddie & the Hot Rods for one album, Gasoline Days, for which he contributed the songwriting, and supported the album with several tours in the UK and Germany.[5]

Gray was Lead tutor for Community Music Wales on a variety of national and international projects between 1995 and 2004[6], a charity aimed at helping young bands based in Cardiff, until severe tinnitus and hyperacusis interrupted his musical activities.[7] In 2005 he took up the post of Regional Officer, Wales & Southwest England for the British Musicians' Union.[8]

On 27 February 2014 Gray joined fellow original Hot Rods Barrie Masters, Steve Nicol, and Graeme Douglas on stage at The Oysterfleet, Canvey Island to play in tribute to the late Dave Higgs, founder member of the band.[9] Higgs' place that night was taken by former Hot Rod Richard Holgarth. Gray also played on the new Warfare album (High Roller Records) for the band Evo, which also features Fast Eddie Clarke on guitar.[10]

In September 2017 Gray rejoined The Damned following the departure of Stu West.[11]


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