Paul Berry (animator)

Paul Thomas Berry (13 March 1961 – 26 June 2001) was a stop-motion animator who first worked on Cosgrove Hall's Wind In The Willows before directing the 1991 Oscar-nominated [1] short horror stop-motion animation film The Sandman. [2] In 1992 the film was awarded the Craft Prize for Best Animation at Ottawa International Animation Festival. [3]


Other projects Paul Berry worked on included The Nightmare Before Christmas (animator), James and the Giant Peach (animation supervisor), Monkeybone (supervising animator) [4] and the music video for Primus' cover of The Devil Went Down to Georgia.


On June 26, 2001 Berry died due to a brain tumor. He had stayed strong for several months prior to his death. He was 40 years old. [5]


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