Paul-Louis Rossi

Paul Louis Rossi (born 1933 Nantes, Brittany is a French critic and poet.


His grandparents Queffelec spoke Breton and Cornish. His father was Italian, of the Venice area. He was shot by the Germans in 1943 in Tübingen, when Rossi was a dozen years old.[1]

Hr published a booklet entitled Liturgy for the night in 1958, during the Algerian War. He came to work early to Paris; he wanted to become a journalist. He wrote music reviews: in Jazz Magazine and in the Cahiers du jazz, and film criticism: "The Arbitrary", dedicated to Robert Bresson, published in Camera Pen. He collaborated with French Letters and the journal Change, directed by Jean-Pierre Faye. In the 1970s he made, with Jacques Roubaud, Lionel Ray, and Pierre Lartigue, exercises on the world Oulipo: The Inimaginaires. His travel book of St. Ursula was published by Gallimard in 1973.[2]

He lives in Paris.[1]



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