Patrick Still Lives

Patrick Still Lives (Italian: Patrick vive ancora, also known as Patrick Is Still Alive) is a 1980 Italian horror film directed by Mario Landi, and his last film. It is a low-budget unauthorized sequel of the Australian horror Patrick from two years earlier.[1][2] It is known primarily for its graphic scenes of sex and gore,[1][2] notably an extremely graphic scene of rape, which ended with the victim disembowelled with a poker.[1] The film was shot in the same house later used as main set in Burial Ground: The Nights of Terror.[1]

Patrick Still Lives
Directed byMario Landi
Produced byGabriele Crisanti
Written byPiero Regnoli
StarringGianni Dei
Music byBerto Pisano
CinematographyFranco Villa
Edited byMario Salvatori
Release date
15 May 1980 (Italy)
Running time
92 minutes


The film follows events surrounding a young boy named Patrick who is sent into a coma after a roadside accident and who develops psychic powers with which he is free to commit brutal murders.



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