Patiala Babes

The serial is very popular and it is specially for ladies who aren't much confident about their talent and their selves. It's about love, family, relation, talent, bonds, friendship, emotions, feelings, rights. Every lady should know this serial and learn.

Patiala Babes
Written byRajita Sharma
Rahul Sharma
Directed byYusuf Ansari
Creative director(s)Kunika Chaudhary
StarringParidhi Sharma
Ashnoor Kaur
Aniruddh Dave
Saisha Bajaj
Saurabh Raj Jain
Theme music composerDevendra Bhome
Opening themeDevendra Bhome
Country of originIndia
Original language(s)Hinglish
No. of seasons2
No. of episodes274
Producer(s)Rajita Sharma
Vivek Budakoti
Production location(s)Patiala
Running time30 minutes
Production company(s)Katha Kottage Production LLP
DistributorSony Pictures Networks India
Original networkSony Entertainment Television
First shown inIndia
Original release27 November 2018 (2018-11-27) 
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Patiala Babes is an Indian drama television series starring Paridhi Sharma, Ashnoor Kaur, and Aniruddh Dave.[1] This series is created by Katha Kottage and produced by Rajita Sharma and Vivek Budakoti. Patiala Babes was dubbed in Tamil as Pavithra on Polimer TV.[2] Season 1 premiered from 27 November 2018 till 17 November 2019 & Season 2 aired from 20 November 2019 on Sony TV.[3]

Set in the city of Patiala, Punjab, season 1 of the show revolved around the bond shared between a single mother and her daughter. It was a women centric show, focus being on Babita- mother and Mini- daughter. It is always said that a mother is responsible for the growth of her daughter. She being the one who teaches us how to walk. In this story, it is the daughter who gives her mother wings, to fly, be independent and be self reliant. Giving her mother all the freedom, often situations like facing the society arises. Whether it is getting divorced or getting married the second time to Hanuman Singh, her former landlord. Mini, daughter of Babita, helped her remarry and become Babita Hanuman Singh. Post-marriage, the show focused, on how Babita, Mini and Hanuman together, solve all problems that come on their way. [1][4][5]

On 24 October 2019, it came to news that the two of the star cast Paridhi Sharma (Babita) and Aniruddh Dave (Hanuman Singh) were asked to leave the show after the makers decided to bring Season 2 and leap the storyline by 5 years.

Season 2 of the show started from 20th November 2019, and now focuses on the character of Mini (Ashnoor Kaur) and her sister Arya (Saisha Bajaj), daughter of Babita and Hanuman Singh. It shows how a teenager Mini who does not know how to handle kids, tries to share a bond with her sister Arya, who hates Mini.

Plot (Season 1)

Babita is a simple and down to earth woman who has a hard time overcoming self-doubt formed by years of being in an oppressive marriage. She lives with her fearless and always smiley daughter Mini, who doesn't hesitate to beat up lecherous men in her neighborhood and encourages her traditional mother to realize her worth and fulfill her dreams. The story line also shows how Babita learns to live her life on her own terms with her daughter when her egotist husband, Ashok Khurana, cheats on her with his business partner, Meeta Basu.

Babita starts her own business, Patiala Babes Catering Services and becomes a successful working woman. She decides to help Meeta who is pregnant with Ashok's child, but realizing Ashok doesn't have the same happiness she does, she begins to question him and they have many fights. Even through her past and her pain, Babita stands up for Meeta and helps her go away from Ashok.

Soon enough, Babita's landlord, Hanuman Singh and affectionately called Hanuman Uncle by Mini, realizes his love for Babita but is bound by his own pains and his own past as he was previously married to a woman, Imarti, whom he loved dearly. Mini finds out about this and acts livid towards Hanuman, hurting him and Babita, who has feelings for Hanuman as well. After many of Mini's friends try to convince her to give him a chance, Mini decides to unite them with help from Naeem Bi, Hanuman's mother figure and neighbour.

Just when Hanuman is finally going to propose to Babita, he gets a letter that notifies him that his deceased wife's father, Sardar Singh Chautala has filed a case against him for unintentionally murdering Imarti. Babita clears the confusion by deciphering the true meaning of Imarti's last letter to her father and clears the bad blood between Hanuman and Sardar Singh. Babita, Hanuman and Mini decide to live together.

Thus Mini started huge wedding preparations for Babita and Hanuman. But soon after the marriage of her beloved mother with Hanuman Singh, Mini started to feel very emotional and alone in her life. She feels excluded from her mother's life and is given advice by Constable Laala and Naeem Bi to give them privacy. Babita does not want to exclude Mini and therefore, this leads to some misunderstandings and unknowingly, Babita hurts Hanuman. Meanwhile, Hanuman gets a promotion and is transferred to Abohar. This leads to Babita taking a decision of selling her shop to Khatri and move to Abohar. Also, Ashok sends a letter to Mini which is kept hidden by Hanuman. When Mini knows about it, she demands to read it. Just then, Babita takes it and burns the letter as she does not want any memories of Ashok, much to Mini's dismay. She then decides to leave for Australia to undergo a course in Cinematography with a full-time scholarship in a reputed university. Babita and Hanuman are shocked by this while Naeem Bi advises Hanuman to let Mini live her life freely. At the time when she leaves the house, everyone except Babita bids her goodbye because she thinks Mini is leaving her forever. After she left, Babita finds a hidden letter under a photo frame from Mini which tells her to become what she really is and not what the society tells her.

Plot (Season 2)

5 Years later

Mini returns to India for a project shoot in Manali where she misses Babita and Hanuman dearly. She calls them to inform that she is currently in Manali. Hanuman Singh becomes very delighted to hear this news. The next morning she sees Hanuman and Babita at their camp when suddenly Naeem Bi calls her to inform that both Hanuman and Babita have died in an accident. Turns out, it was just a vision of Babita and Hanuman that Mini saw in her camp. Mini is left shocked and she then reaches Patiala. Mini decides not to react and behaves normally causing much surprise to everyone. She gets to know that before her death Babita had transferred all her property and assets to Mini's name. Mini refuses to accept and advises Naeem Bi to either take her property or donate it somewhere. In the same time she witnesses her 4.5 year old half-sister Arya waiting for her parents return unaware of their death. Arya thinks Mini is her mother and then realizes she is not. Arya, doesn't like the presence of Mini. Elders of family want to reveal truth about the mishap, whereas Mini feels suffocated and insists on going out. On going out, Mini decides to reveal to Arya about her parent's death. There she comes to know that she is already aware of her death and is self sufficient to take over all the responsibilities. Later at home, Mini witnesses Arya's love for her parents when she plays with her dolls which she believes are Hanuman and Babita. Mini even get emotional and tears rolled down her eyes. Thereafter, Mini gets concerned about Arya's upbringing and propose to hire a baby sitter who can look after her. Meanwhile Arya is not well with present maid and express her concern with biji and ask her to remove the maid. The maid even has fights with Lala, the friend of Hanuman who asks her to leave the job. She becomes over-confident that Arya only loves her. Mini finds a new sitter for Arya who gets well-along with her and even likes food prepared by her. Mini is quite happy and thinks she can peacefully go back to Australia but only till she comes across a shocking truth. After Mini took off to Australia, Babita had changed and arrogant. She was heartbroken from inside. In fact, even differences started arising with her husband, Hanuman. Soon after she gives birth to Arya who solved all issues between Babita and Hanuman. Babita started to move on in life and also started her new restaurant, "Patiala Babes Speciality Restaurant".Lalit reveals due to money problems,the mansion or the restaurant must be sold.Mini, who is now on good terms with Arya, thinks about her and decides to sell the restaurant. Simpy and others are very surprised and are disappointed.



  • Ashnoor Kaur as Mini Babita aka Veer Balika,Babita and Ashok's daughter,Hanuman's stepdaughter,Arya's half sister,New owner in Patiala Babes Resturant[6][7]
  • Saisha Bajaj as Arya Hanuman Singh aka Chutalki,Babita and Hanuman's daughter,Mini's half sister [8] [9][10]
  • Paridhi Sharma as Babita Hanuman Singh(née Chadda),Mini and Arya's mother,Hanuman's wife,Ashok's ex-wife,Owner in Patiala Babes Resturant[11]
  • Aniruddh Dave as Inspector Hanuman Singh,Mini's stepfather,Arya's father,Babita's husband,Imarti's ex-husband[12][13]
  • Saurabh Raj Jain as Neil Oberoi,New chef in Patiala Babes Resturant


  • Mohit Hiranandani as Mickey Singh Ahluwalia,Mini and Preet's friend
  • Rushita Vaidya as Preet Kaur,Mini's best friend,Bobby's sister
  • Bhawsheel Sahni as Bobby Singh,Preet's brother
  • Vizin sharma as Billa, Mickey's best friend
  • Arjun tiwari as Happy, Mickey's best friend
  • Sandhya Shungloo as Naeem Bi, Hanuman's neighbour
  • Ushma Rathod as Geeta Kumari, Lalith Mohan's wife, Chef in Patiala Babes Restaurant
  • Romit Puri as Constable Lalit Mohan "Laala" , Hanuman Singh's companion
  • Anoop Puri as Kishenchand Khurana, Mini's Grandfather,Ashok and Lovely's father
  • Poonam Sirnaik as Shammi Khurana,Mini's Grandmother,Ashok and Lovely's mother
  • Swati Rajput as Jazz,Mini's friend in Manali
  • Bhanujeet Sudan as Ashok Khurana,Babita's ex-husband,Meeta's husband,Mini's father[14]
  • Hunar Hali as Meeta Khurana(nee' Basu), Ashok's second wife[15]
  • Roshni Sahota as Imarti Singh(nee' Chautala), Hanuman's first wife[16]
  • Karmveer Choudhary as Sardar Singh Chautala, Imarti's father,Hanuman's former father in-law
  • Saurabh Sharma as Khatri Seth, Babita and Mini's adversy
  • Ashu Sharma as Sukhwinder Chahal aka Sukhi, Lovely's husband
  • Jazz Sodhi/Shyn Khurana as Lovely Kaur Chahal(nee' Khurana),Ashok's sister,Mini's aunt
  • Jaspreet Chhabra as Kammo Khatri
  • Sandeep Kapoor as Kartaar
  • Subeer Kasali as Madhu, Kartaar's wife
  • Bindia Kalra as Raano Kaur, Preet and Bobby's mother
  • Payas Pandit as Poonam, Babita's friend in childhood
  • Anshumaan Singh as Pinku Chadda, Babita's younger brother,Mini and Arya's uncle
  • Harmanpreet Kaur as Saroj Chadda, Pinku's wife,Babita's sister in-law
  • Deepika Khanna as Chef Simpy,Chef in Patiala Babes Resturant
  • Harish Chhabra as Khursheed Miyan,Chef in Patiala Babes Resturant
  • Jaspreet Kaur as Pooro, Arya’s nanny
  • Mahinder Shera as Gurmel Singh, Preet's grandfather
  • Mayank Mohan as Manmeet
  • Gaurav Roopdas as Irfaan,Naeem Bi's son
  • Menali Mundra as Rukshana,Irfaan's wife
  • Ariyan Sawant as Imraan,Irfaan and Ruksana's son
  • Kirti Sually as Satto Chachi, Hanuman's aunt


Year Award Category Recipient Result Ref
2019 Indian Telly Awards Best Drama Series (Jury) Patiala Babes Won [17]
Next Generation Star Ashnoor Kaur Won


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