Passengers of the RMS Titanic

A total of 2,224 people sailed on the maiden voyage of the RMS Titanic, the second of the White Star Line's Olympic-class ocean liners, from Southampton, England, to New York City.[1] Partway through the voyage, the ship struck an iceberg and sank in the early morning of 15 April 1912, resulting in the deaths of over 1,500 people,[2] including about 815 of the passengers.[3]

The Titanic's passengers were divided into three separate classes determined by the price of their ticket: those travelling in first class, most of them the wealthiest passengers on board, included prominent members of the upper class, businessmen, politicians, high-ranking military personnel, industrialists, bankers, entertainers, socialites, and professional athletes. Second-class passengers were predominantly middle-class travellers and included professors, authors, clergymen, and tourists. Third-class or steerage passengers were primarily emigrants moving to the United States and Canada.[4]


Titanic's passengers numbered 1,317 people: 324 in first class, 285 in second class, and 708 in third class. Of these, 1680 were male and 434 were female; 112 children were aboard, the largest number of which were in third class.[5] The ship was considerably under capacity on her maiden voyage, as she could accommodate 2,453 passengers—833 first class, 614 second class, and 1,006 third class.[6]

First class

The Titanic's first-class list was a "who's who" of the prominent upper class in 1912. A single-person berth in first class cost between £30 (equivalent to £2,900 in 2018) and £870 (equivalent to £85,000 in 2018) for a parlour suite and small private promenade deck.[7][8] First-class passengers enjoyed a number of amenities, including a gymnasium, a squash court, a saltwater swimming pool, electric and Turkish baths, a barbershop, kennels for first-class dogs, elevators, and both open and enclosed promenades.[9] First-class passengers also traveled accompanied by personal staff—valets, maids, nurses and governesses for the children, chauffeurs, and cooks.[10]

Members of the British aristocracy made the trip: The Countess of Rothes, wife of the 19th Earl of Rothes, embarked at Southampton with her parents, Thomas and Clementina Dyer-Edwardes, and cousin Gladys Cherry. Sir Cosmo Duff-Gordon, 5th Baronet of Halkin, and his wife, Lucy, Lady Duff-Gordon were on board, as well. Sir Cosmo was a wealthy Scottish landowner and Olympic fencing medalist, while Lady Duff-Gordon, known professionally as Lucile, was a leading fashion designer, who served a wealthy and exclusive clientele including the British royal family. Colonel Archibald Gracie IV, a real estate investor and member of the wealthy Scottish-American Gracie family, embarked at Southampton. The Cavendishes of London were among other prominent British couples on board, as well. Lord Pirrie, chairman of Harland and Wolff, intended to travel aboard the Titanic, but illness prevented him from joining the ill-fated voyage; however, White Star Line's managing director J. Bruce Ismay and the ship's Harland and Wolff designer, Thomas Andrews, were both on board to oversee the ship's progress on her maiden voyage.[11]

Some of the most prominent members of the American social elite made the trip: real estate builder, businessman, and multimillionaire Colonel John Jacob Astor IV and his 18-year-old pregnant wife Madeleine were returning to the United States for their child's birth. Astor was the wealthiest passenger aboard the ship and one of the richest men in the world; his great-grandfather John Jacob Astor was the first multimillionaire in America. Among others were industrialist magnate and millionaire Benjamin Guggenheim; Macy's department store owner, and former member of the United States House of Representatives Isidor Straus, and his wife Ida; George Dennick Wick, founder and president of Youngstown Sheet and Tube Company; millionaire streetcar magnate George Dunton Widener; John B. Thayer, vice president of Pennsylvania Railroad, and his wife, Marian; Charles Hays, president of Canada's Grand Trunk Railway; William Ernest Carter and his wife, American socialite Lucile Carter; millionaire, philanthropist and women's rights activist Margaret Brown; tennis star and banker Karl Behr; famous American silent film actress Dorothy Gibson; prominent Buffalo architect Edward Austin Kent; and President William Howard Taft's military aide, Major Archibald Butt, who was returning to resume his duties after a six-week trip to Europe. Swedish first class passenger and businessman Mauritz Håkan Björnström-Steffansson owned the most highly valued single object on board: a masterpiece of French neoclassical painting entitled La Circassienne au Bain, for which he would later claim US$100,000 in compensation (equivalent to US$2.5 million in 2018).[12]

White Star financier J. P. Morgan and Milton S. Hershey, founder of Hershey's chocolate,[13] made plans to sail aboard the ship's maiden voyage, but cancelled their bookings before the ship set sail.[14]

Second class

Second-class passengers were leisure tourists, academics, members of the clergy, and middle-class English, Scottish and American families. The ship's musicians travelled in second-class accommodations; they were not counted as members of the crew, but were employed by an agency under contract to the White Star Line. The average ticket price for an adult second-class passenger was £13, the equivalent of £1,123 today.[15] and for many of these passengers, their travel experience on the Titanic was akin to travelling first class on smaller liners. Second-class passengers had their own library and the men had access to a private smoking room. Second-class children could read the children's books provided in the library or play deck quoits and shuffleboard on the second-class promenade.[9] Twelve-year-old Ruth Becker passed the time by pushing her two-year-old brother Richard around the enclosed promenade in a stroller provided by the White Star Line.[16]

Two Roman Catholic priests on board, Father Thomas Byles and Father Joseph Peruschitz, celebrated mass every day for second- and third-class passengers during the voyage. Father Byles gave his homilies in English, Irish, and French and Father Peruschitz gave his in German and Hungarian.[17][18]

On the ship, a Lithuanian priest, Father Juozas Montvila, also perished during the sinking.[19]

Rev. John Harper, a well-known Baptist pastor from Scotland, was travelling to America with his daughter and niece to preach at the Moody Church in Chicago.[20]

Schoolteacher Lawrence Beesley, a science master at Dulwich College, spent much of his time aboard the ship in the library. Two months after the sinking, he wrote and published The Loss of the SS Titanic, the first eyewitness account of the disaster.[21]

The Laroche family, father Joseph and daughters Simonne and Louise, were the only known passengers of black ancestry on board the ship. They, along with Joseph's pregnant wife Juliette, were travelling to Joseph's native island of Haiti. Joseph hoped that a move from their former home in Paris back to Haiti, where his uncle Cincinnatus Leconte was president, would take his family away from racial discrimination.[22]

Another French family travelling in second class was the Navratils, travelling under the assumed name Hoffman. Michel Navratil, a Slovak-born French tailor, had kidnapped his two young sons, Michel Jr. and Edmond from his estranged wife, assumed the name Louis M. Hoffman, and boarded the ship in Southampton, intent on taking his children to the United States. Michel Sr. died in the sinking and photographs of the boys were circulated throughout the world in the hopes that their mother or another relative could identify the French toddlers, who became known as the "Titanic Orphans". [23] After arriving in New York, the children were cared for by Titanic survivor Margaret Hays until their mother, Marcelle Navratil travelled from Nice, France, to claim them.[24] The last living second-class survivor was Barbara West; she was 10 months old at the time of sinking and died in 2007 at the age of 96.[25]

Third class

The third-class passengers or steerage passengers left hoping to start new lives in the United States and Canada. Third-class passengers paid £7 (£681 today) for their ticket, depending on their place of origin; ticket prices often included the price of rail travel to the three departure ports. Tickets for children cost £3 (£292 today).[8]

Third-class passengers were a diverse group of nationalities and ethnic groups. In addition to large numbers of British, Irish, and Scandinavian immigrants, other passengers were from Central and Eastern Europe, the Levant (primarily Lebanon), and Hong Kong.[26] Some travelled alone or in small family groups. Several groups of mothers were travelling alone with their young children—most going to join their husbands, who had already gone to America to find jobs, and having saved enough money, could now send for their families.[10]

Among the larger third-class families were John and Annie Sage, who were immigrating to Jacksonville, Florida, with their 9 children, ranging in age from 4 to 20 years; Anders and Alfrida Andersson of Sweden and their five children, who were travelling to Canada along with Alfrida's younger sister Anna, husband Ernst, and baby Gilbert; and Frederick and Augusta Goodwin, who were moving with their six children to his new job at a power plant in New York. In 2007, scientists using DNA analysis identified the body of a small, fair-haired toddler, one of the first victims to be recovered by the CS Mackay Bennett, as Frederick's youngest child, 19-month-old Sidney.[27] The Sages, Anderssons and Goodwins all perished in the sinking.

The youngest passenger on board the ship, 2-month-old Millvina Dean, who with her parents Bertram Sr. and Eva Dean and older brother Bertram, were emigrating from England to Kansas, died in 2009. She was the last survivor of the Titanic disaster to die.[28]

To compete with rival shipping company Cunard, the White Star Line offered their steerage passengers modest luxuries, in the hopes that emigrants would write to relatives back home and encourage them to travel on White Star Line ships. Third-class passengers had their own dining facilities, with chairs instead of benches, and meals prepared by the third-class kitchen staff. On other liners, the steerage-passengers would have been expected to bring their own food.[29] Rather than dormitory-style sleeping areas, third-class passengers had their own cabins. The single men and women were separated, women in the stern in two to six berth cabins, men in the bow in up to 10 berth cabins, often shared with strangers. Each stateroom was fitted with wood panelling and beds with mattresses, blankets, pillows, electric lights, heat, and a washbasin with running water, except for the bow cabins, which did not have a private washbasin. Two public bathtubs were also provided, one for the men, the other for women.[30]

Passengers gathered in the third-class common room, where they could play chess or cards, or walk along the poop deck. Third-class children played in the common room or explored the ship. Nine-year-old Frank Goldsmith recalled peering into the engine room and climbing up the baggage cranes on the poop deck.[31]

Ship's regulations were designed to keep third-class passengers confined to their area of the ship. The Titanic was fitted with grilles to prevent the classes from mingling and these gates were normally kept closed, although the stewards could open them in the event of an emergency. In the rush following the collision, the stewards, occupied with waking up sleeping passengers and leading groups of women and children to the boat deck, did not have time to open all the gates, leaving many of the confused third-class passengers stuck below decks.[32]

Ticket-holders who did not sail

Numerous notable and prominent people of the era, who held tickets for the westbound passage or were guests of those who held tickets, did not sail. Others were waiting in New York to board for the passage back to Plymouth, England, on the second leg of Titanic's maiden voyage. Many unused tickets that survived, whether they were for the westbound passage or the return eastbound passage, have become quite valuable as Titanic-related artifacts. Those who held tickets for a passage, but did not actually sail, include Theodore Dreiser, Henry Clay Frick, Milton S. Hershey, Guglielmo Marconi, John Pierpont Morgan, John Mott, and Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt (who died in the sinking of the RMS Lusitania).[14]

Passengers by ethnicity

Levantine passengers

Several passengers on the Titanic had Levantine origins. At the time, many carried identification from the Ottoman Empire that stated they were from Greater Syria, which included what is today Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria.[10]

According to Bakhos Assaf, mayor of Hardin, Lebanon, 93 passengers originated from what is today Lebanon, with 20 of them from Hardin, the highest number of any Lebanese location. Of the Hardin passengers, 11 adult men died, while eight women and children and one adult man survived.[33] Kamal Seikaly, an individual quoted in an article from the Lebanese publication The Daily Star, stated that according to a 16 May 1912, issue of the Al-Khawater magazine stored in the American University of Beirut, of the 125 Lebanese aboard, 23 survived. The magazine states that 10 people from Kfar Meshki died on the Titanic.[34] According to author Judith Geller, "officially were 154 Syrians on board the Titanic and 29 were saved: four men, five children, and 20 women".[35][10]

In 1997, Ray Hanania, a Palestinian American journalist, watched the Titanic (1997) film and noticed some background characters saying yalla, meaning "hurry" in Arabic. This prompted him to research the issue and he discovered that Arab passengers were on board.[35] In 1998, he wrote a column about the Arabs on the RMS Titanic, "Titanic: We Share the Pain But Not the Glory." According to Hanania's analysis, 79 Arab passengers were on board the ship, though the task to "identify precisely" which passengers were Arab is difficult.[35] Hanania stated that many were Christians because church sponsorship made getting passage easier for Christians opposed to Muslims.[35] An in-depth study was made by Leila Salloum Elias about the lives of Syrian, as well as Armenian passengers aboard the ship, using volumes of research taken from Arabic newspapers contemporary to the sinking to clarify the names and circumstances of many Levantine passengers.[36]

Chinese passengers

Eight passengers are listed on the passenger list with a home country of China, from the hometown of Hong Kong, with a destination of New York. Six of these persons survived the disaster. They were not permitted to enter the United States due to the Chinese Exclusion Act.[37]

Survivors and victims

On the night of 14 April 1912, around 11:40 pm, while the RMS Titanic was sailing about 400 mi (640 km) south of the Grand Banks of Newfoundland, the ship struck an iceberg and began to sink. Shortly before midnight, Captain Edward Smith ordered the ship's lifeboats to be readied and a distress call was sent out. The closest ship to respond was Cunard Line's Carpathia 58 mi (93 km) away, which would arrive in an estimated 4 hours—too late to rescue all of Titanic's passengers. Forty-five minutes after the ship hit the iceberg, Captain Smith ordered the lifeboats to be loaded and lowered under the orders women and children first.

The first lifeboat launched was Lifeboat 7 on the starboard side with 28 people on board out of a capacity of 65. It was lowered around 12:45 am as believed by the British Inquiry.[38] Collapsible Boat D was the last lifeboat to be launched, at 2:05. Two more lifeboats, Collapsible Boats A and B, were in the process of being removed from their location on the roof of the officer's house, but could not be properly launched. Collapsible B floated away from the ship upside down, while Collapsible A became half-filled with water after the supports for its canvas sides were broken in the fall from the roof of the officers' quarters.[38] Arguments occurred in some of the lifeboats about going back to pick up people in the water, but many survivors were afraid of being swamped by people trying to climb into the lifeboat or being pulled down by the suction from the sinking Titanic, though it turned out that very little suction had happened.[39] At 2:20 am, Titanic herself sank.[40] A small number of passengers and crew were able to make their way to the two unlaunched collapsible boats, surviving for several hours (some still clinging to the overturned Collapsible B) until they were rescued by Fifth Officer Harold Lowe.[41]

At 4:10 am, Carpathia arrived at the site of the sinking and began rescuing survivors. By 8:30 am, she picked up the last lifeboat with survivors and left the area at 08:50[42] bound for Pier 54 in New York City. Of the 711 passengers and crew rescued by the Carpathia, six, including first-class passenger William F. Hoyt, either died in a lifeboat during the night or on board the Carpathia the next morning, and were buried at sea.[43]

In the days following the sinking, several ships sailed to the disaster area to recover victims' bodies. The White Star Line chartered the cable ship Mackay-Bennett from Halifax, Nova Scotia, to retrieve bodies. Three other ships followed in the search: the cable ship Minia, the lighthouse supply ship Montmagny, and the sealing vessel Algerine. Each ship left with embalming supplies, undertakers, and clergy. Upon recovery, each body retrieved by the Mackay-Bennett was numbered and given as detailed a description as possible to help aid in identification. The physical appearance of each body—height, weight, age, hair and eye colour, visible birthmarks, scars or tattoos, was catalogued and any personal effects on the bodies were gathered and placed in small canvas bags corresponding to their number.[44]

The ship found so many bodies [306] that the embalming supplies aboard were quickly exhausted. Health regulations permitted that only embalmed bodies could be returned to port.[45] Captain Larnder of the Mackay-Bennett and the undertakers aboard decided to preserve all bodies of first-class passengers because of the need to visually identify wealthy men to resolve any disputes over large estates. As a result, the majority of the 116 burials at sea were third-class passengers and crew (only 56 were identified). Larnder himself claimed that as a mariner, he would expect to be buried at sea.[46] However, complaints about the burials at sea were made by families and undertakers. Later ships such as Minia found fewer bodies, requiring fewer embalming supplies, and were able to limit burials at sea to bodies that were too damaged to preserve.

190 Bodies recovered were preserved and taken to Halifax, Nova Scotia, the closest city to the sinking with direct rail and steamship connections. A large temporary morgue was set up in a curling rink, and undertakers were called in from all across Eastern Canada to assist. Relatives from across North America came to identify and claim the bodies of their relatives. Some bodies were shipped to be buried in their home towns across North America and Europe. About two-thirds of the bodies were identified. Of the remaining 150 unclaimed bodies, 121[47] were taken to the non-denominational Fairview Lawn Cemetery; 19[48] were buried in the Roman Catholic Mount Olivet Cemetery, and 10[49] were taken to the Jewish Baron de Hirsch Cemetery.[50] Unidentified victims were buried with simple numbers based on the order in which their bodies were discovered.

In mid-May 1912, over 200 mi (320 km) from the site of the sinking, RMS Oceanic recovered three bodies, numbers 331, 332, and 333, who were among the original occupants of Collapsible A, which was swamped in the last moments of the sinking. Although several people managed to reach this lifeboat, three died during the night. When Fifth Officer Harold Lowe and six crewmen returned to the wreck site after the sinking with an empty lifeboat to pick up survivors, they rescued surviving passengers from Collapsible A, but left the three dead bodies in the boat: Thomson Beattie, a first-class passenger, and two crew members, a fireman and a seaman. After their retrieval from Collapsible A by Oceanic, the bodies were buried at sea.[51][52]

Passenger list

The following is a full list[10][53][41] of known passengers who sailed on the maiden voyage of the RMS Titanic.

Included in this list are the nine-member Guarantee Group and the eight members of the ship's band, listed as both passengers and crew.[54][55] They are also included in the list of crew members on board RMS Titanic.

Passengers are colour-coded, indicating whether they were saved or perished.
     The passenger did not survive
     The passenger survived

Survivors are listed with the lifeboat from which they were known to be rescued. Victims whose remains were recovered after the sinking are listed with a superscript next to the body number, indicating the recovery vessel:

  • MB – CS Mackay-Bennett (bodies 1–306)
  • M – CS Minia (bodies 307–323)
  • MM – CGS Montmagny (bodies 326–329)
  • A – SS Algerine (body 330)
  • O – RMS Oceanic (bodies 331–333)
  • I – SS Ilford (body 334)
  • OT – SS Ottawa [56] (body 335)

Numbers 324 and 325 were unused, and the six bodies buried at sea by the Carpathia also went unnumbered.[57]

First class

Allen, Miss Elizabeth Walton29St. Louis, Missouri, USSouthamptonSt Louis, Missouri, US2
Allison, Mr. Hudson Joshua Creighton30Montreal, Quebec, CanadaSouthamptonMontreal, Quebec, Canada135MB
and chauffeur, Mr. George Swane[58]19294MB
and cook, Miss Amelia Mary "Mildred" Brown[58]18London, England, UKSouthamptonMontreal, Quebec, Canada11
Allison, Mrs. Bessie Waldo (née Daniels)25Montreal, Quebec, CanadaSouthamptonMontreal, Quebec, Canada
and maid, Miss Sarah Daniels33Montreal, Quebec, CanadaSouthamptonMontreal, Quebec, Canada8
Allison, Miss Helen Loraine2Montreal, Quebec, CanadaSouthamptonMontreal, Quebec, Canada
Allison, Master Hudson Trevor11 mo.Montreal, Quebec, CanadaSouthamptonMontreal, Quebec, Canada11
and nurse, Miss Alice Catherine Cleaver22London, England, UK
Anderson, Mr. Harry47New York CityNew York City3
Andrews, Miss Kornelia Theodosia62Hudson, New York, USCherbourgHudson, New York, US10
Andrews, Mr. Thomas[59]39Belfast, Ireland, UKBelfastNew York City
Appleton, Mrs. Charlotte Lane (née Lamson)53New York, New York, USSouthamptonNew York City2
Artagaveytia, Mr. Ramon71Buenos Aires, ArgentinaCherbourgNew York City22MB
Astor, Colonel John Jacob IV47New York City124MB
Astor, Mrs. Madeleine Talmage (née Force)[60][61]18New York CityCherbourgNew York City4
and maid, Miss Rosalie Bidois46
and nurse, Miss Caroline Louise Endres39
Aubart, Mrs. Léontine Pauline[62]24Paris, France9
and maid, Miss Emma Sägesser
Barkworth, Mr. Algernon Henry Wilson47Hessle, East Yorkshire, England, UKSouthamptonB
Baumann, Mr. John D.60New York CityCherbourgNew York City
Baxter, Mrs. Hélène (née de Lanaudière-Chaput)50Montreal, Quebec, CanadaCherbourgMontreal, Quebec, Canada6
Baxter, Mr. Quigg Edmond24Montreal, Quebec, CanadaCherbourgMontreal, Quebec, Canada
Beattie, Mr. Thomson36Fergus, Ontario, CanadaSouthamptonFergus, Ontario, CanadaA[63]331O
Beckwith, Mr. Richard Leonard37New York CitySouthamptonNew York City5
Beckwith, Mrs. Sallie (née Monypeny)46
Behr, Mr. Karl Howell26Cherbourg
Birnbaum, Mr. Jakob24Antwerp, BelgiumCherbourgSan Francisco, California, US148MB
Bishop, Mr. Dickinson H. "Dick"25Dowagiac, Michigan, USCherbourgDowagiac, Michigan, US7
Bishop, Mrs. Helen (née Walton)[61][64]19
Björnström-Steffansson, Mr. Mauritz Håkan28Stockholm, SwedenSouthamptonWashington, D.C., USD
Blackwell, Mr. Stephen Weart45Trenton, New Jersey, USSouthamptonTrenton, New Jersey, US
Blank, Mr. Henry39Glen Ridge, New Jersey, USCherbourgGlen Ridge, New Jersey, US7
Bonnell, Miss Elizabeth61Youngstown, Ohio, USSouthamptonYoungstown, Ohio, US8
Bonnell, Miss Caroline30
Borebank, Mr. John James42London, England, UKSouthamptonToronto, Ontario, Canada
Bowerman, Miss Elsie Edith22St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex, England, UKSouthamptonNew York City6
Brady, Mr. John Bertram41Pomeroy, Washington, USSouthamptonPomeroy, Washington, US
Brandeis, Mr. Emil48Omaha, Nebraska, USCherbourgOmaha, Nebraska, US208MB
Brereton, Mr. George Andrew (alias George A. Brayton)37Los Angeles, California, USSouthamptonLos Angeles, California, US9
Brewe, Dr. Arthur Jackson45Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USCherbourgPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, US
Brown, Mrs. Caroline Lane (née Lamson)59Belmont, Massachusetts, USSouthamptonBelmont, Massachusetts, USD
Brown, Mrs. Margaret (née Tobin)44Denver, Colorado, USCherbourgDenver, Colorado, US6
Bucknell, Mrs. Emma Eliza (née Ward)59Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, US8
and maid, Miss Albina Bazzani36
Butt, Major Archibald Willingham46Washington, D.C., USSouthamptonWashington, D.C., US
Calderhead, Mr. Edward Pennington42New York CitySouthamptonNew York City5
Candee, Mrs. Helen Churchill (née Hungerford)53Washington, D.C., USCherbourgWashington, D.C., US6
Cardeza, Mrs. Charlotte Wardle (née Drake)58Germantown, Pennsylvania, USGermantown, Pennsylvania, US3
and maid, Miss Annie Moore Ward38
Cardeza, Mr. Thomas Drake Martinez36
and valet, Mr. Gustave J. Lesueur35
Carlsson, Mr. Frans Olof33New York CitySouthamptonNew York City
Carrau, Mr. Francisco M.31Montevideo, UruguayMontevideo, Uruguay
Carrau, Mr. José Pedro17
Carter, Mr. William Ernest36Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, USSouthamptonBryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, USC
and valet, Mr. Alexander Cairns28Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, USSouthamptonBryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, US
and chauffeur, Mr. Charles Augustus Aldworth[58]30
Carter, Mrs. Lucile (née Polk)36Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, USSouthamptonBryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, US4
and maid, Miss Auguste Serreplan30
Carter, Miss Lucile Polk13
Carter, Master William Thornton II11
Case, Mr. Howard Brown49Ascot, Berkshire, England, UKSouthamptonRochester, New York, US
Cassebeer, Mrs. Eleanor Genevieve (née Fosdick)36New York, New York, USCherbourgNew York City5
Cavendish, Mr. Tyrell William36London, England, UKSouthamptonNew York City172MB
Cavendish, Mrs. Julia Florence (née Siegel)25London, England, UKSouthamptonNew York City6
and maid, Miss Ellen "Nellie" Barber26
Chaffee, Mr. Hubert Fuller46Amenia, North Dakota, USSouthamptonAmenia, North Dakota, US
Chaffee, Mrs. Carrie Constance (née Toogood)47Amenia, North Dakota, USSouthamptonAmenia, North Dakota, US4
Chambers, Mr. Norman Campbell27New York CityNew York City5
Chambers, Mrs. Bertha (née Griggs)32
Cherry, Miss Gladys30London, England, UKVancouver, British Columbia, Canada8
Chevré, Mr. Paul Romaine Marie Léonce45Paris, FranceCherbourgOttawa, Ontario, Canada7
Chibnall, Mrs. Edith Martha Bowerman (née Barber)48St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex, England, UKSouthamptonNew York City6
Chisholm, Mr. Roderick Robert Crispin[59]40Belfast, Ireland, UKBelfastNew York City
Clark, Mr. Walter Miller27Los Angeles, California, USCherbourgLos Angeles, California, US
Clark, Mrs. Virginia Estelle (née McDowell)26Los Angeles, California, USCherbourgLos Angeles, California, US4
Clifford, Mr. George Quincy40Stoughton, Massachusetts, USSouthamptonStoughton, Massachusetts
Colley, Mr. Edward Pomeroy37Dublin, Ireland, UK[note 1]Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Compton, Mrs. Mary Eliza (née Ingersoll)64Lakewood, New Jersey, USCherbourgLakewood, New Jersey, US14
Compton, Miss Sara Rebecca39
Compton, Mr. Alexander Taylor Jr.37Lakewood, New Jersey, USCherbourgLakewood, New Jersey, US
Cornell, Mrs. Malvina Helen (née Lamson)55New York CitySouthamptonNew York City2
Crafton, Mr. John Bertram59Roachdale, Indiana, USSouthamptonRoachdale, Indiana, US
Crosby, Captain Edward70Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USMilwaukee, Wisconsin, US269MB
Crosby, Mrs. Catherine Elizabeth (née Halstead)64Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USSouthamptonMilwaukee, Wisconsin, US7
Crosby, Miss Harriette Rebecca39
Cumings, Mr. John Bradley39New York CityCherbourgNew York City
Cumings, Mrs. Florence Briggs (née Thayer)35New York CityCherbourgNew York City4
Daly, Mr. Peter Dennis51Lima, PeruSouthamptonLima, PeruA
Daniel, Mr. Robert Williams27Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USSouthamptonPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, US3
Davidson, Mr. Thornton31Montreal, Quebec, CanadaMontreal, Quebec, Canada
Davidson, Mrs. Orian (née Hays)27Montreal, Quebec, CanadaSouthamptonMontreal, Quebec, Canada3
Dick, Mr. Albert Adrian31Calgary, Alberta, CanadaCalgary, Alberta, Canada
Dick, Mrs. Vera (née Gillespie)17
Dodge, Dr. Washington52San Francisco, California, USSan Francisco, California, US13
Dodge, Mrs. Ruth (née Vidaver)345
Dodge, Master Washington, Jr.4
Douglas, Mr. Walter Donald50Minneapolis, Minnesota, USCherbourgMinneapolis, Minnesota, US62MB
Douglas, Mrs. Mahala (née Dutton)48Minneapolis, Minnesota, USCherbourgMinneapolis, Minnesota, US2
and maid, Miss Berthe Leroy27
Douglas, Mrs. Mary Hélène (née Baxter)Montreal, Quebec, CanadaMontreal, Quebec, Canada6
Duff Gordon, Sir Cosmo Edmund49London, England, UKNew York City1
Duff Gordon, Lucy Christiana, Lady (née Sutherland)48
and secretary, Miss Laura Mabel Francatelli31
Dulles, Mr. William Crothers39Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USCherbourgPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, US133MB
Eustis, Miss Elizabeth Mussey54Brookline, Massachusetts, USCherbourgBrookline, Massachusetts, US4
Evans, Miss Edith Corse36New York CityCherbourgNew York City
Flegenheim, Mrs. Antoinette (née Wendt)48New York CityCherbourgNew York City7
Flynn, Mr. John Irwin36Brooklyn, New York, USSouthamptonBrooklyn, New York, US5
Foreman, Mr. Benjamin Laventall30New York CitySouthamptonNew York City
Fortune, Mr. Mark64Winnipeg, Manitoba, CanadaWinnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Fortune, Mrs. Mary (née McDougald)60Winnipeg, Manitoba, CanadaSouthamptonWinnipeg, Manitoba, Canada10
Fortune, Miss Ethel Flora28
Fortune, Miss Alice Elizabeth24
Fortune, Miss Mabel Helen23
Fortune, Mr. Charles Alexander19Winnipeg, Manitoba, CanadaSouthamptonWinnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Franklin, Mr. Thomas Parnham37London, England, UKNew York, New York, US
Frauenthal, Dr. Henry William49London, England, UKSouthamptonNew York, New York, US5
Frauenthal, Mrs. Clara (née Heinsheimer)42
Frauenthal, Mr. Isaac Gerald43
Frölicher, Mr. Maximilian Josef60Zürich, SwitzerlandCherbourg
Frölicher, Mrs. Margaretha Emerentia (née Stehli)48
Frölicher-Stehli, Miss Hedwig Margaritha22
Futrelle, Mr. Jacques Heath37Scituate, Massachusetts, USSouthamptonScituate, Massachusetts, US
Futrelle, Mrs. Lily May (née Peel)35Scituate, Massachusetts, USSouthamptonScituate, Massachusetts, USD
Gee, Mr. Arthur H.47St Annes-on-Sea, Lancashire, England, UKSouthamptonMexico City, Mexico275MB
Gibson, Mrs. Pauline Caroline (née Boeson)44New York CityCherbourgNew York City7
Gibson, Miss Dorothy Winifred22
Goldenberg, Mr. Samuel L.47Paris, France5
Goldenberg, Mrs. Nella (née Wiggins)40
Goldschmidt, Mr. George B.71New York, New York, USCherbourgNew York, New York, US
Gracie IV, Colonel Archibald53Washington, D.C., USSouthamptonWashington, D.C., USB
Graham, Mr. George Edward38Winnipeg, Manitoba, CanadaSouthamptonWinnipeg, Manitoba, Canada147MB
Graham, Mrs. Edith Ware (née Junkins)59Greenwich, Connecticut, USSouthamptonGreenwich, Connecticut, US3
Graham, Miss Margaret Edith19
and governess, Miss Elizabeth Weed Shutes40
Greenfield, Mrs. Blanche (née Strouse)45New York CityCherbourgNew York City7
Greenfield, Mr. William Bertram23
Guggenheim, Mr. Benjamin46Paris, FranceCherbourgNew York City
and valet, Mr. Victor Giglio24
and chauffeur, Mr. René Pernot[58]39
Harder, Mr. George Achilles25New York CityCherbourgNew York City5
Harder, Mrs. Dorothy (née Annan)21
Harper, Mr. Henry Sleeper483
and dragoman, Mr. Hammad Hassab27Cairo, Egypt
Harper, Mrs. Myna (née Haxtun)49New York City
Harris, Mr. Henry Birkhardt45New York CitySouthamptonNew York City
Harris, Mrs. Irene (née Wallach)35New York CitySouthamptonNew York CityD
Hawksford, Mr. Walter James45Kingston, Surrey, England, UK3
Hays, Mr. Charles Melville55Montreal, Quebec, CanadaSouthamptonMontreal, Quebec, Canada307M
and clerk, Mr. Vivian Ponsonby Payne22
Hays, Mrs. Clara Jennings (née Grigg)52Montreal, Quebec, CanadaSouthamptonMontreal, Quebec, Canada3
and maid, Miss Mary Anne Perreault33
Hays, Miss Margaret Bechstein24New York CityCherbourgNew York City7
Head, Mr. Christopher42Chelsea, London, England, UKSouthamptonNew York City
Hilliard, Mr. Herbert Henry44Brighton, Massachusetts, USBrighton, Massachusetts, US
Hipkins, Mr. William Edward55Birmingham, West Midlands, England, UKNew York City
Hippach, Mrs. Ida Sophia (née Fischer)44Chicago, Illinois, USCherbourgChicago, Illinois, US4
Hippach, Miss Jean Gertrude17
Hogeboom, Mrs. Anna Louisa (née Andrews)51Hudson, New York, USHudson, New York, US10
Holverson, Mr. Alexander Oskar42New York CitySouthamptonNew York City38MB
Holverson, Mrs. Mary Aline (née Towner)35New York CitySouthamptonNew York City8
Homer, Mr. Harry (alias E. Haven)40Indianapolis, Indiana, USIndianapolis, Indiana, US15
Hoyt, Mr. Frederick Maxfield35New York CityStamford, Connecticut, USD
Hoyt, Mrs. Jane Anne (née Forby)31
Hoyt, Mr. William Fisher42New York CityCherbourgNew York City14[65][66]
Isham, Miss Ann Elizabeth50Chicago, Illinois, USChicago, Illinois, US
Ismay, Mr. Joseph Bruce49Liverpool, Merseyside, England, UKSouthamptonNew York CityC
and valet, Mr. John Richard Fry39Liverpool, Merseyside, England, UKSouthamptonNew York, New York, US
and secretary, Mr. William Henry Harrison45Wallasey, Merseyside, England, UK110MB
Jones, Mr. Charles Cresson46Bennington, Vermont, USBennington, Vermont, US80MB
Julian, Mr. Henry Forbes50Torquay, Devon, England, UKSan Francisco, US
Kent, Mr. Edward Austin58Buffalo, New York, USCherbourgBuffalo, New York, US258MB
Kenyon, Mr. Frederick R.41Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USSouthamptonPittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US
Kenyon, Mrs. Marion (née Stauffer)[61][67]31Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USSouthamptonPittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US8
Kimball, Mr. Edwin Nelson Jr.42Boston, Massachusetts, USBoston, Massachusetts, US5
Kimball, Mrs. Gertrude (née Parsons)45
Klaber, Mr. Herman45Portland, Oregon, USSouthamptonPortland, Oregon, US
Lambert-Williams, Mr. Fletcher Fellows43London, England, UKNewark, New Jersey, US
Leader, Dr. Alice (née Farnham)49New York CitySouthamptonNew York City8
Leslie, Lucy Noël Martha, Countess of Rothes (née Dyer-Edwardes)34Vancouver, British Columbia, CanadaVancouver, British Columbia, Canada
and maid, Miss Roberta Elizabeth Mary "Cissy" Maioni[68]20
Lewy, Mr. Ervin G.31Chicago, Illinois, USCherbourgChicago, Illinois, US
Lindeberg-Lind, Mr. Erik Gustav (alias Edward Lingrey)42Jordanstorp, Södermanland, SwedenSouthamptonNew York City
Lindström, Mrs. Sigrid (née Posse)55Stockholm, SwedenCherbourgNew York City6
Lines, Mrs. Elizabeth Lindsey (née James)50Paris, FranceHanover, New Hampshire, US9
Lines, Miss Mary Conover16
Long, Mr. Milton Clyde29Springfield, Massachusetts, USSouthamptonSpringfield, Massachusetts, US126MB
Longley, Miss Gretchen Fiske21Hudson, New York, USCherbourgHudson, New York, US10
Loring, Mr. Joseph Holland30London, England, UKSouthamptonNew York City
Madill, Miss Georgette Alexandra16St Louis, Missouri, USSouthamptonSt Louis, Missouri, US2
Maguire, Mr. John Edward30Brockton, Massachusetts, USSouthamptonBrockton, Massachusetts, US
Maréchal, Mr. Pierre, Sr.28Paris, FranceCherbourgNew York City7
Marvin, Mr. Daniel Warner18New York CitySouthamptonNew York City
Marvin, Mrs. Mary Graham Carmichael (née Farquarson)[61][69]18New York CitySouthamptonNew York City10
Mayné, Miss Bertha Antonine24Brussels, BelgiumCherbourgMontreal, Quebec, Canada6
McCaffry, Mr. Thomas Francis46Vancouver, British Columbia, CanadaSouthamptonVancouver, British Columbia, Canada292MB
McCarthy, Mr. Timothy J.54Dorchester, Massachusetts, USDorchester, Massachusetts, US175MB
McGough, Mr. James Robert35Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USSouthamptonPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, US7
Meyer, Mr. Edgar Joseph28New York CityCherbourgNew York City
Meyer, Mrs. Leila (née Saks)25New York CityCherbourgNew York City6
Millet, Mr. Francis Davis65East Bridgewater, Massachusetts, USCherbourgEast Bridgewater, Massachusetts, US249MB
Minahan, Dr. William Edward44Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, USSouthamptonFond du Lac, Wisconsin, US230MB
Minahan, Mrs. Lillian E. (née Thorpe)37Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, USSouthamptonFond du Lac, Wisconsin, US14
Minahan, Miss Daisy E.33
Mock, Mr. Philipp Edmund30New York CityCherbourgNew York City11
Molson, Mr. Harry Markland55Montreal, Quebec, CanadaSouthamptonMontreal, Quebec, Canada
Moore, Mr. Clarence47Washington, D.C., USWashington, D.C., US
and valet, Mr. Charles Henry Harrington37
Natsch, Mr. Charles36Brooklyn, New York, USCherbourgBrooklyn, New York, US
Newell, Mr. Arthur Webster58Lexington, Massachusetts, USLexington, Massachusetts, US122MB
Newell, Miss Madeleine31Lexington, Massachusetts, USCherbourgLexington, Massachusetts, US6
Newell, Miss Marjorie Anne23
Newsom, Miss Helen Monypeny19New York CitySouthamptonNew York City5
Nicholson, Mr. Arthur Ernest64Shanklin, Isle of Wight, England, UKSouthamptonNew York City263MB
Nourney, Mr. Alfred[70][71]20Cologne, German Empire[note 2]CherbourgNew York City7
Omont, Mr. Alfred Fernand29Le Havre, France
Ostby, Mr. Engelhart Cornelius64Providence, Rhode Island, USSouthamptonProvidence, Rhode Island, US234MB
Ostby, Miss Helene Ragnhild22Providence, Rhode Island, USSouthamptonProvidence, Rhode Island, US5
Ovies y Rodriguez, Mr. Servando José Florentino36Havana, CubaCherbourgHavana, Cuba189MB
Parr, Mr. William Henry Marsh[59]29Belfast, Ireland, UKBelfastNew York City
Partner, Mr. Austin40Tolworth, London, England, UKSouthamptonToronto, Ontario, Canada166MB
Pears, Mr. Thomas Clinton29Isleworth, London, England, UKNew York City
Pears, Mrs. Edith (née Wearne)22Isleworth, London, England, UKSouthamptonNew York City8
Peñasco y Castellana, Mr. Victor24Madrid, SpainCherbourgNew York City
Peñasco y Castellana, Mrs. Maria Josefa (née Perez de Soto y Vallejo)22Madrid, SpainCherbourgNew York City8
and maid, Doña Fermina Oliva y Ocana39
Peuchen, Major Arthur Godfrey52Toronto, Ontario, CanadaSouthamptonToronto, Ontario, Canada6
Porter, Mr. Walter Chamberlain46Worcester, Massachusetts, USSouthamptonWorcester, Massachusetts, US207MB
Potter, Mrs. Lily Alexenia (née Wilson)56Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USCherbourgPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, US7
Reuchlin, The Honourable Mr. Johan George38Rotterdam, The NetherlandsSouthamptonNew York City
Rheims, Mr. George Alexander Lucien36Paris, FranceSouthamptonNew York CityA
Robert, Mrs. Elisabeth Walton (née McMillan)43St. Louis, Missouri, USSt. Louis, Missouri, US2
and maid, Miss Emilie Kreuchen29
Roebling, Mr. Washington Augustus II31Trenton, New Jersey, USSouthamptonTrenton, New Jersey, US
Romaine, Mr. Charles Hallance (alias C. Rolmane)45New York CitySouthamptonNew York City9
Rood, Mr. Hugh Roscoe38Seattle, Washington, USSouthamptonSeattle, Washington, US
Rosenbaum, Miss Edith Louise34Paris, FranceCherbourgCincinnati, Ohio, US11
Rosenshine, Mr. George (alias George Thorne)46New York CityCherbourgNew York City16MB
Ross, Mr. John Hugo36Winnipeg, Manitoba, CanadaSouthamptonWinnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Rothschild, Mr. Martin46New York CityCherbourgNew York City
Rothschild, Mrs. Elizabeth Jane Anne (née Barrett)54New York CityCherbourgNew York City6
Rowe, Mr. Alfred G.59Liverpool, Merseyside, England, UKSouthamptonNew York City109MB
Ryerson, Mr. Arthur Larned61Cooperstown, New York, USCherbourgCooperstown, New York, US
Ryerson, Mrs. Emily Maria (née Borie)48Cooperstown, New York, USCherbourgCooperstown, New York, US4
and maid, Miss Victorine Chaudanson36
Ryerson, Miss Susan Parker "Suzette"21
Ryerson, Miss Emily Borie18
Ryerson, Master John Borie "Jack"13
and governess, Miss Grace Scott Bowen45
Saalfeld, Mr. Adolphe47Manchester, England, UKSouthamptonNew York City3
Salomon, Mr. Abraham Lincoln43New York CityCherbourg1
Schabert, Mrs. Emma (née Mock)35Hamburg, German Empire[note 2]Southampton11
Seward, Mr. Frederic Kimber34New York City7
Silverthorne, Mr. Spencer Victor35St Louis, Missouri, USSt Louis, Missouri, US5
Silvey, Mr. William Baird50Duluth, Minnesota, USCherbourgDuluth, Minnesota, US
Silvey, Mrs. Alice (née Munger)39Duluth, Minnesota, USCherbourgDuluth, Minnesota, US11
Simonius-Blumer, Colonel Alfons56Basel, SwitzerlandSouthamptonNew York City3
Sloper, Mr. William Thompson28New Britain, Connecticut, USNew Britain, Connecticut, US7
Smart, Mr. John Montgomery56Kildale, North Yorkshire, England, UKSouthamptonNew York City
Smith, Mr. James Clinch56Paris, FranceCherbourgLong Island, New York, US
Smith, Mr. Lucien Philip24Huntington, West Virginia, USHuntington, West Virginia, US
Smith, Mrs. Mary Eloise (née Hughes)[61][72]18Huntington, West Virginia, USCherbourgHuntington, West Virginia, US6
Smith, Mr. Richard William57Streatham, London, England, UKSouthamptonNew York City
Snyder, Mr. John Pillsbury24Minneapolis, Minnesota, USSouthamptonMinneapolis, Minnesota, US7
Snyder, Mrs. Nellie (née Stevenson)23
Spedden, Mr. Frederic Oakley45Tuxedo Park, New York, USCherbourgTuxedo Park, New York, US3
Spedden, Mrs. Margaretta Corning (née Stone)39
and maid, Miss Helen Alice Wilson31
Spedden, Master Robert Douglas6
and nurse, Miss Elizabeth Margaret Burns41
Spencer, Mr. William Augustus57New York CityCherbourgNew York City
Spencer, Mrs. Marie Eugénie (née Demougeot)45New York CityCherbourgNew York City6
and maid, Miss Eugenie Elise Lurette59
Stähelin-Maeglin, Dr. Max32Basel, SwitzerlandSouthampton3
Stead, Mr. William Thomas62London, England, UKSouthamptonNew York City
Stengel, Mr. Charles Emil Henry54Newark, New Jersey, USCherbourgNewark, New Jersey, US1
Stengel, Mrs. Annie May (née Morris)445
Stephenson, Mrs. Martha (née Eustis)52Paris, FranceHaverford, Pennsylvania, US4
Stewart, Mr. Albert A.54Cincinnati, Ohio, USCherbourgGallipolis, Ohio, US
Stone, Mrs. Martha Evelyn (née Stevens)62New York CitySouthamptonNew York City6
and maid, Miss Amelie "Amelia" Icard38
Straus, Mr. Isidor67New York CitySouthamptonNew York City96MB
and valet, Mr. John Farthing57
Straus, Mrs. Rosalie Ida (née Blun)63
and maid, Miss Ellen Bird31New York CitySouthamptonNew York City8
Sutton, Mr. Frederick61Haddonfield, New Jersey, USSouthamptonHaddonfield, New Jersey, US46MB
Swift, Mrs. Margaret Welles (née Barron)46New York CitySouthamptonNew York City8
Taussig, Mr. Emil52New York CitySouthamptonNew York City
Taussig, Mrs. Tillie (née Mandelbaum)39New York CitySouthamptonNew York City8
Taussig, Miss Ruth18
Taylor, Mr. Elmer Zebley48London, England, UKEast Orange, New Jersey, US5
Taylor, Mrs. Juliet Cummins (née Wright)
Thayer, Mr. John Borland II49Haverford, Pennsylvania, USCherbourgHaverford, Pennsylvania, US
Thayer, Mrs. Marian Longsteth (née Morris)39Haverford, Pennsylvania, USCherbourgHaverford, Pennsylvania, US4
and maid, Miss Margaret Fleming42
Thayer, Mr. John Borland "Jack" III17B
Thorne, Mrs. Gertrude Maybelle (née McMinn)37New York CityNew York CityD
Tucker, Mr. Gilbert Milligan Jr.31Albany, New York, USAlbany, New York, US7
Uruchurtu, Don Manuel E.40Mexico City, MexicoCherbourgMexico City, Mexico
Van der Hoef, Mr. Wyckoff61Brooklyn, New York, USBelfastBrooklyn, New York, US245MB
Walker, Mr. William Anderson48East Orange, New Jersey, USSouthamptonEast Orange, New Jersey, US
Warren, Mr. Frank Manley63Portland, Oregon, USCherbourgPortland, Oregon, US
Warren, Mrs. Anna Sophia (née Atkinson)60Portland, Oregon, USCherbourgPortland, Oregon, US5
Weir, Colonel John59New York CitySouthamptonNew York City
White, Mr. Percival Wayland54Brunswick, Maine, USBrunswick, Maine, US
White, Mr. Richard Frasar21169MB
White, Mrs. Ella (née Holmes)55New York CityCherbourgNew York City8
and maid, Miss Amelia Mayo "Nellie" Bessette39
and manservant, Mr. Sante Righini22New York CityCherbourgNew York City232MB
Wick, Colonel George Dennick58Youngstown, Ohio, USSouthamptonYoungstown, Ohio, US
Wick, Mrs. Mary (née Hitchcock)45Youngstown, Ohio, USSouthamptonYoungstown, Ohio, US8
Wick, Miss Mary Natalie31
Widener, Mr. George Dunton50Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USSouthamptonPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, US
and valet, Mr. Edwin Herbert Keeping3345MB
Widener, Mrs. Eleanor (née Elkins)50Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USSouthamptonPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, US4
and maid, Miss Amalie Henriette "Emily" Gieger35
Widener, Mr. Harry Elkins27Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USSouthamptonPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, US
Willard, Miss Constance21Duluth, Minnesota, USSouthamptonDuluth, Minnesota, US8
Williams, Mr. Charles Duane51Geneva, SwitzerlandCherbourgRadnor, Pennsylvania, US
Williams, Mr. Richard Norris II21Geneva, SwitzerlandCherbourgRadnor, Pennsylvania, USA
Woolner, Mr. Hugh45London, England, UKSouthamptonNew York CityD
Wright, Mr. George62Halifax, Nova Scotia, CanadaSouthamptonHalifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Young, Miss Marie Grice36New York CityCherbourgNew York City8

Second class

Abelson, Mr. Samuel30RussiaCherbourgNew York, New York, US
Abelson, Mrs. Anna (née Wizosky?)28RussiaCherbourgNew York, New York, US10
Andrew, Mr. Edgar Samuel17San Ambrosio, Córdoba, ArgentinaSouthamptonTrenton, New Jersey, US
Andrew, Mr. Frank Thomas30Redruth, Cornwall, EnglandHoughton, Michigan, US
Angle, Mr. William A.32Warwick, Warwickshire, EnglandNew York City
Angle, Mrs. Florence Agnes "Mary" (née Hughes)36Warwick, Warwickshire, EnglandSouthamptonNew York City11
Ashby, Mr. John57West Hoboken, New Jersey, USSouthamptonWest Hoboken, New Jersey, US
Bailey, Mr. Percy Andrew18Penzance, Cornwall, EnglandAkron, Ohio, US
Bainbrigge, Mr. Charles Robert23Saint Peter Port, Guernsey, Channel IslandsNew York City
Ball, Mrs. Ada E. (née Hall)36Bristol, Avon, EnglandSouthamptonJacksonville, Florida, US10
Banfield, Mr. Frederick James28Plymouth, Devon, EnglandSouthamptonHoughton, Michigan, US
Bateman, Reverend Robert James51Jacksonville, Florida, USJacksonville, Florida, US 174MB
Beane, Mr. Edward32New York CitySouthamptonNew York City13
Beane. Mrs. Ethel (née Clarke)19Norwich, Norfolk, England
Beauchamp, Mr. Henry James28London, England, UKSouthamptonNew York City194MB
Becker, Mrs. Nellie E. (née Baumgardner)35Guntur, Madras Province, British India[note 3]SouthamptonBenton Harbor, Michigan, US11
Becker, Miss Ruth Elizabeth1213
Becker, Miss Marion Louise411
Becker, Master Richard Frederick1
Beesley, Mr. Lawrence34London, England, UKToronto, Ontario, Canada13
Bentham, Miss Lillian W.19Rochester, New York, USRochester, New York, US12
Berriman, Mr. William John23St. Ives, Cornwall, EnglandSouthamptonCalumet, Michigan, US
Botsford, Mr. William Hull25Orange, New Jersey, USOrange, New Jersey, US
Bowenur, Mr. Solomon42London, EnglandNew York City
Bracken, Mr. James H.29Lake Arthur, New Mexico, USLake Arthur, New Mexico, US
Brailey, Mr. W. Theodore Ronald[59]24London, EnglandNew York City
Bricoux, Mr. Roger Marie[59]20Monte Carlo, Monaco
Brito, Mr. José Joaquim32Madeira, PortugalSão Paulo, Brazil
Brown, Mr. Thomas William Solomon60Cape Town, South Africa, UK[note 4]Seattle, Washington, US
Brown, Mrs. Elizabeth Catherine (née Ford)40Cape Town, South Africa, UKSouthamptonSeattle, Washington, US14
Brown, Miss Edith Eileen15
Bryhl, Mr. Kurt Arnold Gottfrid25Skara, Västergötland, SwedenSouthamptonRockford, Illinois, US
Bryhl, Miss Dagmar Jenny Ingeborg20Skara, Västergötland, SwedenSouthamptonRockford, Illinois, US12
Buss, Miss Kate36Sittingbourne, Kent, EnglandSan Francisco, US9
Butler, Mr. Reginald Fenton25Southsea, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonNew York City97MB
Byles, Father Thomas Roussel Davids42London, EnglandJacksonville, Florida, US
Byström, Miss Karolina42New York CitySouthamptonNew York City?
Caldwell, Mr. Albert Francis26Bangkok, Siam[note 5]Roseville, Illinois, US13
Caldwell, Mrs. Sylvia Mae (née Harbaugh)28
Caldwell, Master Alden Gates10 mo.
Cameron, Miss Clear Annie35London, England, UKMamaronek, New York, US14
Campbell, Mr. William Henry[59]21Belfast, IrelandBelfastNew York City
Carbines, Mr. William19St. Ives, Cornwall, EnglandSouthamptonHoughton, Michigan, US18MB
Carter, Father Ernest Courtenay54London, England, UKNew York City
Carter, Mrs. Lilian (née Hughes)45
Chapman, Mr. Charles Henry52Bronx, New York, USBronx, New York, US130MB
Chapman, Mr. John Henry36Liskeard, Cornwall, EnglandSpokane, Washington, US17MB
Chapman, Mrs. Sara Elizabeth (née Lawry)28
Christy, Mrs. Alice Frances45London, England, UKSouthamptonMontreal, Quebec, Canada12
Christy, Miss Rachel Julie Cohen25
Clarke, Mr. Charles Valentine29Netley Abbey, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSan Francisco, California, US
Clarke, Mrs. Ada Maria28Netley Abbey, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSan Francisco, California, US14
Clarke, Mr. John Frederick Preston[59]30Liverpool, Merseyside, EnglandSouthamptonNew York City202MB
Coleridge, Mr. Reginald Charles29London, EnglandDetroit, Michigan, US
Collander, Mr. Erik Gustaf27Helsinki, Grand Duchy of Finland[note 6]Ashtabula, Ohio, US
Collett, Mr. Sidney Clarence Stuart25London, EnglandSouthamptonPort Byron, New York, US9
Collyer, Mr. Harvey31Bishopstoke, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonPayette, Idaho, US
Collyer, Mrs. Charlotte Annie (née Tate)31Bishopstoke, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonPayette, Idaho, US14
Collyer, Miss Marjorie Charlotte "Lottie"8
Cook, Mrs. Selena (née Rogers)22Oxford, Oxfordshire, EnglandNew York City
Corbett, Mrs. Irene (née Colvin)30Provo, Utah, USSouthamptonProvo, Utah, US
Corey, Mrs. Mary Phyllis Elizabeth (née Miller)Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USPittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US
Cotterill, Mr. Henry "Harry"20Penzance, Cornwall, EnglandAkron, Ohio, US
Cunningham, Mr. Alfred Fleming[59]21Belfast, IrelandBelfastNew York City
Davies, Mr. Charles HenryLyndhurst, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonEden, Manitoba, Canada
Davies, Mrs. Elizabeth Agnes Mary (née White)48St. Ives, Cornwall, England UKSouthamptonHoughton, Michigan, US14
Davies, Master John Morgan Jr.8
Davis, Miss Mary28London, England, UKTottenville, New York, US13
Deacon, Mr. Percy William20Fritham, Hampshire, England, UKSouthamptonBoston, Massachusetts, US
del Carlo, Mr. Sebastiano29Montecarlo, Lucca, Tuscany, ItalyCherbourgChicago, Illinois, US295MB
del Carlo, Mrs. Argene (née Genovesi)[61][73]24Montecarlo, Lucca, Tuscany, ItalyCherbourgChicago, Illinois, US11
Denbuoy, Mr. Albert "Herbert"25Guernsey, Channel Islands, UKSouthamptonElizabeth, New Jersey, US
Dibden, Mr. William18Lyndhurst, Hampshire, EnglandEden, Manitoba, Canada
Doling, Mrs. Ada Julia (née Bone)34Southampton, Hampshire, England, UKSouthamptonNew York City?
Doling, Miss Elsie19
Douton, Mr. William Joseph55Rochester, New York, USSouthamptonRochester, New York, US
Drew, Mr. James Vivian42Greenport, New York, USGreenport, New York, US
Drew, Mrs. Lulu Thorne (née Christian)34Greenport, New York, USSouthamptonGreenport, New York, US10
Drew, Master Marshall Brines8
Duran y More, Miss Florentina30Barcelona, Catalonia, SpainCherbourgHavana, Cuba12
Duran y More, Miss Asunción27
Eitemiller, Mr. George Floyd23London, England, UKSouthamptonDetroit, Michigan, US
Enander, Mr. Ingvar21Göteborg, Västergötland, SwedenRockford, Illinois, US
Fahlstrøm, Mr. Arne Joma18Oslo, NorwayBayonne, New Jersey, US
Faunthorpe, Mr. Harry Bartram40Liverpool, Merseyside, England, UKPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, US286MB
Fillbrook, Mr. Joseph Charles18Truro, Cornwall, England, UKHoughton, Michigan, US
Fox, Mr. Stanley Hubert38Rochester, New York, USRochester, New York, US236MB
Frost, Mr. Anthony Wood "Archie"[59]37Belfast, Northern Ireland, UKBelfastNew York City
Funk, Miss Annie Clemmer38Janjgir-Champa, British India, UK[note 3]SouthamptonBally, Pennsylvania, US
Fynney, Mr. Joseph J.35Liverpool, Merseyside, England, UKMontreal, Quebec, Canada322M
Gale, Mr. Harry38Harrowbarrow, Cornwall, England, UKClear Creek, Colorado, US
Gale, Mr. Shadrach33
Garside, Miss Ethel34Liverpool, Merseyside, EnglandSouthamptonBrooklyn, New York, US12
Gaskell, Mr. William Alfred18Liverpool, Merseyside, EnglandSouthamptonMontreal, Quebec, Canada
Gavey, Mr. Laurence26Guernsey, Channel IslandsElizabeth, New Jersey, US
Gilbert, Mr. William47Carleens, Cornwall, EnglandButte, Montana, US
Giles, Mr. Edgar21Porthleven, Cornwall, EnglandCamden, New Jersey, US
Giles, Mr. Frederick Edward20
Giles, Mr. Ralph25London, EnglandNew York City297MB
Gill, Mr. John William24Clevedon, North Somerset, England155MB
Gillespie, Mr. William Henry34Abbeyleix, Laois, Ireland[note 1]Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Givard, Mr. Hans Kristensen30Kølsen, Vorde Sogn, DenmarkSan Francisco, California, US305MB
Greenberg, Mr. Samuel52Bronx, New York, USBronx, New York, US19MB
Hale, Mr. Reginald30Auburn, New York, USAuburn, New York, US75MB
Hämäläinen, Mrs. Anna (Anna Hamlin)24Detroit, Michigan, USSouthamptonDetroit, Michigan, US4
Hämäläinen, Master Viljo Unto Johannes (William Hamlin)1
Harbeck, Mr. William H.44Toledo, Ohio, USSouthamptonMontreal, Quebec, Canada35MB
Harper, The Reverend John39London, EnglandChicago, Illinois, US
Harper, Miss Annie Jessie "Nina"6London, EnglandSouthamptonChicago, Illinois, US11
Harris, Mr. George62New York City15
Harris, Mr. Walter30London, EnglandSouthamptonNew York City
Hart, Mr. Benjamin47Ilford, Essex, EnglandWinnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Hart, Mrs. Esther Ada (née Bloomfield)48Ilford, Essex, EnglandSouthamptonWinnipeg, Manitoba, Canada14
Hart, Miss Eva Miriam7
Hartley, Mr. Wallace Henry[59]33Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, EnglandSouthamptonNew York City224MB
Herman, Mr. Samuel49Yeovil, Somerset, EnglandSouthamptonBernardsville, New Jersey, US
Herman, Mrs. Jane (née Laver)48Yeovil, Somerset, EnglandSouthamptonBernardsville, New Jersey, US9
Herman, Miss Alice24
Herman, Miss Kate
Hewlett, Mrs. Mary Dunbar (née Kingcome)56Lucknow, British India, UK[note 3]Rapid City, South Dakota, US13
Hickman, Mr. Lewis30Fritham, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonThe Pas, Manitoba, Canada256MB
Hickman, Mr. Leonard Mark24Eden, Manitoba, Canada
Hickman, Mr. Stanley George20The Pas, Manitoba, Canada
Hiltunen, Miss Martta18Joensuu, Grand Duchy of Finland[note 6]Detroit, Michigan, US
Hocking, Mrs. Elizabeth "Eliza" (née Neads)54Penzance, Cornwall, EnglandSouthamptonAkron, Ohio, US4
Hocking, Mr. Richard George23Akron, Ohio, USSouthamptonAkron, Ohio, US
Hocking, Miss Ellen "Nellie"20Penzance, Cornwall, EnglandSouthamptonAkron, Ohio, US4
Hocking, Mr. Samuel James Metcalfe36Devonport, Devon, EnglandSouthamptonMiddletown, Connecticut, US
Hodges, Mr. Henry Price50Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBoston, Massachusetts, US149MB
Hold, Mr. Stephen44Porthoustock, Cornwall, EnglandSacramento, California, US
Hold, Mrs. Annie Margaret (née Hill)29Porthoustock, Cornwall, EnglandSouthamptonSacramento, California, US10
Hood, Mr. Ambrose Jr.21Fritham, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonManitoba, Canada
Hosono, Mr. Masabumi41Tokyo, JapanSouthamptonTokyo, Japan10
Howard, Mr. Benjamin63Swindon, Wiltshire, EnglandSouthamptonIdaho, US
Howard, Mrs. Ellen Truelove (née Arman)60
Hume, Mr. John Law "Jock"[59]21Dumfries, ScotlandNew York City193MB
Hunt, Mr. George Henry33Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, US
Ilett, Miss Bertha17Jersey, Channel IslandsSouthamptonAtlanta, Georgia, US?
Jacobsohn, Mr. Sidney Samuel40London, EnglandSouthamptonMontreal, Quebec, Canada
Jacobsohn, Mrs. Amy Frances Christy (née Cohen)24London, EnglandSouthamptonMontreal, Quebec, Canada12
Jarvis, Mr. Denzil John47Stoneygate, Leicestershire, EnglandSouthamptonNew York City
Jefferys, Mr. Clifford Thomas24Guernsey, Channel IslandsElizabeth, New Jersey, US
Jefferys, Mr. Ernest Wilifred22
Jenkin, Mr. Stephen Curnow32St. Ives, Cornwall, EnglandHoughton, Michigan, US
Jerwan, Mrs. Marie Marthe (née Thuillard)23New York CitySouthamptonNew York City11
Kantor, Mr. Sinai34Vitebsk, Russian EmpireSouthamptonBronx, New York, US283MB
Kantor, Mrs. Miriam (née Sternin)24Vitebsk, Russian EmpireSouthamptonBronx, New York, US12
Karnes, Mrs. Claire (née Bennett)28Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USSouthamptonPittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US
Keane, Mr. Daniel35Limerick, Ireland[note 1]QueenstownSt Louis, Missouri, US
Keane, Miss Nora Agnes46Castleconnell, Limerick, Ireland[note 1]QueenstownHarrisburg, Pennsylvania, US10
Kelly, Miss Florence "Fannie"45London, EnglandSouthamptonNew York City9
Kirkland, Reverend Charles Leonard52Glasgow, ScotlandQueenstownTuxford, Saskatchewan, Canada
Knight, Mr. Robert J.[59]39Belfast, IrelandBelfastNew York City
Krins, Mr. Georges Alexandré[59]23London, EnglandSouthampton
Kvillner, Mr. Johan Henrik Johannesson31Trollhättan, Västergötland, SwedenArlington, Virginia, US165MB
Lahtinen, Reverend William35Minneapolis, Minnesota, USMinneapolis, Minnesota, US
Lahtinen, Mrs. Anna Amelia (née Sylfvén)26
Lamb, Mr. John Joseph30Glencree, Ireland[note 1]QueenstownProvidence, Rhode Island, US
Laroche, Mr. Joseph Philippe Lemercier25Paris, FranceCherbourgCap-Haïtien, Haiti
Laroche, Mrs. Juliette Marie Louise (née Lafargue)[61][74]22Paris, FranceCherbourgCap-Haïtien, Haiti14
Laroche, Miss Simoné Marie Anne Andrée3
Laroche, Miss Louise Marguerite1
Lehmann, Miss Bertha17Lotzwil, SwitzerlandCentral City, Iowa, US12
Leitch, Miss Jessie Wills31London, EnglandSouthamptonChicago, Illinois, US11
Lemore, Mrs. Amelia "Milley" (née Hunt)34Chicago, Illinois, US14
Levy, Mr. René Jacques36Montreal, Quebec, CanadaCherbourgMontreal, Quebec, Canada
Leyson, Mr. Robert William Norman25London, EnglandSouthamptonNew York City108MB
Linnane, Mr. John61Chelsea, Michigan, USChelsea, Michigan, US
Louch, Mr. Charles Alexander50Weston-super-Mare, North Somerset, EnglandNew York City121MB
Louch, Mrs. Alice Adelaide (née Slow)42Weston-super-Mare, North Somerset, EnglandSouthamptonNew York City14
Mack, Mrs. Mary (née Lacy)57Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonNew York City52MB
Malachard, Mr. Jean-Noël25Paris, FranceCherbourg
Mallet, Mr. Albert31Montreal, Quebec, CanadaMontreal, Quebec, Canada
Mallet, Mrs. Antoinette Marie (née Magnin)24Montreal, Quebec, CanadaCherbourgMontreal, Quebec, Canada10
Mallet, Master André Clément1
Mangiavacchi, Mr. Serafino Emilio30Paris, FranceCherbourgNew York City
Matthews, Mr. William JohnSt Austell, Cornwall, EnglandSouthamptonLa Salle, Illinois, US
Maybery, Mr. Frank Hubert36Weston-super-Mare, North Somerset, EnglandMoose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada
McCrae, Mr. Arthur Gordon32Sydney, New South Wales, AustraliaCanada209MB
McCrie, Mr. James MatthewSarnia, Ontario, CanadaSarnia, Ontario, Canada
McKane, Mr. Peter David46Guernsey, Channel IslandsRochester, New York, US
Mellinger, Mrs. Elizabeth Anne (née Maidment)41Wimbledon, London, EnglandSouthamptonBennington, Vermont, US14
Mellinger, Miss Madeleine Violet13
Mellors, Mr. William John19Chelsea, London, EnglandLong Island, New York, USB
Meyer, Mr. August31Harrow, London, EnglandSouthamptonNew York City
Milling, Mr. Jacob Christian48Odense, DenmarkOregon, Wisconsin, US271MB
Mitchell, Mr. Henry Michael71Guernsey, Channel IslandsToledo, Ohio, US
Montvila, Father Juozas27Gudinė, Lithuania [75]Worcester, Massachusetts, US
Moraweck, Dr. Ernest54Frankfort, Kentucky, USFrankfort, Kentucky, US
Morley, Mr. Henry Samuel (alias Mr. Henry Marshall)38Birmingham, Worcester, EnglandLos Angeles, US
Mudd, Mr. Thomas Charles16Huntingfield, Suffolk, EnglandNew York City
Myles, Mr. Thomas Francis63Fermoy, Ireland[note 1]QueenstownWaban, Massachusetts, US
Nassr Allah, Mr. Niqula Khalil28Zahlé, Lebanon, Ottoman Empire[note 7]CherbourgCleveland, Ohio, US43MB
Nassr Allah, Mrs. Adal (née Akim)[61][76]14Zahlé, Lebanon, Ottoman EmpireCherbourgCleveland, Ohio, US?
Navratil, Mr. Michel (alias Louis M. Hoffman)32Nice, FranceSouthamptonNew York City15MB
Navratil, Master Michel Marcel3Nice, FranceSouthamptonNew York CityD
Navratil, Master Edmond Roger2
Nesson, Mr. Israel26London, EnglandSouthamptonBoston, Massachusetts, US
Nicholls, Mr. Joseph Charles "Joe"19St. Ives, Cornwall, EnglandHoughton, Michigan, US101MB
Norman, Mr. Robert Douglas28Glasgow, Scotland287MB
Nye, Mrs. Elizabeth (née Ramell)29East Orange, New Jersey, USSouthamptonEast Orange, New Jersey, US11
Otter, Mr. Richard39Middleburg Heights, Ohio, USSouthamptonMiddleburg Heights, Ohio, US
Oxenham, Mr. Percy Thomas22London, EnglandSouthamptonNorth Bergen, New Jersey, US13
Padron Manent, Mr. Julian26Barcelona, Catalonia, SpainCherbourgHavana, Cuba9
Pain, Dr. Alfred "Alf"23Hamilton, Ontario, CanadaSouthamptonHamilton, Ontario, Canada
Pallas y Castello, Mr. Emilio29Barcelona, Catalonia, SpainCherbourgHavana, Cuba9
Parker, Mr. Clifford Richard28Guernsey, Channel IslandsSouthamptonNew York City
Parkes, Mr. Francis "Frank"[59]18Belfast, IrelandBelfast
Parrish, Mrs. Lutie Davis (née Temple)60Woodford County, Kentucky, USSouthamptonWoodford County, Kentucky, US12
Pengelly, Mr. Frederick William19Gunnislake, Cornwall, EnglandSouthamptonButte, Montana, US
Peruschitz, Father Josef28Scheyern, Bavaria, German Empire[note 2]St. Cloud, Minnesota, US
Phillips, Mr. Escott Robert42Ilfracombe, Devon, EnglandNew Brighton, Pennsylvania, US
Phillips, Miss Alice Frances Louisa21Ilfracombe, Devon, EnglandSouthamptonNew Brighton, Pennsylvania, US12
Phillips, Miss Kate Florence (alias Mrs. Kate Marshall)[10][77]19Birmingham, Worcester, EnglandLos Angeles, US11
Pinsky, Mrs. Rosa21Brooklyn, New York, USBrooklyn, New York, US9
Ponesell, Mr. Martin34Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonNew York City
Portaluppi, Mr. Emilio Ilario Giuseppe34Milford, New Hampshire, USSouthamptonMilford, New Hampshire, US14
Pulbaum, Mr. Franz27New York CitySouthamptonNew York City
Quick, Mrs. Jane (née Richards)33Plymouth, Devon, EnglandSouthamptonDetroit, Michigan, US11
Quick, Miss Winnifred Vera8
Quick, Miss Phyllis May2
Reeves, Mr. David36Slinfold, West Sussex, EnglandSouthamptonNew York City
Renouf, Mr. Peter Henry33Elizabeth, New Jersey, USElizabeth, New Jersey, US
Renouf, Mrs. Lillian "Lily" (née Jefferys)30Elizabeth, New Jersey, USSouthamptonElizabeth, New Jersey, US12
Reynaldo, Miss Encarnación28Marbella, SpainNew York City9
Richard, Mr. Emile Philippe23Paris, FranceCherbourgMontreal, Quebec, Canada
Richards, Mrs. Emily (née Hocking)23Penzance, Cornwall, EnglandSouthamptonAkron, Ohio, US4
Richards, Master William Rowe3
Richards, Master Sibley George9 mo.
Rico, Mr. Osvaldo33Cochabamba, BoliviaCochabamba, Bolivia
Ridsdale, Miss Lucy50London, EnglandMarietta, Ohio, US13
Rogers, Mr. Reginald Harry18Tavistock, Devon, EnglandSouthamptonWilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, US
Rugg, Miss Emily21Guernsey, Channel IslandsSouthamptonWilmington, Delaware, US12
Schmidt, Mr. August26Newark, New Jersey, USSouthamptonNewark, New Jersey, US
Sedgwick, Mr. Charles Frederick Waddington25Liverpool, Merseyside, EnglandMinatitlán, Veracruz, Mexico
Sharp, Mr. Percival James27London, England, UKNew York City
Shelley, Mrs. Imanita (née Parrish Hall)25Deer Lodge, Montana, USSouthamptonDeer Lodge, Montana, US12
Silvén, Miss Lyyli Karolina17Tornio, Grand Duchy of Finland[note 6]Minneapolis, Minnesota, US16
Sincock, Miss Maude20St. Ives, Cornwall, EnglandHancock, Michigan, US11
Sinkkonen, Miss Anna30Turku, Grand Duchy of Finland[note 6]Brighton, Boston, Massachusetts, US10
Sjöstedt, Mr. Ernst AdolfHjo, Västergötland, SwedenSault Ste Marie, Michigan, US
Slayter, Miss Hilda MaryHalifax, Nova Scotia, CanadaQueenstownVancouver, British Columbia, Canada13
Slemen, Mr. Richard James35Landrake, Cornwall, EnglandSouthamptonNashua, New Hampshire, US
Smith, Miss Marion Elsie39Basingstoke, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonWashington, DC US9
Sobey, Mr. Samuel James Hayden25Porthallow, Cornwall, EnglandSouthamptonHoughton, Michigan, US
Stanton, Mr. Samuel Ward42New York CityNew York City
Stokes, Mr. Philip Joseph25London, EnglandDetroit, Michigan, US81MB
Sweet, Mr. George Frederick14Yeovil, Somerset, EnglandBernardsville, New Jersey, US
Taylor, Mr. Percy Cornelius[59]32London, EnglandNew York City
Toomey, Miss Ellen Mary48Indianapolis, Indiana, USSouthamptonIndianapolis, Indiana, US9
Troupiansky, Mr. Moses Aaron23London, EnglandSouthamptonNew York City
Trout, Mrs. Jessie L.26Columbus, Ohio, USSouthamptonColumbus, Ohio, US9
Troutt, Miss Edwina Celia "Winnie"27Bath, Somerset, EnglandAuburndale, Florida, US16
Turpin, Mr. William John Robert29Plymouth, Devon, EnglandSouthamptonSalt Lake City, Utah, US
Turpin, Mrs. Dorothy Ann (née Wonnacott)27
Veal, Mr. James40Barre, Vermont, USBarre, Vermont, US
Wallcroft, Miss Ellen "Nellie"36Maidenhead, Berkshire, EnglandSouthamptonMamaroneck, New York, US14
Ware, Mr. John James45Bristol, Avon, EnglandSouthamptonNew Britain, Connecticut, US
Ware, Mrs. Florence Louise (née Long)31Bristol, Avon, EnglandSouthamptonNew Britain, Connecticut, US10
Ware, Mr. William Jeffery23Gunnislake, Cornwall, EnglandSouthamptonButte, Montana, US
Watson, Mr. Ennis Hastings[59]15Belfast, Northern Ireland, UKBelfastNew York City
Watt, Mrs. Elizabeth Inglis "Bessie" (née Milne)40Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, ScotlandSouthamptonPortland, Oregon, US9
Watt, Miss Robertha Josephine "Bertha"12
Webber, Miss Susan37Bude, Cornwall, EnglandHartford, Connecticut, US12
Weisz, Mr. Leopold28Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, EnglandSouthamptonMontreal, Quebec, Canada293MB
Weisz, Mrs. Mathilde Françoise (née Pëde)37Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, EnglandSouthamptonMontreal, Quebec, Canada10
Wells, Mrs. Addie Dart (née Trevaskis)29Heamoor, Cornwall, EnglandAkron, Ohio, US14
Wells, Miss Joan4
Wells, Master Ralph Lester2
West, Mr. Edwy Arthur36Bournemouth, Dorset, EnglandSouthamptonGainesville, Florida, US
West, Mrs. Ada Mary (née Worth)[61][78]33Bournemouth, Dorset, EnglandSouthamptonGainesville, Florida, US10
West, Miss Constance Mirium4
West, Miss Barbara Joyce10 mo.
Wheadon, Mr. Edward H.66Guernsey, Channel IslandsSouthamptonEdgewood, Rhode Island, US
Wheeler, Mr. Edwin Charles "Fred"24Bath, Somerset, EnglandAsheville, North Carolina, US
Whilems, Mr. Charles32London, EnglandSouthamptonNew York City9
Wilkinson, Miss Elizabeth Anne (alias Mrs. Elizabeth Faunthorpe)29Manchester, EnglandPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, US16
Williams, Mr. Charles Eugene23Harrow, London, EnglandChicago, Illinois, US14
Woodward, Mr. John Wesley[59]32Oxford, Oxfordshire, EnglandSouthamptonNew York City
Wright, Miss Marion26Yeovil, Somerset, EnglandSouthamptonCottage Grove, Oregon, US9
Yvois, Miss Henriette24Paris, FranceSouthamptonMontreal, Quebec, Canada

Third class

NameAgeHometownHome countryBoardedDestinationLifeboatBody
Abbing, Mr. Anthony40Cincinnati, OhioUSSouthamptonCincinnati, Ohio, US
Abbott, Mrs. Rhoda Mary (née Hunt)39East Providence, Rhode IslandUSSouthamptonEast Providence, Rhode Island, USA
Abbott, Mr. Rossmore Edward16East Providence, Rhode IslandUSSouthamptonEast Providence, Rhode Island, US
Abbott, Mr. Eugene Joseph14
Abd al-Khaliq, Mr. Farid Qasim Husayn18ShanaLebanonCherbourgNew York City
Abelseth, Miss Karen Marie16SondmoreNorwaySouthamptonLos Angeles, California, US16
Abelseth, Mr. Olaus Jørgensen25Perkins County, South DakotaUSPerkins County, South Dakota, USA
Abrahamsson, Mr. Abraham August Johannes20TaalintehdasFinlandHoboken, New Jersey, US15
Abrahim, Mrs. Mary Sophie Halaut (née Easu)18ShwayhadSyria CherbourgGreensburg, Pennsylvania, USC
Adahl, Mr. Mauritz Nils Martin30Asarum, SmålandSwedenSouthamptonBrooklyn, New York, US72MB
Adams, Mr. John26Bournemouth, DorsetEnglandLa Porte City, Iowa, US103MB
Ahlin, Mrs. Johanna Persdotter (née Larsson)40Göteborg, VästergötlandSwedenAkeley, Minnesota, US
Aks, Mrs. Leah (née Rosen)18LondonEnglandSouthamptonNorfolk, Virginia, US13
Aks, Master Frank Philip10 mo.London11
Al-Muna, Mr. Nasif Qasim26Fredericksburg, VirginiaUSCherbourgFredericksburg, Virginia, US15
Alexander, Mr. William23Great Yarmouth, NorfolkEnglandSouthamptonAlbion, Michigan, US
Alhomäki, Mr. Ilmari Rudolf19SaloFinlandAstoria, Oregon, US
Ali, Mr. Ahmed24Buenos AiresArgentinaNew York City
Ali, Mr. William2579MB
Allen, Mr. William Henry35Birmingham, West MidlandsEngland
Allum, Mr. Owen George15Southall, London259MB
Al-Zainni, Mr. Fahim Ruhanna22ToulaLebanonCherbourgDayton, Ohio, US6
Andersen, Mr. Albert Karvin33BergenNorwaySouthamptonNew York City260MB
Andersen-Jensen, Miss Carla Christine19EskilstrupDenmarkSouthamptonPortland, Oregon, US16
Andersson, Mr. Anders Johan39Kisa, ÖstergötlandSwedenSouthamptonWinnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Andersson, Mrs. Alfrida Konstantia (née Brogren)39
Andersson, Miss Sigrid Elisabeth11
Andersson, Miss Ingeborg Constanzia9
Andersson, Miss Ebba Iris Alfrida6
Andersson, Master Sigvard Harald Elias4
Andersson, Miss Ellis Anna Maria2
Andersson, Miss Erna Alexandra17KullaaFinlandSouthamptonNew York CityD
Andersson, Miss Ida Augusta Margareta38Vadsbro, SörmlandSwedenSouthamptonManistee, Michigan, US
Andersson, Mr. Johan Samuel26Hartford, ConnecticutUSHartford, Connecticut, US
Andreasson, Mr. Paul Edvin20Kalfsnäs, SmålandSwedenChicago, Illinois, US
Angheloff, Mr. Minko26Terziysko, TroyanBulgaria
Arnold-Franchi, Mr. Josef25Altdorf, UriSwitzerlandNew Glarus, Wisconsin, US
Arnold-Franchi, Mrs. Josefine (née Franchi)18
Aronsson, Mr. Ernst Axel Algot24Horset, SmålandSwedenJoliet, Illinois, US
Asim, Mr. Adola35Buenos AiresArgentinaNew York City
Asplund, Mr. Carl Oscar Vilhelm Gustafsson40Alseda, SmålandSwedenWorcester, Massachusetts, US142MB
Asplund, Mrs. Selma Augusta Emilia (née Johansson)38Alseda, SmålandSwedenSouthamptonWorcester, Massachusetts, US15
Asplund, Master Filip Oscar13Alseda, SmålandSwedenSouthamptonWorcester, Massachusetts, US
Asplund, Master Clarence Gustaf Hugo9
Asplund, Master Carl Edgar5
Asplund, Miss Lillian Gertrud5Alseda, SmålandSwedenSouthamptonWorcester, Massachusetts, US15
Asplund, Master Edvin Rojj Felix3
Asplund, Mr. Johan Charles23Oskarshamn, KalmarMinneapolis, Minnesota, US13
Assaf, Mrs. Mariyam (née Khalil)45Kafr MishkiLebanonCherbourgOttawa, Ontario, CanadaC
Assam, Mr. Ali23Buenos AiresArgentinaSouthamptonNew York City
Attala, Mr. Sleiman30Ottawa, OntarioCanadaCherbourgOttawa, Ontario, Canada
Atta Allah, Miss Malakah17BeirutLebanonNew York City
Augustsson, Mr. Albert23Krakoryd, SmålandSwedenSouthamptonBloomington, Indiana, US
Ayyub Dahir, Miss Bannurah15BeirutLebanonCherbourgOwen Sound, Ontario, CanadaC
Bakus, Mr. Raful20UnknownLebanonCherbourgNew York City
Backström, Mr. Karl Alfred32KotkaFinlandSouthampton
Backström, Mrs. Maria Mathilda (née Gustafsson)[61][79]33KotkaFinlandSouthamptonNew York CityD
Badman, Miss Emily Louisa18Clevedon, North SomersetEnglandSkaneateles, New York, USC
Badt, Mr. Mohamed40TripoliLebanonCherbourgNew York City
Bakić, Mr. Kerim26Bosanska KrupaBosniaSouthamptonHarrisburg, Pennsylvania, US
Banski, Mrs. Mara (née Osman)31VagovinaCroatiaSouthamptonSteelton, Pennsylvania, US?
Baqlini, Mrs. Mariyam Latifa (née Qurban)24Ḑuhūr ash ShuwayrLebanonCherbourgBrooklyn, New York, USC
Baqlini, Miss Mariya Katarin5
Baqlini, Miss Eujini4
Baqlini, Miss Hileni Barbarah9 mo.
Barbarah, Mrs. Katarin Dawud45Kafr MishkiLebanonCherbourgOttawa, Ontario, Canada
Barbarah, Miss Saidah18
Barry, Miss Julia26New York City, New YorkUSQueenstownNew York City
Barton, Mr. David John22Cambridge, CambridgeshireEnglandSouthampton
Beavan, Mr. William Thomas18Fillingham, LincolnshireRussell, US
Bengtsson, Mr. Johan Viktor26Fridhemsberg, HallandSwedenMonee, Illinois, US
Berglund, Mr. Karl Ivar Sven22FirtbyFinlandNew York City
Betros, Mr. Tannous20ZghartaLebanonCherbourgWaterbury, Connecticut, US
Birkeland, Mr. Hans Martin Monsen21BremnesNorwaySouthamptonNew York City
Björklund, Mr. Ernst Herbert18StockholmSweden
Bostandyeff, Mr. Guentcho26UnknownBulgariaChicago, Illinois, US
Bourke, Mr. John42Carrowskehine, MayoIrelandQueenstown
Bourke, Mrs. Catherine (née McHugh)32
Bourke, Miss Mary40Ireland
Bowen, Mr. David John "Dai"20Treherbert, GlamorganWalesSouthamptonNew York City
Bradley, Miss Bridget Delia22Kingwilliamstown, CorkIrelandQueenstownGlen Falls, New York, US13
Braf, Miss Elin Ester Maria20Medeltorp, SmålandSwedenSouthamptonChicago, Illinois, US
Braund, Mr. Lewis Richard29Bridgerule, DevonEnglandQu'Appelle Valley, Saskatchewan, Canada
Braund, Mr. Owen Harris22
Brobeck, Mr. Karl RudolfNorrköping, ÖstergötlandSwedenWorcester, Massachusetts, US
Brocklebank, Mr. William Alfred35Broomfield, EssexEnglandNew York City
Buckley, Mr. Daniel21Kingwilliamstown, CorkIrelandQueenstownNew York City13
Buckley, Miss Catherine22Ovens, CorkIrelandQueenstownRoxbury, Massachusetts, US299MB
Bulus, Mrs. Sultanah (née Rizq)40UnknownLebanonCherbourgKent, British Columbia, Canada
Bulus, Master Akar9
Bulus, Miss Nur-al-Ayn7
Burke, Mr. Jeremiah19Glanmire, CorkIrelandQueenstownCharlestown, US
Burns, Miss Mary Delia17Kilmacowen, SligoNew York City
Butrus-Youssef, Mrs. Katarin (née Rizk)24Sar'al[80]Syria[80]CherbourgDetroit, Michigan, USC
Butrus-Youssef, Master Makhkhul4D
Butrus-Youssef, Miss Marianna2C
Čačić, Mr. Jego Grga18Široka KulaCroatiaSouthamptonChicago, Illinois, US
Čačić, Mr. Luka38
Čačić, Miss Marija30
Čačić, Miss Manda21
Čalić, Mr. Jovo17BrezikSault Ste. Marie, Michigan, US
Čalić, Mr. Petar
Canavan, Miss Mary22Tonacrick, ClareIrelandQueenstownPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, US
Canavan, Mr. Patrick "Peter"21Knockmaria, Mayo
Cann, Mr. Ernest CharlesPenwithick, CornwallEnglandSouthamptonNew York City
Caram, Mr. Joseph28Kfar MechiSyriaCherbourgOttawa, Ontario, Canada28MB[81]
Caram, Mrs. Maria (née Elias)18
Carlsson, Mr. Carl Robert24Göteborg, VästergötlandSwedenSouthamptonHuntley, Illinois, US
Carlsson, Mr. August SigfridDagsås, HallandTower, Minnesota, US
Carr, Miss Jane47Aclare, SligoIrelandQueenstownHartford, Connecticut, US
Carver, Mr. Alfred John28Southampton, HampshireEnglandSouthamptonNew York City
Celotti, Mr. Francesco24Milan[82]Italy
Chang, Mr. Chip32Hong KongChinaSouthamptonNew York CityC
Charters, Mr. David28Ballinalee, LongfordIrelandQueenstownNew York City
Cheong, Mr. Foo32Hong KongChinaSouthamptonNew York CityC
Christmann, Mr. Emil29LondonEnglandSouthamptonNew York City
Chronopoulos, Mr. Apostolos26Agios Sostis, PeloponneseGreeceCherbourg
Chronopoulos, Mr. Dimitrios18
Coelho, Mr. Domingos Fernandes20Funchal, Madeira IslandsPortugalSouthampton
Cohen, Mr. Gershon "Gus"18LondonEnglandSouthamptonBrooklyn, New York, US12
Colbert, Mr. Patrick24Kilkinlea, LimerickIrelandQueenstownSherbrooke, Quebec, Canada
Coleff, Mr. FotioDebnevo, TroyanBulgariaSouthamptonChicago, Illinois, US
Coltcheff, Mr. Peju36Gumostnik, Lovec
Conlon, Mr. Thomas Henry31Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaUSQueenstownPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, US
Connaghton, Mr. MichaelBrooklyn, New YorkBrooklyn, New York, US
Connolly, Miss Catherine "Kate"35Bank Place, TipperaryIrelandDobbs Ferry, New York, US
Connolly, Miss Katherine "Kate"22Cortrasna, CavanIrelandQueenstownNew York City13
Connors, Mr. Patrick John61Charleville, CorkIrelandQueenstownNew York City171MB
Cook, Mr. Jacob (Kukk, Mr. Jakob?)43Unknown (Estonia?)Russia (Estonia?)Southampton
Čor, Mr. Bartol35KricinaCroatiaGreat Falls, Montana, US
Čor, Mr. Ivan27
Čor, Mr. Liudevit19
Corn, Mr. Henry "Harry"30LondonEnglandNew York City
Corr, Miss Helen16Corglass, LongfordIrelandQueenstownNew York City16
Coutts, Mrs. Mary Winnie (née Trainer)36LondonEnglandSouthamptonBrooklyn, New York, US2
Coutts, Master William Loch "Willie"9
Coutts, Master Neville Leslie3
Coxon, Mr. Daniel59LondonEnglandSouthamptonMerrill, Wisconsin, US
Crease, Mr. Ernest James19Bristol, AvonCleveland, Ohio, US
Cribb, Mr. John Hatfield44Bournemouth, DorsetNewark, New Jersey, US
Cribb, Miss Laura Mae16Bournemouth, DorsetEnglandSouthamptonNewark, New Jersey, US12
Čulumović, Mr. Jeso17Lipova GlavicaCroatiaSouthamptonHammond, Indiana, US
Dahir, Mr. Tannous28BeirutLebanonCherbourgYoungstown, Ohio, US
Dahl, Mr. Charles Edwart45Adelaide, South AustraliaAustraliaSouthamptonFingal, North Dakota, US15
Dahlberg, Miss Gerda Ulrika22StockholmSwedenChicago, Illinois, US
Dakić, Mr. Branko19Gornji MiholjacCroatiaSouthamptonNew York City
Daly, Miss Margaret "Maggie"30Athlone, WestmeathIrelandQueenstownNew York City15
Daly, Mr. Eugene Patrick29B
Danbom, Mr. Ernst Gilbert34Göteborg, VästergötlandSwedenSouthamptonStanton, Iowa, US197MB
Danbom, Mrs. Anna Sigrid Maria (née Brogren)28
Danbom, Master Gilbert Sigvard Emanuel4 mo.
Danoff, Mr. Yoto27UnknownBulgariaChicago, Illinois, US
Dantcheff, Mr. Ristju25Terziysko, Troyan
Davies, Mr. Evan22Pontardawe, West GlamorganWalesPontiac, Michigan, US
Davies, Mr. Alfred John24West Bromwich, StaffordshireEngland
Davies, Mr. John Samuel21
Davies, Mr. Joseph17
Davison, Mr. Thomas Henry "Harry"32Liverpool, MerseysideBedford, Indiana, US
De Messemaeker, Mr. Guillaume Joseph36Tampico, MontanaUSSouthamptonTampico, Montana, US15
De Messemaeker, Mrs. Anna (née de Becker)13
de Mulder, Mr. Theodoor36Aspelare, East FlandersBelgiumDetroit, Michigan, US11
de Pelsmaeker, Mr. Alfons16Heldergem, Haaltert, East FlandersBelgiumSouthamptonGladstone, Michigan, US
Dean, Mr. Bertram Frank25Bartley Farm, HampshireEnglandWichita, Kansas, US
Dean, Mrs. Eva Georgetta (née Light)32Bartley Farm, HampshireEnglandSouthamptonWichita, Kansas, US10
Dean, Master Bertram Vere1
Dean, Miss Elizabeth Gladys "Millvina"2 mo.
Delalić, Mr. Redjo25BakićBosniaSouthamptonHarrisburg, Pennsylvania, US
Denkoff, Mr. Mitto30UnknownBulgariaCoon Rapids, Iowa, US
Dennis, Mr. William26Week St Mary, CornwallEnglandSaskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Dennis, Mr. Samuel22
Devaney, Miss Margaret Delia19Kilmacowen, SligoIrelandQueenstownNew York CityC
Dika, Mr. Mirko17PodgoraCroatiaSouthamptonVancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Dimić, Mr. Jovan42OstrovicaRed Lodge, Montana, US
Dintcheff, Mr. Valtcho43UnknownBulgariaTulsa, Oklahoma, US
Donohoe, Miss Bridget21Cum, MayoIrelandQueenstownChicago, Illinois, US
Dooley, Mr. Patrick J.43Patrickswell, LimerickNew York City
Dorking, Mr. Edward Arthur18Liss, HampshireEnglandSouthamptonOglesby, Illinois, USB
Doherty, Mr. William John (aka "James Moran")22CorkIrelandQueenstownNew York City
Dowdell, Miss Elizabeth31New York City, New YorkUSSouthamptonNew York City13
Doyle, Miss Elizabeth24Bree, WexfordIrelandQueenstownNew York City
Draženović, Mr. Jozef33HrastelnicaCroatiaCherbourg51MB
Dropkin, Miss Jennie24MogilevBelarusSouthamptonNew York City13
Duquemin, Mr. Joseph Pierre19Saint Sampson, Guernsey, Channel IslandsEnglandAlbion, New York, USD
Dwan, Mr. Frank65Bunmahon, WaterfordIrelandQueenstownMorris Plains, New Jersey, US
Dyker, Mr. Adolf Fredrik23New Haven, ConnecticutUSSouthamptonNew Haven, Connecticut, US
Dyker, Mrs. Anna Elisabeth Judith (née Andersson)22New Haven, ConnecticutUSSouthamptonNew Haven, Connecticut, US16
Edvardsson, Mr. Gustaf Hjalmar18Tofta, UpplandSwedenSouthamptonJoliet, Illinois, US
Eklund, Mr. Hans Linus16Kårberg, ÖrebroJerome Junction, Arizona, US
Ekström, Mr. Johan45Effington Rut, South DakotaUSEffington Rut, South Dakota, US
Elias, Mr. Dibo29UnknownLebanonCherbourgNew York City
Elias, Mr. Joseph Jr.15Kafr MishkiOttawa, Ontario, Canada
Elias Nasrallah, Mr. Tannous17
Elsbury, Mr. William James47Taunton, SomersetEnglandSouthamptonGurnee, Illinois, US
Emanuel, Miss Virginia Ethel6New York City, New YorkUSSouthamptonNew York City13
Estanislau, Mr. Manuel Gonçalves37Calheta, MadeiraPortugalSouthamptonNew York City
Everett, Mr. Thomas James39Bristol, AvonEnglandTroy, New York, US187MB
Fardon, Mr. Charles R.(alias Charles Franklin)38Wellingborough, NorthamptonshireCherbourgCanada
Farrell, Mr. James "Jim"25Killoe, LongfordIrelandQueenstownNew York City68MB
Finoli, Mr. Luigi34Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaUSSouthamptonPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, US15
Fischer, Mr. Eberhard Thelander18Björkeberga, SkåneSwedenSouthamptonNew York City
Fleming, Miss Honora "Nora"22Carrowskehine, MayoIrelandQueenstown
Flynn, Mr. James28Cuilkillew, Mayo
Flynn, Mr. John42Clonbur, GalwayPittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US
Foley, Mr. Joseph19Broadford, LimerickLarchmont, New York, US
Foley, Mr. William20Donoughmore, CorkIrelandNew York City
Ford, Mr. Arthur22Bridgwater, SomersetEnglandSouthamptonElmira, New York, US
Ford, Mrs. Margaret Ann (née Watson)48Rotherfield, East SussexEssex County, New Jersey, US
Ford, Miss Dollina Margaret20
Ford, Mr. Edward Watson18
Ford, Mr. William Neal Thomas16
Ford, Miss Robina Maggie7
Fox, Mr. Patrick28Mullingar, WestmeathIrelandQueenstownNew York City
Gallagher, Mr. Martin29Caltra, Galway
Garfirth, Mr. John21Wollaston, NorthamptonshireEnglandSouthamptonKitchener, Ontario, Canada
Gerios Thamah, Mr. Assaf21Kafr MishkiLebanonCherbourgOttawa, Ontario, Canada
Gheorgheff, Mr. StanioUnknownBulgariaButte, Montana, US
Gilinski, Mr. Eliezer22Abercynon, GlamorganWalesSouthamptonChicago, Illinois, US47MB
Gilnagh, Miss Mary Katherine "Katie"17Esker, LongfordIrelandQueenstownNew York City16
Glynn, Miss Mary Agatha19Killaloe, ClareWashington, DC, US13
Goldsmith, Mr. Frank John33Strood, KentEnglandSouthamptonDetroit, Michigan, US
Goldsmith, Mrs. Emily Alice (née Brown)31Strood, KentEnglandSouthamptonDetroit, Michigan, USC
Goldsmith, Master Frank John William9
Goldsmith, Mr. Nathan41UnknownRussiaSouthamptonPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, US
Goodwin, Mr. Frederick Joseph42FulhamEnglandSouthamptonNiagara Falls, New York, US
Goodwin, Mrs. Augusta (née Tyler)43
Goodwin, Miss Lillian Amy16
Goodwin, Mr. Charles Edward14
Goodwin, Master William Frederick13
Goodwin, Miss Jessie Allis Mary12
Goodwin, Master Harold Victor10
Goodwin, Master Sidney Leslie14MB[83]
Green, Mr. George Henry40Dorking, SurreyLead, South Dakota, US
Grønnestad, Mr. Daniel Danielsen32BoknNorwayPortland, North Dakota, US
Guest, Mr. Robert32LondonEnglandClinton, New York, US
Gustafsson, Mr. Alfred Ossian19KokkolaFinlandWaukegan, Illinois, US
Gustafsson, Mr. Anders Vilhelm37RuotsinpyhtääNew York City98MB
Gustafsson, Mr. Johan Birger28
Gustafsson, Mr. Karl Gideon19Myren, Synnerby, VästergötlandSwedenAberdeen, South Dakota, US
Haas, Miss Aloisia24Altdorf, UriSwitzerlandChicago, Illinois, US
Hagland, Mr. Ingvald Olai Olsen28Skaare, HaugesundNorwayBelmar, New Jersey, US
Hagland, Mr. Konrad Mathias Reiersen19
Hakkarainen, Mr Pekka Pietari28HelsinkiFinlandMonessen, Pennsylvania, US
Hakkarainen, Mrs. Elin Matilda (née Dolck)24HelsinkiFinlandSouthamptonMonessen, Pennsylvania, US15
Hampe, Mr. Léon Jérome19WestrozebekeBelgiumSouthamptonDetroit, Michigan, US
Hanna, Mr. Borak Suleiman27HardîneLebanonCherbourgWilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, US15
Hanna, Mr. Bulus18Kfar MechiSyriaCherbourgOttawa, Ontario, Canada
Hanna, Mr. Mansur35188MB
Hansen, Mr. Claus Peter41Racine, WisconsinUSSouthamptonRacine, Wisconsin, US
Hansen, Mrs. Jennie Louise (née Howard)45Racine, WisconsinUSSouthamptonRacine, Wisconsin, US11
Hansen, Mr. Henrik Juul26Holeby, StorstrømDenmarkSouthamptonRacine, Wisconsin, US
Hansen, Mr. Henry Damsgaard21Copenhagen69MB
Hargadon, Miss Catherine "Kate"17Ballysadare, SligoIrelandQueenstownNew York City
Harknett, Miss Alice Phoebe21Thornton Heath, LondonEnglandSouthamptonNew London, Connecticut, US
Hart, Mr. Henry John27Ballysadare, SligoIrelandQueenstownBoston, Massachusetts, US
Healy, Miss Hanora (Nora)29Athenry, GalwayIrelandQueenstownNew York City16
Hedman, Mr. Oskar Arvid27St. Paul, MinnesotaUSSouthamptonSt. Paul, Minnesota, US15
Hegarty, Miss Hanora "Nora"18Whitechurch, CorkIrelandQueenstownCharlestown, US
Heikkinen, Miss Laina26JyväskyläFinlandSouthamptonNew York City14?
Heininen, Miss Wendla Maria23TurkuFinlandSouthamptonNew York City8MB
Hellström, Miss Hilda Maria22Stora TunaSwedenSouthamptonEvanston, Illinois, USC
Hendeković, Mr. Ignjac28VagovinaCroatiaSouthamptonHarrisburg, Pennsylvania, US306MB
Henriksson, Miss Jenny LovisaStockholmSwedenIron Mountain, Michigan, US3MB
Henry, Miss Bridget Delia23Clonown, RoscommonIrelandQueenstownBoston, Massachusetts, US
Hirvonen, Mrs. Helga Elisabeth (née Lindqvist)22TaalintehdasFinlandSouthamptonMonessen, Pennsylvania, US15
Hirvonen, Miss Hildur Elisabeth2Taalintehdas
Holm, Mr. Johan Fredrik Alexander43Karlshamn, BlekingeSwedenSouthamptonNew York City
Holten, Mr. Johan Martin28BergenNorway
Honkanen, Miss Eliina27SaarijärviFinlandSouthamptonNew York City?
Horgan, Mr. John22UnknownIrelandQueenstownNew York City
Howard, Miss May Elizabeth27North Walsham, NorfolkEnglandSouthamptonAlbion, Michigan, USC
Humblen, Mr. Adolf Mathias Nicolai Olsen42Borgund, Møre og RomsdalNorwaySouthamptonMilwaukee, Wisconsin, US
Husayn, Master Husayn Mahumud11Fredericksburg, VirginiaUSCherbourgFredericksburg, Virginia, US
Hyman, Mr. Solomon Abraham34ManchesterEnglandSouthamptonSpringfield, Massachusetts, USC
Ilmakangas, Miss Ida Livija27New York City, New YorkUSSouthamptonNew York City
Ilmakangas, Miss Pieta Sofia25Paavola, Northern OstrobothniaFinland
Ivanoff, Mr. Kanio20Malka Ribnya, TroyanBulgariaChicago, Illinois, US
Jabbour, Miss Hileni16UnknownSyriaCherbourgNew York City328MM
Jabbour, Miss Tamini19
Jalševac, Mr. Ivan29TopolovacCroatiaCherbourgGalesburg, Illinois, US15
Jansson, Mr. Carl Olof21ÖrebroSwedenSouthamptonSwedeburg, Nebraska, USA
Jardim, Mr. José Neto21Calheta, MadeiraPortugalSouthamptonNew York City
Jensen, Mr. Hans Peder20EskilstrupDenmarkPortland, Oregon, US
Jensen, Mr. Niels Peder "Rasmus"48Portland, OregonUS
Jensen, Mr. Svend Lauritz17EskilstrupDenmark
Jermyn, Miss Annie Jane26Ballydehob, CorkIrelandQueenstownEast Lynn, Massachusetts, USD
Jirjis, Mrs. Shaniini (née Whabee Abi-Saab)22Youngstown, OhioUSCherbourgYoungstown, Ohio, USC
Johannesen, Mr. Bernt Johannes29Avaldsnes, StavangerNorwaySouthamptonNew York City13
Johanson, Mr. Jakob Alfred34MunsalaFinlandSouthamptonVancouver, British Columbia, Canada143MB
Johansson, Mr. Erik22Frostensmåla, SmålandSwedenSt. Paul, Minnesota, US156MB
Johansson, Mr. Gustaf Joel33Bäckebo, SmålandCheyenne, North Dakota, US285MB
Johansson, Mr. Karl Johan31Duluth, MinnesotaUSDuluth, Minnesota, US
Johansson, Mr. Nils29Chicago, IllinoisChicago, Illinois, US
Johansson Palmquist, Mr. Oskar Leander26Kvarnaryd, SmålandSwedenSouthamptonNew Haven, Connecticut, US15
Johnson, Mr. Alfred49MillwoodEnglandSouthamptonNew York City
Johnson, Mrs. Elisabeth Vilhelmina (née Berg)26St. Charles, IllinoisUSSouthamptonSt. Charles, Illinois, US15
Johnson, Master Harold Theodor4
Johnson, Miss Eleanor Ileen1
Johnson, Mr. Malkolm Joackim33Minneapolis, MinnesotaUSSouthamptonMinneapolis, Minnesota, US37MB
Johnson, Mr. William Cahoone Jr.19Hawthorne, New JerseyNew York City
Johnston, Mr. Andrew Emslie35Thornton Heath, LondonEnglandNew London, Connecticut, US
Johnston, Mrs. Elizabeth (née Watson) "Eliza"34
Johnston, Master William Andrew8
Johnston, Miss Catherine Nellie7
Jonkoff, Mr. Lalju23Gumostnik, LovecBulgariaChicago, Illinois, US
Jonsson, Mr. Carl32Kalfsnäs, SmålandSwedenSouthamptonHuntley, Illinois, US15
Jönsson, Mr. Nils Hilding27Tågarp, SkåneSwedenSouthamptonNew York City
Jussila, Mr. Eiriik32ElimäkiFinlandSouthamptonMonessen, Pennsylvania, US15
Jussila, Miss Katriina20Paavola, Northern OstrobothniaFinlandSouthamptonNew York City
Jussila, Miss Mari Aina21
Kallio, Mr. Nikolai Erlantti17KauhajokiSudbury, Ontario, Canada
Kalvik, Mr. Johannes Halvorsen21Etnesjøen, Hordaland FylkeNorwayStory City, Iowa, US
Karajić, Mr. Milan30VagovinaCroatiaYoungstown, Ohio, US
Karlsson, Mr. Einar Gervasius21Oskarshamn, KalmarSwedenSouthamptonBrooklyn, New York, US13
Karlsson, Mr. Julius Konrad Eugen33Göteborg, VästergötlandSwedenSouthamptonNew York City
Karlsson, Mr. Nils August22ÖrebroPalmer, Massachusetts, US
Karun, Mr. Franz39MiljeSloveniaSouthamptonGalesburg, Illinois, US15
Karun, Miss Manca ("Anna")4Milje
Katavelos, Mr. Vassilios G.19Agios SostisGreeceCherbourgMilwaukee, Wisconsin, US58MB
Keane, Mr. Andrew "Andy"23Athenry, GalwayIrelandQueenstownAuburndale, Florida, US
Keefe, Mr. Arthur39Rahway, New JerseyUSSouthamptonRahway, New Jersey, USA332O
Kelly, Mr. James19UnknownIrelandNew York City70MB
Kelly, Mr. James44Leixlip, KildareQueenstownNew Haven, Connecticut, US
Kelly, Miss Anna Katherine20Cuilmullagh, MayoIrelandQueenstownChicago, Illinois, US16
Kelly, Miss Mary22Castlepollard, WestmeathNew York CityD
Kennedy, Mr. John Joseph24Watergate, Limerick15?
Khalil-Khoury, Mr. Butrus25HardîneLebanonCherbourgWilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, US
Khalil-Khoury, Mrs. Zahie "Maria"20
Kiernan, Mr. John Joseph24Jersey City, New JerseyUSQueenstownJersey City, New Jersey, US
Kiernan, Mr. Philip22Aughnacliffe, LongfordIreland
Kilgannon, Mr. ThomasCurrafarry, GalwayNew York City
Kink, Mr. Anton29ZürichSwitzerlandSouthamptonMilwaukee, Wisconsin2
Kink, Mrs. Luise (née Heilmann)26
Kink, Miss Luise Gretchen4
Kink, Miss Maria22ZürichSwitzerlandSouthamptonMilwaukee, Wisconsin, US
Kink, Mr. Vincenz26
Klasén, Mrs. Hulda Kristina Eugenia (née Lofqvist)36Salmunds, GotlandSwedenLos Angeles, US
Klasén, Mr. Klas Albin18Grimshut, SmålandNew York City
Klasén, Miss Gertrud Emilia1
Kraeff, Mr. TheodorVetrenBulgariaCherbourgMadison, Wisconsin, US
Krekorian, Mr. Neshan25KiğıTurkeyCherbourgBrantford, Ontario, Canada10
Kutscher, Mr. Simon26EdinburghScotlandSouthamptonNew York City
Lahoud Ishaq Mowad, Mr. Sarkis30ZghartaLebanonCherbourgWaterbury, Connecticut, US
Laitinen, Miss Kristiina Sofia37HelsinkiFinlandSouthamptonNew York City
Laleff, Mr. Kristo23Knezhni Lak, TroyanBulgariaChicago, Illinois, US
Lam, Mr. Ali37Hong KongChinaSouthamptonNew York CityC
Lam, Mr. Len23Hong KongChinaSouthamptonNew York City
Landergren, Miss Aurora Adelia22Karlshamn, BlekingeSwedenSouthamptonNew York City13
Lane, Mr. Patrick16Limerick, LimerickIrelandQueenstownNew York City
Lang, Mr. Fang26Hong KongChinaSouthamptonNew York City14
Larsson, Mr. August Viktor29Stamford, ConnecticutUSSouthamptonStamford, Connecticut, US
Larsson, Mr. Bengt Edvin29Nyköping, SödermanlandSwedenHartford, Connecticut, US
Larsson-Rondberg, Mr. Edvard A.22Lysvik, VärmlandMissoula, Montana, US
Lee, Mr. Bing32Hong KongChinaSouthamptonNew York CityC
Lee, Mr. Ling28Hong KongChinaSouthamptonNew York City
Lefebvre, Mrs. Frances Marie-Anselme (née Daumont)40Liévin, Pas-de-CalaisFranceMystic, Iowa, US
Lefebvre, Miss Mathilde Franck-Marie-Joseph12
Lefebvre, Miss Jeannie Franck-Marie-Joseph8
Lefebvre, Master Henri Franck-Marie-Joseph5
Lefebvre, Miss Ida Franck-Marie-Joseph3
Leinonen, Mr. Antti Gustaf32ValitaipaleFinlandNew York City
Lennon, Mr. Denis20Ballymahon, LongfordIrelandQueenstown
Lennon, Miss Mary18
Leonard, Mr. Lionel36New York City, New YorkUSSouthampton
Lester, Mr. James39West Bromwich, StaffordshireEnglandPontiac, Michigan, US
Lievens, Mr. René Gustave Aimé24HaaltertBelgiumDetroit, Michigan, US
Lindahl, Miss Agda Thorilda Viktoria25StockholmSwedenSaranac Lake, New York, US
Lindblom, Miss Augusta Charlotta45Stratford, Connecticut, US
Lindell, Mr. Edvard Bengtsson36Helsingborg, SkåneHartford, Connecticut, USA
Lindell, Mrs. Elin Gerda (née Persson)30
Lindqvist, Mr. Eino William20TaalintehdasFinlandSouthamptonMonessen, Pennsylvania, US15
Linehan, Mr. Michael21Boherbue, CorkIrelandQueenstownNew York City
Ling, Mr. Lee24Hong KongChinaSouthampton
Linhart, Mr. Wenzel H.27ViennaAustria298MB
Livshin, Mr. David ("Abraham Harmer")25ManchesterEnglandMontreal, Quebec, Canada
Lobb, Mr. William Arthur30Scranton, PennsylvaniaUSScranton, Pennsylvania, US
Lobb, Mrs. Cordelia K. (née Stanlick)2655MB
Lockyer, Mr. Edward Thomas21Sandhurst, KentEnglandOntario, New York, US153MB
Lovell, Mr. John Hall ("Henry")20Northlew, DevonNew York City
Lulić, Mr. Nikola29Konjsko BrdoCroatiaSouthamptonChicago, Illinois, US15
Lundahl, Mr. Johan Svensson51Fyrnan, SmålandSwedenSouthamptonSpokane, Washington, US
Lundström, Mr. Thure Edvin32Simrishamn, SkåneSwedenSouthamptonLos Angeles, US15
Lymperopoulus, Mr. Panagiotis K.30Áyios SóstisGreeceCherbourgStamford, Connecticut US196MB
Lyntakoff, Mr. Stanko44UnknownBulgariaSouthamptonCoon Rapids, Iowa, US
Mackay, Mr. George William20LondonEnglandRochester, New York, US
Madigan, Miss Margaret "Maggie"21Askeaton, LimerickIrelandQueenstownNew York City15
Madsen, Mr. Fridtjof Arne24TrondheimNorwaySouthamptonBrooklyn, New York, US13
Mäenpää, Mr. Matti Alexanteri22KauhajokiFinlandSouthamptonSudbury, Ontario, Canada
Mahon, Miss Bridget Delia20Derrymartin, MayoIrelandQueenstownNew York City
Maisner, Mr. Simon34LondonEnglandSouthampton
Mäkinen, Mr. Kalle Edvard29Ikaalinen, PirkanmaaFinlandGlassport, Pennsylvania, US
Mamee, Mr. Hanna20TripoliLebanonCherbourgPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, US15
Mangan, Miss Mary32Carrowkehine, MayoIrelandQueenstownChicago, Illinois, US61MB
Mannion, Miss Margaret28Caltra, GalwayIrelandQueenstownNew York City16
Mardirosian, Mr. Sarkis25KiğıTurkeyCherbourgBrantford, Ontario, Canada
Marinko, Mr. Dmitri23UnknownMacedoniaSouthamptonNew York City
Markoff, Mr. Marin35Gumostnik, LovecBulgariaChicago, Illinois, US
Markun, Mr. Johann33MiljeSloveniaCherbourgNew York City
Matinoff, Mr. Nicola30GabrovoBulgariaMadison, Wisconsin, US
McCarthy, Miss Catherine "Katie"24TipperaryIrelandQueenstownBayonne, New Jersey, US?
McCormack, Mr. Thomas Joseph19Bayonne, New JerseyUSGuttenberg, New Jersey, US15
McCoy, Miss Catherine Agnes29Carrickatane, TyroneIrelandBrooklyn, New York, US16
McCoy, Miss Alice26
McCoy, Mr. Bernard24
McDermott, Miss Bridget Delia31Lahardane, MayoChicago, Illinois, US13
McEvoy, Mr. Michael19DublinIrelandQueenstownNew York City
McGovern, Miss Mary22Corlough, CavanIrelandQueenstownNew York City13
McGowan, Miss Anna F. "Annie"16Massbrook, MayoChicago, Illinois, US
McGowan, Miss Catherine42Terry, MayoIrelandQueenstownChicago, Illinois, US
McMahon, Mr. Martin20Craghbrien, ClareNew York City
McNamee, Mr. Neal27Convoy, Donegal, IrelandEnglandSouthamptonPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, US
McNamee, Mrs. Eileen (née O'Leary)19Salisbury, Wiltshire53MB
McNeill, Miss Bridget27Trien, RoscommonIrelandQueenstownNew York City
Meanwell, Mrs. Mary Ann63Eastbourne, East SussexEnglandSouthampton
Meehan, Mr. John22Currowhunane, SligoIrelandQueenstownPatterson, New Jersey, US
Meek, Mrs. Anna "Annie" Louise Rowley31Penarth, GlamorganWalesSouthamptonNew York City
Miesnere, Mr. Simon34London, EnglandEngland
Meo-Martino, Mr. Alfonzo48Bournemouth, DorsetWashington, DC, US201MB
Mernagh, Mr. John Robert26Ballywilliam, WexfordIrelandQueenstownChicago, Illinois, US
Midtsjø, Mr. Karl Albert21Krøkstad, SkiNorwaySouthamptonChicago, Illinois, US15
Mihoff, Mr. Stoytcho28Gumostnik, LovecBulgariaSouthamptonChicago, Illinois, US
Miles, Mr. Frank23Greenwich, LondonEnglandNew York City
Mineff, Mr. Ivan24UnknownBulgariaCoon Rapids, Iowa, US
Minkoff, Mr. Lazar21Gumostnik, LovecChicago, Illinois, US
Mitkoff, Mr. Mito23Unknown
Mockler, Miss Ellen Mary23Currafarry, GalwayIrelandQueenstownNew York City16
Moen, Mr. Sigurd Hansen25BergenNorwaySouthamptonMinneapolis, Minnesota, US309M
Moor, Mrs. Beila29UnknownRussiaSouthamptonChicago, Illinois, US14
Moor, Master Meier7
Moore, Mr. Leonard Charles19Kingston upon Thames, LondonEnglandSouthamptonHoboken, New Jersey, US
Moran, Miss Bertha Bridget28Askeaton, LimerickIrelandQueenstownBrooklyn, New York, US16
Moran, Mr. Daniel James27Askeaton, LimerickIrelandQueenstownBrooklyn, New York, US
Morley, Mr. William34Petworth, West SussexEnglandSouthamptonNew York City
Morrow, Mr. Thomas Rowan30Rathfriland, DownIrelandQueenstownGleichen, Alberta, Canada
Moss, Mr. Albert Johan29BergenNorwaySouthamptonNew York CityB
Moussa, Mrs. Mantoura35HardîneLebanonCherbourgWilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, US?
Moutal, Mr. Rahamin Haim28LondonEnglandSouthamptonNew York City
Mubarik, Mrs. Amanah Fa'ud (née Iskandar)24HardîneLebanonCherbourgHoutzdale, Pennsylvania, USC
Mubarik, Master Gerios7
Mubarik, Master Halim Gonios4
Mullen, Miss Katherine "Katie"19Esker, LongfordIrelandQueenstownNew York City16
Mulvihill, Miss Bridget Elizabeth "Bertha"25Athlone, WestmeathProvidence, Rhode Island, US15
Murdlin, Mr. Joseph22LondonEnglandSouthamptonNew York City
Murphy, Miss Catherine "Kate"18Aghnacliffe, LongfordIrelandQueenstownPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, US16
Murphy, Miss Margaret Jane "Maggie/Mary"25Fostragh, Longford
Murphy, Miss Nora34DublinNew York City
Muslamani, Mrs. Fatimah22TebnineLebanonCherbourgMichigan City, Indiana, USC
Myhrman, Mr. Pehr Fabian Oliver Malkolm18Kristinehamn, VärmlandSwedenSouthamptonChicago, Illinois, US
Nackid, Mr. Sahid20ZghartaLebanonCherbourgWaterbury, Connecticut, USC
Nackid, Miss Waika "Mary" (née Mowad)19
Nackid, Miss Maria1
Naidenoff, Mr. Penko22Gumostnik, LovechBulgariaSouthamptonChicago, Illinois, US
Nakli-Khoury, Mr. Toufik17HardîneLebanonCherbourgNew York City
Nancarrow, Mr. William Henry33St Austell, CornwallEnglandSouthamptonYonkers, New York, US
Nankoff, Mr. Minko32UnknownBulgariaChicago, Illinois, US
Nasr Alma, Mr. Mustafa20TebnineLebanonCherbourgNew York City
Nassr Rizq, Mr. SaadeSir'Al
Naughton, Miss Hannah21DonoughmoreIrelandQueenstown
Nenkoff, Mr. Christo22UnknownBulgariaSouthamptonCoon Rapids, Iowa, US
Nieminen, Miss Manta Josefiina29KarinainenFinlandAberdeen, Washington, US
Niklasson, Mr. Samuel28Västra Bogane, Orust IslandSwedenNew York City
Nilsson, Mr. August Ferdinand21Hörby, SkåneSt. Paul, Minnesota, US
Nilsson, Miss Berta Olivia18Lysvik, VärmlandSwedenSouthamptonMissoula, Montana, USD
Nilsson, Miss Helmina Josefina26Ramkvilla, SmålandJoliet, Illinois, US13
Niqula-Yarid, Miss Jamilah14El-HakourLebanonCherbourgJacksonville, Florida, USC
Niqula-Yarid, Master Ilyas12
Nirva, Mr. Iisakki Antino Äijö41KauhajokiFinlandSouthamptonSudbury, Ontario, Canada
Niskanen, Mr. Juha39KivijärviFinlandSouthamptonBoston, Massachusetts, US9
Nofal, Mr. Mansur20Kafr MishkiLebanonCherbourgOttawa, Ontario, Canada181MB
Nosworthy, Mr. Richard Cater21Newton Abbot, DevonEnglandSouthamptonBuffalo, New York, US
Nysten, Miss Anna Sofia22Kisa, ÖstergötlandSwedenSouthamptonHackensack, New Jersey, US13
Nysveen, Mr. Johan Hansen61ØyerNorwaySouthamptonGrand Forks, North Dakota, US
O'Brien, Mr. Thomas27Pallasgreen, LimerickIrelandQueenstownChicago, Illinois, US
O'Brien, Mrs. Johanna "Hannah" (née Godfrey)26Pallasgreen, LimerickIrelandQueenstownNew York City?
O'Brien, Mr. Timothy21Drimoleague, CorkIrelandQueenstownNew York City
O'Connell, Mr. Patrick Denis17Kingwilliamstown, Cork
O'Connor, Mr. Maurice16Boherbue, Cork
O'Connor, Mr. Patrick23Kingwilliamstown, Cork
O'Driscoll, Miss Bridget24Ballydehob, CorkIrelandQueenstownJersey City, New Jersey, USD
O'Dwyer, Miss Ellen "Nellie"25Limerick, LimerickNew York City?
O'Keefe, Mr. Patrick22Waterford, WaterfordB
O'Leary, Miss Hanora "Nora"16Kingwilliamstown, Cork13
O'Sullivan, Miss Bridget Mary21Glenduff, KerryIrelandQueenstownNew York City
Ödahl, Mr. Nils Martin23Örsjö, KalmarSwedenSouthamptonPeoria, Illinois, US
Öhman, Miss Velin22Mariestad, VästergötlandSwedenSouthamptonChicago, Illinois, USC
Olsen, Mr. Henry Margido28BergenNorwaySouthamptonNew York City173MB
Olsen, Mr. Karl Siegwart Andreas42TrondheimBrooklyn, New York, US
Olsen, Master Arthur Carl9TrondheimNorwaySouthamptonBrooklyn, New York, US13
Olsen, Mr. Ole Martin27SunnhordlandNorwaySouthamptonBroderick, Canada
Olsson, Miss Elina31Södra BrantevikSwedenSt. Paul, Minnesota, US
Olsson, Mr. Nils Johan Göransson28Eslöv, SkåneNew York City
Olsson, Mr. Oskar Wilhelm32Lunna, Orust IslandSwedenSouthamptonManitowoc, Wisconsin, USA
Olsvingen, Mr. Thor Andersen20VikersundNorwaySouthamptonCarneron, US89MB
Orešković, Miss Jelka23Konjsko BrdoCroatiaChicago, Illinois, US
Orešković, Mr. Luka20
Orešković, Miss Marija
Osén, Mr. Olaf Elon16Hedesunda, GävleborgSwedenMitchell, South Dakota, US
Pålsson, Mrs. Alma Cornelia (née Berglund)29Bjuv, SkåneChicago, Illinois, US206MB
Pålsson, Miss Torborg Danira8
Pålsson, Master Paul Folke6
Pålsson, Miss Stina Viola3
Pålsson, Master Gösta Leonard2
Panula, Mrs. Maija Emelia Abrahamintytar (née Ketola-Ojala)41Ylihärmä, South OstrobothniaFinlandCoal Center, Pennsylvania, US
Panula, Mr. Ernesti Arvid16
Panula, Mr. Jaakko Arnold15
Panula, Master Juha Niilo7
Panula, Master Urho Abraham2
Panula, Master Eino Viljami1
Pašič, Mr. Jakov21StreklevacSloveniaAurora, Illinois, US
Patchett, Mr. George19Wollaston, NorthamptonshireEnglandKitchener, Ontario, Canada
Pavlović, Mr. Štefo32VagovinaCroatiaHarrisburg, Pennsylvania, US
Peacock, Mrs. Edith (née Nile)26Southampton, HampshireEnglandElizabeth, New Jersey, US
Peacock, Miss Treasteall4
Peacock, Master Albert Edward7 mo.
Pearce, Mr. Ernest32LondonNew York City
Pedersen, Mr. Olaf28SandefjordNorwaySeattle, Washington, US
Peduzzi, Mr. Giuseppe24LondonEnglandNew York City
Pekoniemi, Mr. Edvard Johannes21HeinolaFinland
Peltomäki, Mr. Nikolai Johannes25Helsinki
Perkin, Mr. John Henry22Holsworthy, DevonEnglandSaskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Persson, Mr. Ernst Ulrik25Stockholm, UpplandSwedenSouthamptonIndianapolis, Indiana, US15
Peters, Miss Catherine "Katie"26Cahir, TipperaryIrelandQueenstownNew York City
Petersen, Miss. Abby24LondonEnglandSouthampton
Petranec, Miss Matilda28VagovinaCroatiaHarrisburg, Pennsylvania, US
Petroff, Mr. Nadjalko19Gumostnik, LovecBulgariaChicago, Illinois, US
Petroff, Mr. Pastcho29Belish, Troyan
Pettersson, Miss Ellen Natalia18Stockholm, UpplandSwedenIron Mountain, Michigan, US
Pettersson, Mr. Johan Emil25Västermo, SödermanlandChicago, Illinois, US
Pickard, Mr. Berk (Trembisky)32WarsawPolandSouthamptonSan Francisco, US9
Plotcharsky, Mr. Vasil27UnknownBulgariaSouthamptonTulsa, Oklahoma, US
Pocrnić, Mr. Mate17BukovacCroatiaChicago, Illinois, US
Pocrnić, Mr. Tome24
Pullner, Mr. Uscher16UnknownUnknownCherbourgNew York City
Radeff, Mr. Alexander27UnknownBulgariaSouthamptonChicago, Illinois, US
Rasmussen, Mrs. Lena Jakobsen (née Solvang)62Haugesund, RogalandNorwayCenterville, South Dakota, US
Razi, Mr. Raihed30TebnineLebanonNew York City
Reed, Mr. James George19Penarth, GlamorganWales
Rekić, Mr. Tido38Bosanska KrupaBosniaHarrisburg, Pennsylvania, US
Reynolds, Mr. Harold J.21LondonEnglandToronto, Ontario, Canada327MM
Rice, Mrs. Margaret (née Norton)39Athlone, WestmeathIrelandQueenstownSpokane, Washington, US12MB
Rice, Master Albert10
Rice, Master George Hugh8
Rice, Master Frederick Thomas "Eric"7
Rice, Master Arthur4
Rice, Master Eugene Francis2
Riihivuori, Miss Susanna Juhantytär "Sanni"22Ylihärmä, South OstrobothniaFinlandSouthamptonCoal Center, Pennsylvania, US
Rintamäki, Mr. Matti35KyynySudbury, Ontario, Canada
Riordan, Miss Hannah18Glenlougha, CorkIrelandQueenstownNew York City13
Risien, Mr. Samuel Beard69Deal, KentEnglandSouthamptonGroesbeck, Texas, US
Risien, Mrs. Emma Jane(née Lellyet)58DurbanSouth Africa
Robins, Mr. Alexander A.50St Austell, CornwallEnglandYonkers, New York, US119MB
Robins, Mrs. Grace Charity (née Laury)477MB
Rogers, Mr. William John29Pontardawe, West GlamorganWalesNew York City
Rommetvedt, Mr. Knud Paust49HogstadNorway
Rosblom, Mrs. Helena Wilhelmina41SuistamoFinlandAstoria, Oregon, US
Rosblom, Mr. Viktor Rickard18
Rosblom, Miss Salli Helena2
Roth, Miss Sarah A.26LondonEnglandSouthamptonNew York CityC
Rouse, Mr. Richard Henry50Sittingbourne, KentEnglandSouthamptonCleveland, Ohio, US
Rush, Mr. Alfred George John16Strood, KentSouthamptonDetroit, Michigan, US
Ryan, Mr. Edward24Ballinascreen, TipperaryIrelandQueenstownTroy, New York, US14
Ryan, Mr. Patrick29Askeaton, LimerickIrelandQueenstownBronx, New York, US
Sæther, Mr. Simon Sivertsen43Skaun, Sør-TrøndelagNorwaySouthamptonUS32MB
Saad, Mr. Amin30TebnineLebanonCherbourgNew York City
Saad, Mr. Khalil25Kfar MechiSyriaOttawa, Ontario, Canada
Sadlier, Mr. Matthew20Mohill, LeitrimIrelandQueenstownLakewood Township, New Jersey, US
Sadowitz, Mr. Harry17LondonEnglandSouthamptonProvidence, Rhode Island, US
Sage, Mr. John George44Peterborough, CambridgeshireJacksonville, Florida, US
Sage, Mrs. Annie Elizabeth (née Cazaly)44
Sage, Miss Stella Anne20
Sage, Mr. George John19
Sage, Mr. Douglas Bullen18
Sage, Mr. Frederick16
Sage, Miss Dorothy Florence "Dolly"14
Sage, Master Anthony William "Will"1367MB
Sage, Miss Elizabeth Ada10
Sage, Miss Constance Gladys7
Sage, Master Thomas Henry4
Salander, Mr. Karl Johan24Genevad, HallandSwedenRed Wing, Minnesota, US
Salkjelsvik, Miss Anna Kristine21Ålesund, Møre og RomsdalNorwaySouthamptonProctor, Minnesota, USC
Salonen, Mr. Johan Verner39Aberdeen, WashingtonUSSouthamptonAberdeen, Washington, US
Sa'maan, Master Butrus10HardîneLebanonCherbourgWilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, US
Sa'maan, Mr. Hanna Ilyas40
Sa'maan, Mr. Ilyas17
Sa'maan, Mr. Youssef Omar "Joseph"16
Sandström, Mrs. Agnes Charlotta (née Bengtsson)24Motala, ÖstergötlandSwedenSouthamptonSan Francisco, US13
Sandström, Miss Marguerite Rut4
Sandström, Miss Beatrice Irene1
Sap, Mr. Julius (Jules)21ZwevezeleBelgiumSouthamptonDetroit, Michigan, US11
Saundercock, Mr. William Henry19St Austell, CornwallEnglandSouthamptonNew York City
Sawyer, Mr. Frederick Charles33Basingstoke, HampshireHalley, Michigan, US284MB
Scanlan, Mr. James22Rathkeale, LimerickIrelandQueenstownNew York City
Scheerlinck, Mr. Jean Baptiste29Haaltert, East FlandersBelgiumSouthamptonDetroit, Michigan, US11
Sdycoff, Mr. Theodor42UnknownBulgariaSouthamptonChicago, Illinois, US
Shaughnessy, Mr. Patrick24Tynagh, GalwayIrelandQueenstownNew York City
Shawah, Mr. Yousseff Ibrahim33BeirutLebanonCherbourg
Shadid, Mr. Dahir Abu19Ibrin[84]Syria or LebanonKulpmont, Pennsylvania, US9MB
Shellard, Mr. Frederick William Blainey55Bristol, AvonEnglandSouthamptonTroy, New York, US
Shihab, Mr. Amir Faris25HadathLebanonCherbourgNew York City
Shine, Miss Ellen Natalia20Cork, CorkIrelandQueenstownNew York City?
Shorney, Mr. Charles Joseph22Heron's Ghyll, East SussexEnglandSouthamptonNew York, US240{?}MB
Simmons, Mr. John39Leigh, KentNew York City
Sirkanian, Mr. Arsun22KiğıTurkeyCherbourgBrantford, Ontario, Canada
Sirota, Mr. Maurice20LondonEnglandSouthamptonNew York City
Sivić, Mr. Husein40Bosanska KrupaBosniaHarrisburg, Pennsylvania, US
Sivola, Mr. Antti Vilhelmi21Mountain Home, IdahoUSMountain Home, Idaho, US
Sjöblom, Miss Anna Sofiia18MunsalaFinlandSouthamptonOlympia, Washington, US16
Skoog, Mr. Wilhelm Johansson40Hällekis, VästergötlandSwedenSouthamptonIron Mountain, Michigan, US
Skoog, Mrs. Anna Bernhardina (née Karlsson)43
Skoog, Master Karl Thorsten11
Skoog, Miss Mabel9
Skoog, Master Harald5
Skoog, Miss Margit Elizabeth2
Slabenoff, Mr. Peko42UnknownBulgariaNew York City
Slocovski, Mr. Selman Francis20LondonEngland
Smiljanić, Mr. Jakob Mile37PisacCroatia
Smyth, Mr. Thomas26Caltra, GalwayIrelandQueenstownHammond, Indiana, US
Smyth, Miss Julia17Kilcogy, CavanIrelandQueenstownNew York City13
Søholt, Mr. Peter Andreas Lauritz Andersen19Ålesund, Møre og RomsdalNorwaySouthamptonMinneapolis, Minnesota, US
Somerton, Mr. Francis William30Greatfield, CheltenhamEnglandCanastota, New York, US
Spector, Mr. Woolf23LondonNew York City
Spinner, Mr. Henry John32Arboretum, WorcestershireGloversville, New York, US
Staneff, Mr. Ivan23Debnevo, TroyanBulgariaChicago, Illinois, US
Stanković, Mr. Ivan33GaldovoCroatiaCherbourgNew York City
Stanley, Miss Amy Zillah Elsie24Wallingford, OxfordshireEnglandSouthamptonNew Haven, Connecticut, USC
Stanley, Mr. Edward Rowland21SwanageEnglandSouthamptonCleveland, Ohio, US
Storey, Mr. Thomas51Liverpool, MerseysideNew York City261MB
Stoytcheff, Mr. Ilia19Gumostnik, LovecBulgariaChicago, Illinois, US
Strandberg, Miss Ida Sofia22TurkuFinlandNew York City
Strandén, Mr. Juho Niilonpoika31Muljula, KiteeFinlandSouthamptonDuluth, Minnesota, US9
Strilić, Mr. Ivan27Široka KulaCroatiaSouthamptonChicago, Illinois, US
Ström, Mrs. Elna Matilda (née Persson)29Indiana Harbor, IndianaUSIndiana Harbor, Indiana, US
Ström, Miss Thelma Matilda Wilhelmina2
Sunderland, Mr. Victor Francis20LondonEnglandSouthamptonCleveland, Ohio, USB
Sundman, Mr. Johan Julian44MunsalaFinlandCheyenne, Wyoming, US15
Sutehall Jr., Mr. Henry25LondonEnglandSouthamptonBuffalo, New York, US
Svensson, Mr. Johan74Reftele, SmålandSwedenEffington Rut, South Dakota, US
Svensson, Mr. Johan Cervin14Knäred, HallandSwedenSouthamptonBeresford, South Dakota, US13
Svensson, Mr. Olof24Björkeberga, SkåneSwedenSouthamptonNew York City
Tenglin, Mr. Gunnar Isidor25Stockholm, UpplandSwedenSouthamptonBurlington, Iowa, US13
Theobald, Mr. Thomas Leonard34Strood, KentEnglandSouthamptonDetroit, Michigan, US176MB
Tannous, Mr. Bashir (Charles)31HardîneLebanonCherbourgWilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, US
Tannous, Mrs. Thamini Khoury Fa'ud "Thelma"16HardîneLebanonCherbourgWilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, US14
Tannous, Master As'ad Iskandar Fa'ud5 mo.16
Thomas, Mr. John34UnknownUnknownCherbourgColumbus, Ohio, US
Thomas, Mr. Tannous John16Lebanon
Thompson, Mr. Alexander Morrison36ScotlandSouthamptonNew York City
Thorneycroft, Mr. Percival Thomas36Maidstone, KentEnglandClinton, New York, US
Thorneycroft, Mrs. Florence Kate (née Stears)32Maidstone, KentEnglandSouthamptonClinton, New York, US10
Tikkanen, Mr. Juho32PielavesiFinlandSouthamptonNew York City
Tobin, Mr. Roger20Cahir, TipperaryIrelandQueenstown
Todoroff, Mr. Lalio23UnknownBulgariaSouthamptonChicago, Illinois, US
Tomlin, Mr. Ernest Portage22Portage la Prairie, ManitobaCanadaDes Moines, Iowa, US50MB
Törber, Mr. Ernst Wilhelm44UnknownGermanyNew York City
Torfa, Mr. Assad20SyriaCherbourg
Törnquist, Mr. William Henry25SundbybergSwedenSouthamptonNew York City15
Touma, Mrs. Hanna Youssef (née Razi)27TibninLebanonCherbourgDowagiac, Michigan, USC
Touma, Miss Marianna Youssef9
Touma, Master Gerios (George) Youssef8
Turčin, Mr. Stjepan36BratinaCroatiaSouthamptonYoungstown, Ohio, US
Turja, Miss Anna Sofiia18Oulainen, OuluFinlandSouthamptonAshtabula, Ohio, US15
Turkula, Mrs. Hedvig63Jalasjärvi, Southern OstrobothniaHibbing, Minnesota, US
Van Billiard, Mr. Austin Blyler35LondonEnglandSouthamptonNorth Wales, Pennsylvania, US255MB
Van Billiard, Master James William10
Van Billiard, Master Walter John91{?}MB[85][86]
Van de Velde, Mr. Johannes Josef35DenderhoutemBelgiumNew York City
Van den Steen, Mr. Leo Peter28Haaltert
Van Impe, Mr. Jean-Baptiste36KerkskenDetroit, Michigan, US
Van Impe, Mrs. Rosalie Paula (née Govaert)30
Van Impe, Miss Catharina10
Van Melkebeke, Mr. Philemon Edmund23Haaltert, East Flanders
Vandercruyssen, Mr. Victor46Zwevezele
Vanderplancke, Mr. Julius31Fremont, Ohio, US
Vanderplancke, Mrs. Emelie Maria (née Vandemoortele)31Pittem
Vanderplancke, Miss Augusta Maria18Zwevezele
Vanderplancke, Mr. Leo Edmondus15
Van de Walle, Mr. Nestor Cyriel28WestrozebekeNew York City
Vartanian, Mr. Dawud22KiğıTurkeyCherbourgBrantford, Ontario, Canada13
Vendel, Mr. Olof Edvin29Östra Sallerup, SkåneSwedenSouthamptonSt. Paul, Minnesota, US
Veström, Miss Hulda Amanda Adolfina14Salmunds, GotlandLos Angeles, US
Vovk, Mr. Janko21JeseniceSloveniaSt. Joseph, Minnesota, US
Waelens, Mr. Achille22Ruiselede, West FlandersBelgiumStanton, Ohio, US140MB
Ware, Mr. Frederick William34Greenwich, LondonEnglandNew York City
Warren, Mr. Charles William30Portsmouth, Hampshire
Wazni, Mr. Yousif Ahmed25TebninLebanonCherbourg
Webber, Mr. James66San FranciscoUSSouthamptonSan Francisco, US
Wennerström, Mr. August Edvard Andersson27Malmö, SkåneSwedenSouthamptonChicago, Illinois, USA
Widegren, Mr. Carl Peter51Algutsrum, KalmarSwedenSouthamptonNew York City
Wiklund, Mr. Jakob Alfred18VaasaFinlandMontreal, Quebec, Canada314
Wiklund, Mr. Karl Johan21
Wilkes, Mrs. Ellen47Penzance, CornwallEnglandSouthamptonAkron, Ohio, US16
Willer, Mr. Aaron37UnknownRussiaCherbourgChicago, Illinois, US
Willey, Mr. Edward18Market Drayton, ShropshireEnglandSouthamptonSchenectady, New York, US
Williams, Mr. Howard Hugh "Harry"28Guernsey, Channel IslandsChannel IslandsNew York City
Williams, Mr. LeslieTonypandy, GlamorganWales14MB
Windeløv, Mr. Einar21Cape TownSouth Africa
Wirz, Mr. Albert27UsterSwitzerlandBeloit, Wisconsin, US131MB
Wiseman, Mr. Phillippe54LondonEnglandQuebec City, Quebec, Canada
Wittevrongel, Mr. Camilius Aloysius36WestrozebekeBelgiumDetroit, Michigan, US
Yasbak, Mr. Antun27UnknownLebanonCherbourgWilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, US
Yasbak, Mrs. Silanah Fa'ud (née Iskandar)15UnknownLebanonCherbourgWilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, USC
Ylieff, Mr. Ylio32UnknownBulgariaSouthamptonChicago, Illinois, US
Youssef, Mr. Gerios (Abi Saab)26HardîneLebanonCherbourgYoungstown, Ohio, US312M
Youssef, Mr. Gerios (Sam'aan)45Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, US
Zajib Qiyamah, Miss Adal "Jane"15El ShweirLebanonCherbourgBrooklyn, New York, USC
Zakarian, Mr. Haroutyun Der27KiğıTurkeyCherbourgBrantford, Ontario, Canada
Zakarian, Mr. Mapri Der22304MB
Zimmermann, Mr. Leo29TodtmoosGermanySouthamptonSaskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

Cross-channel passengers

In addition to the above-listed passengers, the Titanic carried 29 cross-channel passengers who boarded at Southampton and disembarked at either Cherbourg, France[87] or Queenstown, Ireland.[88]

Brand, Mr. Karl Birger29FirstFalköping, Västergötland, SwedenSouthamptonCherbourg
Browne, Father Francis Patrick Mary31Dublin, IrelandQueenstown
Collis, Mr.Cherbourg
Davies, Mr. H. V.Second
Davies, Miss K.
De Grasse, Mr. J.First
Dyer-Edwardes, Mr. Thomas65Kensington, EnglandCherbourg[89]
Dyer-Edwardes, Mrs. Clementina Georgina Lucy53Cherbourg
Evans, MissSecond
Fletcher, Miss N.First
Forman, Mr. J.
Forman, Mrs.
Lenox-Conyngham, Miss Alice Katherine Harriet39
Lenox-Conyngham, Mrs. Barbara Josephine (née Turton)48
Lenox-Conyngham, Miss Eileen Mary11
Lenox-Conyngham, Master Denis Hugh10
May, Mr. Richard W.Queenstown
May, Mr. Stanley
Mullen, Mr.SecondCherbourg
Nichols, Mr. E.FirstQueenstown
Noel, Major Gerard ThomasCherbourg
Noel, Master William Henry Middleton13
Odell, Miss KateQueenstown
Odell, Mrs. Lily May
Odell, Master Jack Dudley11
Osborne, Miss D.SecondCherbourg
Remesch, Miss
Stevens, Mr. G.First
Tovey, MissSecond
Wotton, Mr. Henry Swaffin54First

First passenger survivors to die

NameDate of birthDate of deathAge at time of disasterAge at time of deathAdditional notes
Miss Maria Nackid1 May 191030 July 19121 year, 350 days2 years, 90 daysFirst Titanic survivor to die, after contracting meningitis[90]
Miss Eujini Baqulini190930 August 19123 years3 yearsDied a month after Maria Nackid, also of meningitis[91]
Colonel Archibald Gracie IV17 January 18594 December 191253 years, 89 days53 years, 322 daysDied of health complications he suffered due to the sinking; Gracie wrote one of the first accounts of the sinking by a survivor, The Truth about the Titanic
Mrs. Marie Eugenie Spencer186726 October 191345 years46–47 years
Mr. Maximilian Josef Frölicher24 September 185122 November 191360 years, 204 days62 years, 59 days
Miss Kornelia Theodosia Andrews12 August 184914 December 191362 years, 247 days64 years, 124 daysDied of pneumonia[92]

Last passenger survivors to die

NameDate of birthDate of deathAge at time of disasterAge at time of deathAdditional notes
Mrs. Anna F. "Annie" Straube (née McGowan)5 July 189730 January 199014 years, 285 days92 years, 209 days
Mrs. Ruth Elizabeth Blanchard (née Becker)28 October 18996 July 199012 years, 170 days90 years, 251 days
Mr. George Joseph Thomas (né Jirjis Yūsuf Tu'mah/George Touma)9 February 19049 December 19918 years, 66 days87 years, 303 days
Mr. Bertram Vere Dean21 May 191014 April 19921 year, 330 days81 years, 329 daysSibling of the last living survivor, Millvina Dean
Mrs. Marjorie Anne Robb (née Newell)12 February 188911 June 199223 years, 63 days103 years, 195 daysLast remaining survivor who was a first class passenger.
Mrs. Louise Gretchen Pope (née Kink)8 April 190825 August 19924 years, 7 days84 years, 139 days
Miss Robertha Josephine Watt7 September 18994 March 199312 years, 221 days93 years, 178 daysLast remaining Canadian survivor.
Miss. Ellen Shine30 December 18915 March 199320 years, 107 days101 years, 65 daysLast living survivor who was an adult at the time of the sinking; last living survivor of Irish background.
Miss Beatrice Irene Sandström9 August 19103 September 19951 year, 250 days85 years, 25 days
Miss Eva Miriam Hart31 January 190514 February 19967 years, 75 days91 years, 14 days
Mrs. Edith Eileen Haisman (née Brown)27 October 189620 January 199715 years, 171 days100 years, 85 daysLast survivor who was a teenager at the time of the sinking.
Miss Louise Marguerite Laroche2 July 191028 January 19981 year, 288 days87 years, 210 days
Mrs. Eleanor Ileen Shulman (née Johnson)23 August 19109 March 19981 year, 236 days87 years, 259 days
Mr. Michel Marcel Navratil12 June 190830 January 20013 years, 308 days92 years, 232 daysLast remaining male survivor; last remaining French survivor. Along with brother Edmond (1910–1953), were the only children rescued without a parent or guardian (known as the Titanic Orphans)
Mrs. Winnifred Vera van Tongerloo (née Quick)23 January 19044 July 20028 years, 83 days98 years, 162 daysLast remaining survivor who didn't lose any relatives in the sinking.
Miss Lillian Gertrud Asplund21 October 19066 May 20065 years, 177 days99 years, 197 daysLast remaining American survivor; Last living survivor with memories of the accident.
Mrs. Barbara Joyce Dainton (née West)24 May 191116 October 2007327 days96 years, 145 daysLast remaining survivor who was a second class passenger.
Miss Elizabeth Gladys "Millvina" Dean2 February 191231 May 200973 days97 years, 118 daysLast living survivor and sibling of Bertram Dean, another one of the last remaining survivors. She was the last remaining survivor who was a third class passenger.


  1. Now the Republic of Ireland.
  2. Now Germany.
  3. Now India.
  4. Now South Africa.
  5. Now Thailand.
  6. Now Finland.
  7. Now Lebanon.

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