Pasar Rebo

Pasar Rebo (meaning Wednesday market) is a subdistrict (kecamatan) of East Jakarta, Indonesia. The boundaries of Pasar Rebo Subdistrict are the Ciliwung to the west and north; and Bogor Raya Road and Cipinang River to the east. The city of Depok is located to the south of Pasar Rebo Subdistrict.

Geographically kintil Pasar Rebo consists of dry lands and rice field. It is the Subdistrict with the third highest percentage of greenery in Jakarta (54.8%, highest percentage of greenery is in Cakung (68.1%) and Cilincing Subdistrict (64.2%)).[1]

Kelurahan (administrative village)

The Subdistrict of Pasar Rebo is divided into five administrative villages (kelurahan):

  • Pekayon - area code 13710
  • Kampung Gedong - area code 13760
  • Cijantung - area code 13770
  • Kampung Baru - area code 13780
  • Kalisari - area code 13790


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