Pasapalabra is a Spanish television game show, adapted from the British format The Alphabet Game.

Pasapalabra logo since 2007
GenreGame show[1]
Presented by
Country of originSpain
Original language(s)Spanish
Running time43 minutes
Original network
Original release10 July 2000 (2000-07-10) 
1 October 2019 (2019-10-01)
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In each episode, two contestants team with celebrities to play various games. A team's correct responses in these games score seconds, extending their contestant's time limit in the final game, known as el rosco final or el rosco.

In the rosco, gameplay proceeds through letters of the Spanish alphabet. For each letter, the host reads a definition of a word starting with or containing that letter. A contestant responds with a word, or passes by saying "pasapalabra". Completing the rosco with every response correct wins the show's progressive jackpot.


Pasapalabra first aired on Antena 3 in 2000, with Silvia Jato as host. Constantino Romero substituted Jato in 2002. Jaime Cantizano replaced Jato as host in 2006.

In 2006, a Pasapalabra jackpot of 2,190,000 € became the largest prize ever awarded on a game show in Spain, and the third largest prize ever awarded on a game show in Europe.[2]

In 2007, Pasapalabra moved to Telecinco with Christian Gálvez as host.[3] Pasapalabra aired evenings on Telecinco, Monday through Friday.[1]

On 2 October 2019, the Supreme Court of Spain ordered Telecinco to cancel the broadcast of Pasapalabra after a legal battle with the format's intellectual property owners ITV Studios.[4][5]

On 19 December 2019, Antena 3 acquired the rights to air the format from ITV Studios.[6]


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