Parti culinaire du Québec

The Parti culinaire du Québec is a minor provincial political party in Quebec, Canada.[1][2][3] Founded in 2018 by Madagascar-born Quebec chef Jean-Louis Thémis, it aims to educate Quebec voters about food and respect for nature.[1]

Parti culinaire du Québec
LeaderJean-Louis Thémis
Founded2018 (2018)
IdeologyGreen politics,
Sustainable development,
Creation of a "Gastronocracy"
Seats in the National Assembly
0 / 125


Jean-Louis Thémis was born Jean-Louis Thémistocle Randriantiana in Madagascar in the 1950s, and moved to Quebec in 1972.[1] Thémis has held a variety of positions in Quebec, including former head of Metro-Richelieu, founder of Cuisiniers sans Frontiers (which teaches cooking to low-income communities internationally), and most recently as a teacher at Institut de tourisme et d'hôtellerie du Québec.[1] He announced his retirement from the ITHQ to pursue this project.


The keystone of the party's ideology involves the creation of a "gastronocracy", in which farmers and food producers would be viewed as the elites in society.[1] No government decisions would be made that would jeopardize Quebec's food supply, using the proposed Energy East pipeline as an example.[1][2]

Themis has called for an end to Sunday shopping so that families could eat together, improving food in hospitals and community health centers and the creation of a Ministry of Gastronomy.[1][2]

The party would like to see artisanal restaurants using local and organic ingredients exempted from Quebec Sales Tax.[2]

Election results

In the 2018 Quebec election, Themis was the party's only candidate, in his home riding of Laurier-Dorion.[4]


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