Park Road Post

Park Road Post is a film post-production facility located in Miramar, a suburb of Wellington, New Zealand. Formerly the state-owned National Film Unit (NFU), the new facility was renamed Park Road Post upon completion in 2005. The facility is owned by WingNut Films, the production company of Peter Jackson. Its premises cover some 10,200 m² (110,000 ft²).

Park Road Post
IndustryFilm post-production
OwnerWingNut Films 

Services offered at Park Road Post include Foley (ADR) suites, editing facilities, a sound library and fully automated digital audio mixing suites for TV and film, featuring Euphonix System 5-Fs.

Although the facility was incomplete at the time, the sound mixing for The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003) took place there. King Kong (2005) and District 9 (2009) were subsequently mixed at the facility; both films won the Academy Award for Best Sound Mixing.

Park Road Post carried out the restoration of This is New Zealand (1970) for the 2007 New Zealand International Film Festival.

Writer/director Peter Briggs has described Park Road Post as the best post-production facility in the world—beating anything in Hollywood.[1]

In March 2013, Park Road Post closed down its film processing lab, citing the shift to digital productions. The lab facilities were relocated and rehoused at Archives New Zealand.[2]


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