Park Island Transport

Park Island Transport Company (PITC, Chinese: 珀麗灣客運有限公司) operates bus and ferry services between Ma Wan Island and other parts of Hong Kong territory. It was established in 2002. Park Island is a major private housing estate on the island.

Park Island Transport Company
ParentSun Hung Kai Properties
HeadquartersMa Wan
LocaleHong Kong
Service typeBus & ferry operator


PITC was established in 2002 as a joint venture between Hong Kong & Kowloon Ferry and Transport International (then known as Kowloon Motor Bus Holdings).[1] In 2009, the business was purchased by Sun Hung Kai Properties.[2]



PITC operates six bus routes:[3]


PITC commenced with six-second-hand Dennis Dart SLFs transferred from Kowloon Motor Bus. Between 2003 and 2008, due to the rapid growth of residents in Park Island, the company bought new Dennis Dart SPDs and the very first DesignLine Olymbus electronic-motivated HEV bus from New Zealand. The three DesignLine buses were withdrawn in 2008/2010.

List of PITC buses:

  • 5 Dennis Super Pointer Dart (2 of them with Luggage racks)
  • 1 Toyota Coaster
  • 8 Young Man JNP6122G
  • 2 MAN NL323F
  • 9 ADL Enviro 200
  • 3 Sunlong Coaches


PITC operates a fleet of six high-speed double-deck air-conditioned catamarans. The ferry routes are from Ma Wan to Central Piers (Pier 2), and to Tsuen Wan pier, near Tsuen Wan West station.[4]


 Name   Type   Year Built   Seats   Speed   Builder   Notes 
Park Island 3 Catamaran 2002 412 29 knots Marintekink (Singapore) Shipyard
Park Island 5 Catamaran 2002 412 29 knots Marintekink (Singapore) Shipyard
Park Island 7 Catamaran 2003 228 27 knots Choey Lee Shipyard
Park Island 8 Catamaran 2004 228 27 knots Choey Lee Shipyard

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