Parchaiyan (Pakistani TV series)

Parchaiyan is a Pakistani drama television series presented by the PTV network. It was the first Pakistani drama series in colour.[1] It was translated and adapted by the writer Haseena Moin[1] and directed by Mohsin Ali and Shirin Khan.

Written byHaseena Moin
Directed byMohsin Ali and Shirin Khan
StarringRahat Kazmi
Sahira Kazmi
Talat Hussain
Azra Sherwani
Country of originPakistan
Original language(s)Urdu
No. of episodes13
Running time50–60 mins
Original networkPTV
Original release1976

Parchaiyan was an adaptation of the Henry James novel The Portrait of a Lady. The ensemble cast featured Rahat Kazmi, Sahira Kazmi, Shakeel, Talat Hussain, Azra Sherwani, Begum Khursheed Mirza, Mohammad Yousaf.


The story revolves around Najia (Sahira Kazmi) and the men in her life. After passing away of Najia's parents, her mother's sister takes her to her house where she encounters her cousin Adeel (Rahat Kazmi) and his friend Masood (Shakeel). Due to her dynamic personality and beauty, Masood instantly falls for her and shows his intentions to marry her but Najia refuses. On the other hand, she is not aware of the love Adeel has in his heart for her. Through a distant acquaintance of the family, she is introduced to Shiraz (Talat Hussain) who wins her hand despite the fact that he is only interested in her money. When Najia finally leaves Shiraz to return to Adeel, who has blood cancer, she finds that he is on the verge of death.



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