Parc naturel régional de la Brenne

The Parc natural régional de la Brenne is an 1,672 km2 (646 sq mi) large Parc naturel régional located in the Indre département of France. It was founded December 22, 1982. Of old, La Brenne was a region in the old French provinces of Berry and Touraine, west of Châteauroux and east of Tournon-Saint-Martin. The park is cut in two by the Creuse River. Through the southern half flows the Anglin River. Historically, the southern part of the regional park is not really part of La Brenne. This part is called La petite Brenne. Historically, it was part of the Boischaut region.

Official nameLa Brenne
Designated8 April 1991
Reference no.518[1]

Like in all French national and regional parks, there still are people living in the park. The park has 47 communes, of which the capital is Le Blanc.

Communes of La Brenne

Obterre - Azay-le-Ferron - Paulnay - Saulnay - Lureuil - Néons-sur-Creuse - Tournon-Saint-Martin - Lurais - Preuilly-la-Ville - Pouligny-Saint-Pierre - Fontgombault - Sauzelles - Saint-Aigny - Le Blanc - Douadic - Mérigny - Ingrandes - Concremiers - Mauvières - Saint-Hilaire-sur-Benaize - Bélâbre - Chalais - Lignac - Tilly - Prissac - Sacierges-Saint-Martin - Chazelet - Luzeret - Thenay - Saint-Gaultier - Rivarennes - Chitray - Oulches - Ciron - Ruffec - Rosnay - Saint-Michel-en-Brenne - Mézières-en-Brenne - Sainte-Gemme - Vendœuvres - Migné - Méobecq - Nuret-le-Ferron - Neuillay-les-Bois - Luant - La Pérouille- Martizay


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