Paravertebral ganglia

Along the length of the sympathetic trunks are ganglia known as ganglia of sympathetic trunk, sympathetic ganglia or paravertebral ganglia. The ganglia are distinguished as cervical, thoracic, lumbar, and sacral and, except in the neck, they closely correspond in number to the vertebrae.

Paravertebral ganglia
Abdominal portion of the sympathetic trunk, with the celiac plexus and hypogastric plexus. (Sympathetic trunk labeled at center left.)
Scheme showing structure of a typical spinal nerve. 1. Somatic efferent. 2. Somatic afferent. 3,4,5. Sympathetic efferent. 6,7. Sympathetic afferent.
Latinganglia trunci sympathici
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Only the cervical ganglia have specific names. They are arranged thus:

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  • Atlas image: n3a6p1 at the University of Michigan Health System - "Autonomic Connections of the Spinal Cord"

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