Paratrooper helmet

A Paratrooper helmet is a type of combat helmet used by paratroopers and airborne forces. The main difference from standard combat helmets is that paratrooper helmets have a different harness and lining to withstand impact when jumping from aircraft and to keep the helmet stable in flight, and most have a lower-profile shell to reduce wind resistance. Most modern combat helmets have features making them suitable for airborne use.


SPECTRA helmet Franceused by the French Army, Danish Army, United Nations peacekeeping forces[1]
M2 Helmet, M1C Helmet United StatesUsed by the US Army Airborne forces in World War II, derivatives of the M1 Helmet with altered retention and liner
Modular Integrated Communications Helmet United Statesdeveloped for use by Special Operations Forces by the United States Army and became the basis of the Advanced Combat Helmet. It has now become the official combat helmet of the United States Army.(ACH)[2][3][4]
Helmet Steel Airborne Troop United KingdomUsed by British Armed Forces Paratroopers and Airborne forces from World War II until it was replaced by the M76
Mk 6 helmet/Mk 7 United Kingdomused by British Armed Forces (all arms)[5]
M76 paratrooper helmet United KingdomUsed by British Armed forces Paratroopers and Airborne forces.
Schuberth B828 GermanyLimitedly used by the paratroops in Bundeswehr like Fallschirmjäger, Spezialisierte Kräfte des Heeres mit Erweiterter Grundbefähigung für Spezielle Operationen and Kommando Spezialkräfte.
CCB BrazilUsed by the Brazilian Armed Forces in two versions: Polymer and Kevlar.[6]
Enhanced Combat Helmet Australia[7]
GOLFO ChileMilitary of Chile, PASGT variant


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