Parapsychology Foundation

The Parapsychology Foundation is a non-profit organisation founded in 1951 by the medium Eileen J. Garrett and Frances Payne Bolton, Ohio's then Congressman.[1][2] The foundation is based in New York. They offer grants and scholarships to those undertaking study in the paranormal.[1][3] The organization also founded the Eileen J. Garrett Library, in Greenport.[2]

Garrett claimed to be a medium and founded the organization with the explicit purpose of scientifically proving the existence of the soul.[4]

The current executive director is Lisette Coly, granddaughter of Garrett.[1][3] At one point the organisation owned a conference centre in Saint-Paul-de-Vence, France and has subsequently hosted numerous conferences.[5] At their New York headquarters, they host numerous lecture series.[6] As of 2001 the organisation had 200 active researchers.[2] The organisation publishes the International Journal of Parapsychology.[3][6]


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