Pappa e ciccia

Pappa e ciccia (also known as Two of a Kind) is a 1983 Italian comedy film directed by Neri Parenti.[1][2][3]

Pappa e ciccia
Italian theatrical release poster by Enzo Sciotti
Directed byNeri Parenti
Written byLeonardo Benvenuti
Piero De Bernardi
Franco Marotta
Laura Toscano
Paolo Villaggio
Gianni Manganelli
Neri Parenti
StarringLino Banfi
Paolo Villaggio
Music byBruno Zambrini
CinematographyAlberto Spagnoli
Edited bySergio Montanari
Release date
  • April 14, 1983 (1983-04-14)
Running time
98 min


First segment: Nicola Calore, an Apulian mason who emigrated in Switzerland, faces the visit of his niece Rosina who believes that he has become wealthy.

Second segment: the misadventures that occurred to two surveyors during their stay in a holiday village in Kenya.



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