Panteón de los Próceres

The Panteón de los Próceres (Spanish for Heroes' Pantheon) is a crypt inside the old Church of the Real Colegio de San Carlos (Royal College of San Carlos) that holds the remains of the heroes of the Peruvian War of Independence.

The Church originally belonged to the Jesuit novitiate of San Antonio Abad, but it was transferred after the Jesuits were expelled from Spanish territories. The Church was rebuilt after the 1746 Lima–Callao earthquake leveled Lima, and in 1876 it became the Chapel of the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos. In 1924, the remains of various heroes of the wars of independence (1821-1824) were transferred to a crypt just under the altar and the Church was renamed "Panteón de los Proceres".

This "Panteón de los Proceres" should not be confused with the "Panteón de los Proceres" at the Presbítero Maestro cemetery. The "Panteón de los Proceres" at the Presbítero Maestro cemetery holds the remains of the heroes of the War of the Pacific of 1879.


The Pantheon has murals by José Sabogal.


Here the remains of 24 independence heroes and 41 effigies are preserved.


Among the remains of heroes are:


Among the effigies are:

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