Sri Kshetra Pandharpur is a well known pilgrimage town on the banks of Chandrabhaga River in Solāpur district, Maharashtra, India. Pandharpur is situated on 17°11' north latitude and 75°11' east longitude in Solapur District. The Vithoba temple attracts about a million Hindu pilgrims during the major yātrā (pilgrimage) in Ashadh (June–July). A small temple of Shri. Vitthal-Rukmini is also located, which is as old as the main Vitthal-Rukmini Mandir, in Isbavi area of Pandharpur known as Wakhari Va Korti Devalayas and also known as Visava Mandir. The Bhakti Saint, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, is said to have spent a period of 7 days in city at the Vithobha Temple. Deity is worshipped by many saints of Maharashtra. Sant dnyaneshwar, sant tukaram, sant namdev,sant eknath, sant nivruttinath,sant muktabai, sant chokhamela, sant savata Mali, sant narhari sonar, sant gora kumbhar and sant gajanan Maharaj are few prominent saints.

The chief gate of Vitthal's temple, facing the Bhima River
Pandhari, Pandaripuram
Location in Maharashtra, India
Coordinates: 17°40′40″N 75°19′40″E
Country India
  Total25 km2 (10 sq mi)
Area rank9
450 m (1,480 ft)
  Totalabove 1.5 lakhs
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (IST)
Vehicle registrationMH-13


Is main locality in city and is main market place. Mahadwar leads to main ghat of pandharpur that is " Mahadwar ghat". On mahadwar ghat there is temple of bhakta pundlik. It is said that lord vitthal came pandharpur to meet his disciple bhakt pundlik who was busy serving his parents that time, so he offered brick ( vit) for vitthal to stand some time. Time from when vitthal is standing is said to be 28 yug. So in aarati of vitthal it is mentioned " yuge atthavis (28), vithevari ubha ".


According to the 2011 census of India, Pandharpur had a population of 98,000. Males constituted 52% of the population and females, 48%. 71% of the population was literate; 78% males and 64% females.

Marathi is the official and main language of people.

It is a major holy place in Maharashtra and it is also called South Kashi in Maharashtra. It is famous for the Lord Vitthal temple situated on the bank of Bhima river. Bhima river is also known as Chandrabhaga as it takes shape like crescent moon near the town. There are 4 yatra's (wari- gathering of pilgrims/devotees) per year, of which Ashadhi and Kartiki are the main yatra's. Devotees comes from all over Maharashtra. [1].They usually come walking hundred of miles,all the way from their hometown.


Kaikadi Maharaj math, tanpure Maharaj math are main attraction of city


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