Paloona Power Station

The Paloona Power Station is a conventional hydroelectric power station located in northern Tasmania, Australia.

Paloona Dam
The Paloona Power Station located below the Paloona Dam wall
Location of the Paloona Dam in Tasmania
LocationNorthern Tasmania
Coordinates41°16′48″S 146°14′24″E
Opening date1971 (1971)
Owner(s)Hydro Tasmania
Dam and spillways
Type of damEmbankment dam
ImpoundsForth River
Height43 metres (141 ft)
Length171 metres (561 ft)
Dam volume155 thousand cubic metres (5.5×10^6 cu ft)
Spillway typeUncontrolled side channel
Spillway capacity2,040 cubic metres per second (72,000 cu ft/s)
CreatesLake Paloona
Total capacity19,110 megalitres (675×10^6 cu ft)
Catchment area759 square kilometres (293 sq mi)
Surface area17.8 hectares (44 acres)
Paloona Power Station
Coordinates41°16′59″S 146°14′56″E
Operator(s)Hydro Tasmania
Commission date1972 (1972)
Hydraulic head31 metres (102 ft)
Turbines1 x 30 MW (40,000 hp)
Fuji Kaplan turbine
Installed capacity30 megawatts (40,000 hp)
Capacity factor0.8
Annual generation151 gigawatt-hours (540 TJ)

Technical details

Part of the MerseyForth scheme that comprises seven hydroelectric power stations, the Paloona Power Station is the final station in the scheme. The power station is located immediately below the rock-filled concrete faced Paloona Dam which forms Lake Paloona. Water from the lake is fed to the power station by a short single penstock under the dam.[2]

The power station was commissioned in 1972 by the Hydro Electric Corporation (TAS) and the station has one Fuji Kaplan turbine, with a generating capacity of 30 megawatts (40,000 hp) of electricity. The station output, estimated to be 151 gigawatt-hours (540 TJ) annually,[1] is fed to TasNetworks' transmission grid via an 11 kV/110 kV Siemens generator transformer to the outdoor switchyard.[3][4]

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