Palma Sola, Florida

Palma Sola is an unincorporated area of Manatee County, Florida, United States.[1] The botanical garden in Bradenton, Florida is known as the Palma Sola Botanical Garden.

Palma Sola
Unincorporated Community
Country United States
State Florida
Named forA lone palm tree.


Palma Sola (originally known as The Village Of Palma Sola[2]) was first settled in 1868 by James Warner, a Springfield, Massachusetts nationally known gunsmith. The site of the town was most likely chosen due to the fact it was close to the mouth of the Manatee River which is a very deep river. He built his house on the Manatee River in which would now be Palma Sola. He died about one year later and left the rest of his family there and one of his sons Warburton S. Warner. Palma Sola was laid out in 1884.[3] The town was called Palma Sola because of a lone palm tree that guided boats to the town from the Manatee River. Early settlers were J.A Felts, J.B. Rogers, A.T. Williams, John Flowers and Asa Pillsbury.[4] The town was even the largest town in Manatee County until the turn of the century. ere was even a promotional pamphlet to promote the town and it says: "the youngest and largest town in Florida...made of largely New England people, where no liquor is sold." The small town built a sawmill in 1884 and produced about $32,000 worth of Lumber. The town started to decline after the sawmill had burned down. The town was also known for the Palma Sola Hotel and general store which was known as the biggest general store between Cedar Key and Key West. Palma Sola was a popular vacation spot and the hotel was often booked with visitors on boat from Tampa and ones on Trains from Jacksonville. The community received its name from a large palm tree which stood on nearby Snead Island.[3] The town was a sleepy town until a bridge was built to the "new" Palma Sola on Perico Island.[5]A post office called Palma Sola was established in 1881, during the town's heyday.[3] and remained in operation until it was discontinued in 1953.[6] Today most of Palma Sola is considered a residential neighborhood of Bradenton although not in the city limits.


As of the first census for the town in 1880 it had a population of 962.


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