Pallion Metro station

Pallion Metro Station is on the Green line of the Tyne and Wear Metro. The station opened as part of the Sunderland extension in 2002.

Tyne & Wear Metro
Local authorityCity of Sunderland
WGS8454.9128°N 1.4177°W / 54.9128; -1.4177
Fare zone information
Network One zone4
Metro zoneC
Original (1979) zone56
Station codePAL
Metro Usage0.092[1] million
Opened 31 March 2002
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The station is 150 metres north of the former Pallion mainline station, which closed to passengers in 1964.[2] (The Metro route had to deviate from the original alignment due to road construction.) Construction problems digging into the side of a hill on which the old mainline ran saw the land around the station being held into place by "nails", long metal spikes to support the earth and old railway ballast.

The station serves the residents of Pallion and Ford Estate.

It is the nearest station to the new Northern Spire Bridge over the River Wear, about half a mile to the north.

Pallion is the least-used station on the Tyne and Wear Metro.[1]

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