Pal Aron

Pal Aron (born 1971 in Birmingham, West Midlands) is a British television and theatre[1] actor, best known for playing Adam Osman in Casualty, Brandon Kane in The Bill,[2] Jayesh Parekh and Sonny Dhillon in Coronation Street.[3]

Before turning professional he performed with the Theatre of the Unemployed in Birmingham. He was also in the comedy Green Wing, and has performed with the RSC.[4] As of January 2008, Aron has taken the role of Vijay Chohan in the daily hospital drama The Royal Today. He also appeared in The Cup, a BBC Two comedy series in which he plays Dr. Kaskar, a football fanatic parent trying to live his dreams through his footballer son.[5]

In April 2012, Aron joined the BBC Radio 4 soap opera The Archers as new junior cricket coach Iftikar "Ifty" Shah.[6]

In 2012 he appeared in the Sky1 TV comedy series Stella as Jagadeesh.

In 2013, Aron appeared as Bhattie QC in About Time.


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