Paget–Schroetter disease

Paget–Schroetter disease, is a form of upper extremity deep vein thrombosis (DVT), a medical condition in which blood clots form in the deep veins of the arms. These DVTs typically occur in the axillary or subclavian veins.[1]

Paget-Schrotter disease
Other namesPaget–von Schrötter disease
Anterior view of right upper limb and thorax
SpecialtyVascular surgery

Signs and symptoms

The condition is relatively rare.[2] It usually presents in young and otherwise healthy patients, and also occurs more often in males than females. The syndrome also became known as "effort-induced thrombosis" in the 1960s,[3] as it has been reported to occur after vigorous activity,[4] though it can also occur due to anatomic abnormality such as clavicle impingement[5] or spontaneously. It may develop as a sequela of thoracic outlet syndrome. It is differentiated from secondary causes of upper extremity thrombosis caused by intravascular catheters.[4] Paget–Schroetter syndrome was described once for a viola player who suddenly increased practice time 10-fold, creating enough repetitive pressure against the brachiocephalic and external jugular veins to cause thrombosis.[6]

Symptoms may include sudden onset of pain, warmth, redness, blueness and swelling in the arm. Diagnosis is usually confirmed with an ultrasound.[7] These DVTs have the potential to cause a pulmonary embolism.[8]


Duplex ultrasonography MR Venography


Preventing the development of blood clots in the upper extremities is done by assessing the risk of the development of such clots.

Prevention of Paget-Schroetter disease can be accomplished by gradual increases in activity and by avoiding strenuous upper extremity activity. [9]


The traditional treatment for thrombosis is the same as for a lower extremity DVT, and involves systemic anticoagulation to prevent a pulmonary embolus.[10] Some have also recommended thrombolysis with catheter directed alteplase.[11] If there is thoracic outlet syndrome or other anatomical cause then surgery can be considered to correct the underlying defect.[12]


The condition is named after two men. James Paget[13] first proposed the idea of venous thrombosis causing upper extremity pain and swelling,[14] and Leopold von Schrötter later linked the clinical syndrome to thrombosis of the axillary and subclavian veins.[15]


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