Padley Chapel

Padley Chapel is a building in Grindleford, England, on the site of the former Padley Hall (or Padley Manor). It is a Grade I listed building.

Padley Chapel
The chapel and remains of Padley Hall
Location within Derbyshire
General information
Town or cityGrindleford, Derbyshire
CountryUnited Kingdom
Coordinates53.3070°N 1.6311°W / 53.3070; -1.6311
Listed Building – Grade I
Official namePadley Chapel
Designated29 September 1951
Reference no.1335033[1]
Official namePadley Hall: a medieval great house
Designated29 January 1998
Reference no.1017587[2]

Padley Hall

Padley Hall was a large double courtyard house where, in 1588, two Catholic priests (Nicholas Garlick and Robert Ludlum) were discovered and then, two weeks later, hanged, drawn and quartered in Derby. They became known as the 'Padley Martyrs'.[1] The house today is mostly in ruins, and is a Scheduled Monument.[2]


Part of Padley Hall—probably originally the central gatehouse range—survives, and in 1933 was converted to a Roman Catholic chapel in honour of the martyrs.[3] The chapel is a Grade I listed building[1] which stands not far from the railway line, a short distance west of Grindleford railway station. A pilgrimage takes place every year in July.


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