Pademangan is a subdistrict of North Jakarta, Indonesia. The area of Pademangan stretches from the Sunda Kelapa Harbor on the east to the western area of Tanjung Priok Harbor to the east. Pademangan also covers the area that was formerly known as Kemayoran Airport. Geographically, Pademangan is a low plain with average height of 75 centimeter above the sea level.[1]

Pademangan is bounded by Sunda Kelapa Harbor to the west, Kemayoran Railway to the south, Kali Ancol and Kali Japat canal to the east, and Jakarta Bay to the north.

Kelurahan (Administrative Villages)

The subdistrict of Pademangan is divided into three Kelurahan / Administrative Villages:

  • Pademangan Timur - area code 14410
  • Pademangan Barat - area code 14420
  • Ancol - area code 14430

List of important places


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