PRD Fireball

The PRD Fireball is a two-stroke go-kart racing engine manufactured by Pro Racing Design Co, Ltd. Pro Racing Design is a Taipei, Taiwan based company, manufacturing an array of racing engines for use in professional go-kart racing worldwide.[1] The Fireball represents an engine targeted for multiple racing classes: International Kart Federation (IKF), World Karting Association (WKA) and Touch and Go (TAG) USA[2] The PRD Fireball is the cheapest TAG motor available to purchase new in the USA.

Mission statement

The PRD-Fireball will be deemed a successful program only when entry level and club racers use it as a gateway to our sport.

RLV, Inc., [2]



  • Carburetor: Tillotson HL-360A
  • Cooling system: Water
  • Cylinder Volume: 122.25 cc
  • Bore / Stroke: 53.60 mm / 54 mm
  • Horsepower / RPM: 28.5 HP / 15,580 RPM
  • Oil to Fuel Ratio: 1:16 (8 oz to the gallon)


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