PEI Tankard

The PEI Tankard is the Prince Edward Island provincial championship for men's curling. The tournament is run by curl PEI, the provincial curling association. The winner represents Team Prince Edward Island at the Tim Hortons Brier.

PEI Tankard
2019 host cityAlberton, Prince Edward Island
2019 arenaWestern Community Curling Club
2019 championJohn Likely
Current edition
2019 PEI Tankard

Prince Edward Island has had a team in the Brier since 1936.

Past champions

Year Skip Winning Club
2019John LikelyCharlottetown Curling Complex,
Western Community Curling Club
2018Eddie MacKenzieCharlottetown Curling Complex
2017Eddie MacKenzieCharlottetown Curling Complex
2016Adam CaseySilver Fox Curling and Yacht Club
Charlottetown Curling Complex
2015Adam CaseySilver Fox Curling and Yacht Club
Charlottetown Curling Complex
2014Eddie MacKenzieCharlottetown Curling Complex
2013Eddie MacKenzieCharlottetown Curling Complex
2012Mike GaudetCharlottetown Curling Club
2011Eddie MacKenzieCharlottetown Curling Club
2010Rod MacDonaldCharlottetown Curling Club
2009Rod MacDonaldCharlottetown Curling Club
2008Peter GallantCharlottetown Curling Club
2007Peter GallantCharlottetown Curling Club
2006Rod MacDonaldCharlottetown Curling Club
2005Rod MacDonaldCharlottetown Curling Club
2004Mike GaudetSilver Fox Curling and Yacht Club
2003Robert CampbellCharlottetown Curling Club
2002John LikelyCharlottetown Curling Club
2001Peter MacDonaldSilver Fox Curling and Yacht Club
2000Andrew RobinsonCharlottetown Curling Club
1999Robert CampbellCharlottetown Curling Club
1998Garth MitchellCharlottetown Curling Club
1997Robert CampbellCharlottetown Curling Club
1996Peter MacDonaldSilver Fox Curling and Yacht Club
1995Robert CampbellCharlottetown Curling Club
1994Mike GaudetCharlottetown Curling Club
1993Robert CampbellCharlottetown Curling Club
1992Ted MacFadyenCrapaud Community Curling Club
1991Robert CampbellCharlottetown Curling Club
1990Ted MacFadyenCrapaud Community Curling Club
1989Doug WeeksCharlottetown Curling Club
1988David MacFadyenCrapaud Community Curling Club
1987Ted MacFadyenCrapaud Community Curling Club
1986Grant SomersSilver Fox Curling and Yacht Club
1985Wayne MathesonCharlottetown Curling Club
1984Wayne MathesonCharlottetown Curling Club
1983Ted MacFadyenCrapaud Community Curling Club
1982Peter JenkinsCharlottetown Curling Club
1981Peter MacDonaldCharlottetown Curling Club
1980Ted MacFadyenCrapaud Community Curling Club
1979Wayne MathesonCharlottetown Curling Club
1978Peter MacDonaldSummerside Curling Club
1977Ken McDonaldBelvedere Golf & Winter Club
1976Ken McDonaldCharlottetown Curling Club
1975John FortierCharlottetown Curling Club
1974Bob DillonCharlottetown Curling Club
1973Bob DillonCharlottetown Curling Club
1972Kip ReadyCharlottetown Curling Club
1971Kip ReadyCharlottetown Curling Club
1970Art BurkeCharlottetown Curling Club
1969Alan SmithCharlottetown Curling Club
1968Alan SmithCharlottetown Curling Club
1967Ken McDonaldMontague Curling Club
1966Art BurkeCharlottetown Curling Club
1965Doug CameronCharlottetown Curling Club
1964Art BurkeCharlottetown Curling Club
1963Doug CameronCharlottetown Curling Club
1962Art BurkeCharlottetown Curling Club
1961Doug CameronCharlottetown Curling Club
1960Doug CameronCharlottetown Curling Club
1959Cliff MacDonaldCharlottetown Curling Club
1958Doug CameronCharlottetown Curling Club
1957Cliff MacDonaldSummerside Curling Club
1956Wendell MacDonaldCharlottetown Curling Club
1955Wendell MacDonaldCharlottetown Curling Club
1954Wendell MacDonaldCharlottetown Curling Club
1953Frank AcornCharlottetown Curling Club
1952Frank Jens HansenCharlottetown Curling Club
1951Frank AcornCharlottetown Curling Club
1950Heath SaundersCharlottetown Curling Club
1949Russ CruikshankCharlottetown Curling Club
1948Gerald HayesSummerside Curling Club
1947Frank AcornCharlottetown Curling Club
1946Frank Jens HansenCharlottetown Curling Club
1943-1945 Brier canceled
1942Russ CruikshankCharlottetown Curling Club
1941Russ CruikshankCharlottetown Curling Club
1940Mac McLaineCharlottetown Curling Club
1939Mac McLaineCharlottetown Curling Club
1938Mac McLaineCharlottetown Curling Club
1937Art BelcherCharlottetown Curling Club
1936Jim McIntyreMontague Curling Club


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