P. Austin Nuttall

Peter Austin Nuttall (1792 or 1793 – 9 December 1869) was an English editor and classicist best known for dictionaries. He was born in Ormskirk, Lancashire and moved to London after completing his studies, gaining a doctorate from Aberdeen University in 1822. He was a contributor and possibly an editor of The Gentleman's Magazine between 1820 and 1837.[1][2] From 1825 his editions of Latin authors were published. In 1839 he became a partner in a printing business, producing classics, educational reference books, anti-Catholic apologetics,[3] and revised editions of older dictionaries such as Walker's and Johnson's. In 1840 he petitioned Parliament against the Copyright Bill.[4] In 1863 Nuttall's Standard Pronouncing Dictionary of the English Language was published. Nuttall died bankrupt and was survived by five children; his wife and at least three children predeceased him. Subsequently, Frederick Warne & Co published further dictionaries under his name as late as 1973,[5] and The Nuttall Encyclopædia in 1900[6] (revised up to 1956[7]).


Literary editions
  • Burns, Robert (1866). Willmott, Robert Aris (ed.). The poetical works of Robert Burns. Preface by P. Austin Nuttall. London. OCLC 793720328.
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  • Juvenal (1825). Nuttall, P. Austin (ed.). D. Junii Juvenalis Satirae. Translated by John Stirling. London: T. Ward. OCLC 37832031.
  • Juvenal (1836). Nuttall, P. Austin (ed.). D. Junii Juvenalis Satirae. Linear translation by John Stirling; verse translation by William Gifford (Revised ed.). London: Printed for the editor by Nichols & Son. OCLC 937025568. Retrieved 12 September 2016.
  • Virgil (1826). P. Virgilii Maronis Bucolica; containing an ordo and interlineal translation accompanying the text; a treatise on Latin versification and references to a scanning table. Translated by Nuttall, P. Austin. OCLC 950774565.
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