P&O Maritime Services

P&O Maritime Services has been operating in the maritime industry since the 1960s. P&O Maritime has evolved over the years, they are active in the offshore renewables space and provide a wide variety vessels to support offshore activities within Europe including; survey, maintenance, operation, construction, power cable lay and inspection services. P&O Maritime was formed in the 1960s and has offices in Australia, London - United Kingdom, Boulogne - France, Singapore, Paraguay, Argentina - South America, Dubai - United Arab Emirates, Papua New Guinea & Galway - Ireland.

Company Fleet

Government Shipping Services Fleet

Name Built Type
Aurora Australis (icebreaker)1990Icebreaker
L'Astrolabe[1]1986Multi Purpose Offshore Vessel
Southern Surveyor1972Fishing Research
Celtic Explorer2003Multi Purpose Research Vessel
Celtic Voyager1997Research Vessel

Research & Survey

Name Built Type
Prince Madog2001Research/survey vessel[2]
RV Cefas Endeavour2003[3]Fisheries Research Vessel

Port Services Fleet

Name Built Type
Al Wasl1997Tug
Al Mutwakal1999Tug
Al Minsaf2009Tug
Murshid2008Pilot Boat
Morjan2004Pilot Boat
Rubban2004Pilot Boat
Al Toofan1997Pilot Boat
Gazelle1990/91Pilot Boat
Al Faidh1997Pilot Boat
Naseem1990Pilot Boat
Nashwan2008Utility Vessel
Riffa2003Mooring Boat
Wafa1998Mooring Boat
Laila1990Mooring Boat
Dina1993Mooring Boat

Cargo Services Fleet:

Name Built Type
Aburri1995Self Discharging Ore Carrier
Wunma1999Self Discharging Ore Carrier
Western Endeavour1988Bulk Carrier
Western Enterprise1989Bulk Carrier
Western Flyer1990Bulk Carrier
Western Star1990Bulk Carrier
Western Triumph1992Bulk Carrier
Western Zenith1993Bulk Carrier
Western Venturer1985Science Research Assistance

Offshore Renewables Support

Name Built Type
Santa Ana2011Offshore Renewables Support[5]

Offshore Fleet & Cable Lay Offshore Renewables Support

Name Built Type
Southern Supporter1994Multi Purpose
CS European Supporter1996Multi Purpose Vessel

Defence Fleet
DMS Maritime owns and/or manages and operates a fleet of more than 550 vessels, including multi purpose vessels, harbour and ocean tugs, torpedo recovery vessels, landing craft, diving launches, workboats and general harbour support vessels of various sizes, a submarine trial support vessel, sailing vessels, an Antarctic survey vessel and rigid hull inflatable boats.[6]


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