Pál Király

Pál Király (18801965) was a Hungarian engineer and weapons designer.

Pál Király
Nationality Hungary
OccupationEngineer and weapons designer

Work & designs

He is best known for development of lever-delayed blowback firearms. He designed the Danuvia 39M and improved it into the Danuvia 43M Submachine gun. After he moved to the Dominican republic, he designed the .30 Kiraly-Cristobal carbine, which was essentially a copy of his earlier work, specifically the 44M (an improved 43M). He made two more Cristobal carbine versions, the delayed blowback M2 in .30 Carbine and the gas-operated M3 in 7.62x51mm NATO. He patented the latter in 1961 as a competitor to the Belgian FN FAL.[1] He also made the Famas which was widely used by France.

Personal life

He moved to the Dominican Republic as an expatriate in 1948.


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