Oxford Mail

Oxford Mail is a daily tabloid newspaper in Oxford owned by Newsquest. It is published six days a week. It is a sister paper to the weekly tabloid The Oxford Times.

Oxford Mail
TypeDaily newspaper
EditorSamantha Harman
HeadquartersNewspaper House, Osney Mead, Oxford
Circulation10,777 (2016, January–June)[1]


The Oxford Mail was founded in 1928 as a successor to Jackson's Oxford Journal.

From 1961 until 1979 its editor was Mark Barrington-Ward.[2] At that time it was owned by the Westminster Pressand was an evening newspaper.[2]

The Oxford Mail is now published in the morning. In the second half of 2008 its circulation fell to 23,402,[3] by 2013 it had fallen to 16,569, a year-on-year decline of 5.6%[4] By the second half of 2014, its circulation had fallen to 12,103.[5]

In the period July to December 2015, the paper's circulation fell again, to 11,173.[6] In January to June 2016, a further decline to 10,777 was recorded, an 8.4% fall in year-on-year.[1]

Censorship case

In 2014, a page on the Oxford Mail website[7] was removed from Google searches under the European Court of Justice "right to be forgotten" legislation.[8][9] A notice was sent to the Wikimedia Foundation from Google about removal from Google searches of the Wikipedia page.

Notable former staff


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