Output Festival

The Output Festival is Dutch tri-annual music festival which focuses on experimental, contemporary electroacoustic music related to the electric guitar.

Output Festival
GenreElectronic music, experimental, contemporary electroacoustic music related to the electric guitar
Location(s)Paradiso and De Balie in Amsterdam


First edition

The first edition was from Friday 8th until Sunday 10 October 2004, located in the Paradiso and De Balie in Amsterdam. The program consisted of performances by Scott Johnson, Christian Wolff, Peter Adriaansz and Christopher Fox and also new performances of the work of Theo Loevendie, Steve Reich, Per Nørgård, Giacinto Scelsi and Frank Martin.

Plug 'n Play

One part of the festival is Plug 'n Play. On Sunday 10 October 60 guitarists played a piece by composer Gilius van Bergeijk directed by Otto Tausk.

Second edition

The second edition, with the subtitle soul of the tone, took place between the 28th and 30 September 2007. The locations are Bimhuis and Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ, both in Amsterdam.


The second edition has NPS Radio 4 as its co-producer. The Festival is partnered by the Gaudeamus Foundation.

Third edition

The third edition is planned for 2010.

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