Our Emden

Our Emden (German: Unsere Emden) is a 1926 German silent war film directed by Louis Ralph.[1] It depicts the operations of the German First World War cruiser SMS Emden. In 1932 Ralph remade the story as a sound film Cruiser Emden.

Our Emden
Directed byLouis Ralph
StarringLouis Ralph
Fritz Greiner
John Mylong
Music byHans May
CinematographyWerner Bohne
Ewald Daub
Artur von Schwertführer
Josef Wirsching
Münchner Lichtspielkunst
Distributed byBavaria Film
Release date
22 December 1926
German intertitles

It was made at the Emelka Studios in Munich. The film's sets were designed by the art directors Botho Hoefer and Ludwig Reiber.


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